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Jebal El Sokhna - 29 Properties for sale


Enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Jebal El Sokhna Resort

Because it is an integrated and upscale resort to the fullest degree possible, it is an extraordinary case that has not and will not be reproduced. Jebal El Sokhna provides its visitors with the best available services of the greatest caliber. It is also distinguished by its numerous distinctive features and the wide range of leisure activities available. The resort guarantees you a relaxing holiday away from the rush and bustle of everyday life and its stresses, especially with the abundance of enchanting vistas around every corner.

Jebal Resort EL Sokhna location

Because it is located in a premium position in Ain Sukhna, notably after the new Galala road, and it is near to Zafarana Road, which is just 50 kilometers away from it, you will have no issue getting from your place of residence to the resort.

Because it is the first resort following the new Galala Road, getting to the resort will not be a problem. It is also feasible to travel simply from the resort to each of the following locations:

  • Cairo: It is around 127 meters away from the resort.
  • The distance between Porto Sokhna and the resort is around 4 kilometers.

Spaces in Jebal El Sokhna Resort

It is a vast land decorated with impressive luxury buildings and stunning eye-catching views because the resort spans 70 acres and the units occupy 300,000 square meters, or about 20% of the land, while the remaining 80% is spread out in green spaces and various decorations such as lakes and swimming pools.

Because the beach area alone occupies 16,000 square meters and the length of the beach exceeds 500 meters, gorgeous nature played a big role within the resort as well.

Because the resort is constructed on the mountain, you may select from the most exquisite apartments, which include townhouses, twin homes, chalets, and villas. All of these units offer a great view of the sea. Not only that, but the luxury is evident in the design of the chalets and villas, which are particularly inspired by the Contemporary Spanish Portuguese style.

The resort offers a variety of places for its guests so that they may find something that fits them. For example, chalets range in size from 90 to 400 square meters.

Jebal Resort El Sokhna provides a variety of services and benefits

Jebal Resort did not impress everyone out of the blue, but it did so because of its integrated services and unique benefits that provide a pleasant stay to the highest extent possible and a highly delightful holiday because it offers its visitors:

  • Security staff is on duty 24 hours a day, and security cameras have been installed around the compound.
  • The availability of a separate parking garage with completely protected and covered parking for added security.
  • It has architectural designs of the highest caliber, as well as a breathtaking view of the sea.
  • In addition to additional amenities including a sauna, spa, and jacuzzi, there is an integrated gym near to the beach.
  • Swimming pool diversity in such a manner that all visitors, adults, and children, may enjoy their free time.
  • Enjoy the most exciting games at the Aquapark, which spans a 14-thousand-square-meter space within the resort.
  • The presence of a clubhouse that offers integrated entertainment services because it is integrated and includes two squash and bowling courts, as well as a play station in addition to the Xbox lounge.
  • The resort's commercial mall provides all of the items and supplies that visitors may require, with the greatest possible quality and a variety of well-known brands, as the resort's commercial area spans over 12 thousand meters.
  • There are several cafés and restaurants around the resort that provide a variety of drinks and dishes, as well as a seafood restaurant.
  • The existence of non-traditional leisure areas, such as a camping area and an area for hosting various events.
  • Jebal El Sokhna Hotel is a 5-star hotel that competes with the major hotels in Ain Sokhna by delivering the best hotel services available.
  • Fishing enthusiasts may have a fantastic time at a fishing marina while enjoying the excitement of other water activities.
  • The integration of medical services accessible within the resort, as well as pharmacies open 24 hours a day, offers quick access to health care.
  • Children may easily join the nursery because it is located within the resort and they do not have to travel to nurseries that are far away.
  • There is a mosque that stands out because of the architectural magnificence that comes with being a place of worship, especially because it adds to the spiritual environment.
  • Children will not only be able to enroll in a luxury nursery, but they will also be able to enjoy themselves within the resort since there will be a separate play space and activities for them.
  • The existence of a big commercial hub within Jebal El Sokhna, which contains a variety of stores, restaurants, and cafés with a direct view of the Red Sea.
  • A club exclusively for business owners, with a lovely natural view right on the sea, a favorable position inside the resort, high-end hotel amenities, and close proximity to the commercial sector.

Jebal El Sokhna Prices

Despite its high level of luxury, the Ain Sokhna Resort's costs are not as high as some may think. They are, on the contrary, one of the finest values in the real estate market, particularly when compared to the services and advantages that the consumer will obtain.

Due to the diversity of units and spaces inside the resort of Jebal Sokhna, prices vary widely, but in general, the minimum price for chalets is projected to be one million pounds, while the maximum price for villas is estimated to be 3,600,000 EGP.

Payment methods in Jebal El Sokhna Resort

Paying the price of your unit will be easier with the resort community since it offers an easy payment structure that entails paying 10% of the unit price upfront and the rest in eight payments over eight years.

Within the resort, you will not have to wait an entire eight years to acquire your unit because all units are expected to be supplied to buyers in just three years.

Owning company and previous business

One of the largest real estate companies that took over the implementation of Jebal El Sokhna, namely Sky Bridge Development Company, while the Portuguese company Norva specialized in engineering consultancy took over the task of supervising its implementation, so despite the mountainous nature of the city of Ain Sukhna, the cooperation between two large companies made it one of the most important tourist projects in Ain Sukhna, which is close to 6th of October City and the new capital.

The project's owner is a subsidiary of the Bridge Holding Company, which also comprises private project management, real estate development, and tourism investment enterprises.

Sky Bridge began operating in the Egyptian market in the real estate establishments sector in new cities in 2007 when it was founded. Buildings at El Shorouk City and Heliopolis were among its most prominent prior projects.

Jebal Development company's vision for the future, which it has fully realized, making it one of its most important projects in particular and one of the most opulent tourism developments in Ain Sokhna in general, with a total investment of more than one and a half billion pounds.