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Degla Landmark Nasr City - 16 Properties for sale


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Degla LandMark is a luxurious complex with appealing and unique technical concepts that grab attention due to its beauty. Degla Landmark Nasr City by Al Morshedy, Memaar outperforms other residential projects in every way, from its geographical position to the engineering and architectural designs to the services it offers, but it is also distinguished by its incomparable costs.

The location of Degla Landmark Compound

Because Degla Landmark Nasr City Compound sits in the heart of Nasr City, it is the core of a significant city, and all of the city's service centers and critical facilities are surrounded by a number of important cities and locations, including:

  • The 90th Street: The distance between it and the compound is no more than five minutes.
  • Fifth Settlement: Residents of the compound can go to it within a few minutes.
  • Abbas El Akkad Street: Residents of the compound can go to it in no more than five minutes.
  • Cairo International Airport: Residents of the compound can go to it in no more than ten minutes.
  • Mokattam area
  • Heliopolis
  • Maadi
  • Ring road
  • Ain Sukhna
  • Field Marshal Tantawi axis

The compound's location in Nasr City is adjacent to Al-Ahram and British Schools, and it may be accessed via the Armed Forces Electronic Warfare Institute precisely on the right-hand side. It is also surrounded by several highways that provide access to various locations across Nasr City and the adjacent areas.

Degla Landmark Nasr City Compound's spaces

The compound is a lavish residential structure stretched over a vast area of 14 acres (approximately 62,760 square meters) with wonderful views such as green spaces around it, knowing that it consists of a ground floor with 11 stories above it, in addition to the existence of two garage-only floors.

You will be able to pick from a huge number of the most magnificent apartments, as the compound contains 3,800 residential units ranging in size from 55 square meters to 158 square meters and 164 square meters with extremely high finishes.

Degla Landmark Nasr City Compound can be described as the largest architectural building on an international level characterized by modernity and sophistication, because it keeps up with the latest urban technologies, as its facades feature modern, luminous, and unconventional designs, as well as openings that allow natural light to reach inside the units while also shielding against heat, dust, and noise.

Degla Landmark Nasr City's services and amenities

The compound in Nasr City not only offers beautiful housing units, but also a bundle of the best services and a list of the most enjoyable features that ensure a comfortable and luxurious living. The following are some of the most notable services and advantages it gives to its residents:

  • Inside the compound, there is complete safety owing to the presence of guards throughout the day, as well as high-definition surveillance cameras strategically placed throughout.
  • The remarkable architectural design of all of the compound's buildings, which displays a higher level of luxury across the area.
  • The presence of pleasant beautiful views of the artificial lakes (4 lakes) as well as wide expanses of natural space.
  • There are several leisure facilities with bright green landscapes, as well as swimming pools with contemporary designs.
  • The spa, as well as the rest spaces inside the compound and the sports area, are all excellent places to relax and unwind.
  • The great majority of the compound buildings have glass windows that enable natural light to enter the units.
  • Providing elevators that run on a modern electronic system to make it simpler for the compound's residents to move between the various floors of its buildings.
  • The entrances to the buildings have a splendid luxurious view because they are finished with the most luxurious types of marble and granite, the highest quality.
  • Inside the compound, there are paths for people to stroll on or to engage in their favorite activities such as jogging or cycling in open places surrounded by gorgeous landscapes.
  • The existence of a group of the greatest stores with a local and worldwide reputation, so that people can finally get everything they need of the highest quality.

Degla Landmark Nasr City Prices

Despite a large number of facilities and the availability of a large number of services in the compound, Degla Landmark 2019 prices will tempt you to buy because they are very suitable and competitive, and they can be described as the best-offered prices for residential units in the real estate market.

The price per square meter in the compound is determined by the kind of unit, its finish, and a variety of other factors, however, the compound units' minimum price is projected to be 340,000 pounds.

Degla Landmark in Nasr City accepts a variety of payment options.

Convenient installment is the system in place when paying the value of a unit within the compound, in which the buyer can pay a down payment of 10% of the planned unit's price, followed by a second payment of 10% after four months, and the third payment of 20% to be paid upon receipt with the possibility of extending the payment period. The remaining unit value will be paid in six installments over six years, with no interest charged for the first three years.

It's worth mentioning that the buyer must pay 7% of the unit's total price for maintenance work, which means they won't be responsible for any costs associated with rectifying any defects that arise during their time there.

Owning company and previous business

Memaar Al Morshedy is a well-known name in the real estate market since it is a long-standing firm founded in 1983 by Mohammed Al Morshedy, who devised a clear plan for the company to follow in order to fully enter the real estate development industry.

Mr. Al-Murshidi was eager on employing a competent and experienced team of engineers and employees so that they could expand the firm and drive it toward development and success, eventually being known as Degla Real Estate Development, which is the backbone of Al-Murshidi's

During the company's early years, it constructed a number of residential structures in the Maadi region, each with its own distinctive personality and great designs that evolved with the times.

The company's projects offer a new idea of residential living since they provide integrated projects that combine residential, administrative, and commercial buildings in one location to provide inhabitants with a more comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

The firm has also made a lot of achievements by constructing a number of real estate projects in Cairo and Giza, ranging from affordable housing to luxury housing.

The company's primary objective is to design, develop, and manage advanced residential, commercial, and administrative projects, as well as sports and leisure projects with a long-term vision for clients and business partners.

As it attempts to expand in the regional market, the firm is recognized for its honesty and originality in the implementation of its projects. It wants to create modern architectural projects with appealing and unique designs that contribute to the development of society.

Degla Landmark Nasr City project is Memaar Al Morshedy's most well-known project, and it is the company's second in Nasr City. It has already launched other big projects, including: