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Asgard New Capital - 21 Properties for sale


Location of Asgard Mall the Administrative Capital

Asgard Mall is located in the heart of the Administrative Capital, within the R7 residential district, specifically in the COM5 area, providing it with a unique strategic location. It is surrounded by three main streets, making it an ideal attraction point and easily accessible from various directions.

Its proximity to key areas increases its value and makes it an important hub in the region. The developer's deliberate choice of this location reflects the desire to provide an unparalleled shopping and entertainment experience.

Places near Asgard Mall

  • Asgard Mall is located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, surrounded by strategic sites that increase its value and attractiveness.
  • It is ideally located next to Mohammed bin Zayed Axis and Al Amal Axis, making it easily accessible from different parts of the city.
  • Just two minutes away, you can reach the Diplomatic Quarter, making the mall an important center for visitors, both diplomats and tourists alike.
  • It is also just a few steps away from the Exhibition Grounds, providing a great opportunity to enjoy local and international events and exhibitions.
  • Additionally, it takes only five minutes to reach the Green River from Asgard Mall, offering visitors a slice of nature and scenic views.
  • The mall is not far from Midtown Sky Compound and Vinci Compound, which are among the most prestigious residential neighborhoods, adding to the luxury and distinction of the location.

Asgard Mall, with its prime location and proximity to these landmarks, is an ideal place for shopping and entertainment, attracting visitors and investors looking for a unique and integrated experience in one of the most vibrant and developed areas.

Services at Asgard Mall the Administrative Capital

Asgard Mall in the Administrative Capital offers a wide range of services and facilities aimed at enhancing the visitors' experience.

  • The mall includes a large parking lot with comprehensive security, ensuring visitor comfort from the first moment.
  • In addition, the mall houses diverse stores featuring famous global brands, catering to all tastes.
  • For cinema lovers, the mall offers a movie theater equipped with the latest technologies to watch new and exclusive films.
  • The mall also facilitates financial transactions by providing ATMs, includes a gym equipped with the latest equipment for fitness enthusiasts, and offers special delivery services for heavy and large items to ease the shopping process.
  • The mall provides entertainment areas for children and adults, while continuous security service ensures visitor safety around the clock.
  • The center also includes areas dedicated to playing electronic games, and pharmacies and medical clinics are available for any health needs that may arise.
  • The mall offers its visitors various dishes and drinks in its diverse restaurants and cafes, completing the enjoyable and comprehensive shopping experience in Asgard.

Prices at Asgard Mall New Capital

The costs of units in Asgard Mall in the Administrative Capital are characterized by competitive prices starting from 45,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter, and may reach up to 60,000 pounds. These price differences depend on area criteria and the nature of available units, providing diverse options that meet various needs and preferences.

Payment and Installment Systems for Asgard Mall New Administrative Capital

The developer company has offered a variety of payment options for its customers, providing them with multiple opportunities to choose from. These options include four convenient payment programs that allow the buyer to optimally distribute financial burdens over the years.

  • The first option allows payments to be spread over six years, with a 10% down payment required.

  • The second option extends the payment period to seven years and requires a 15% down payment.
  • The third option offers a payment period of up to eight years, with a 15% down payment and an additional 10% upon property handover.
  • Finally, the fourth option comes with a seven-year payment period, requiring a 10% down payment and another payment of the same percentage upon delivery. These systems provide the investor with flexible options that allow for optimal financial planning according to their needs and economic capabilities.

The Developer Company of Asgard Mall

EG Master Real Estate Development, based in Egypt and established in 2005, has launched its latest commercial project; Asgard Mall in the New Administrative Capital. About fifteen years of experience and innovation have made EG Master a leader in the real estate development sector with its diverse projects that combine practicality and luxury.

The projects developed by EG Master are characterized by diversity, including luxurious residential complexes and high-end commercial centers that provide unique experiences for residents and visitors alike. They have managed to achieve interactive designs that consider various customer needs and respond to their expectations at the highest level.

In Egypt, the company has expanded its geography with a strong presence and multiple projects, not limited to one area but including the North Coast, the New Administrative Capital, 6th of October City, and New Cairo. These projects offer a distinguished lifestyle characterized by the sophistication and tranquility sought by investors and clients.

Examples of EG Master's achievements include

  • The City Valley project in the Administrative Capital
  • Valley Red Sea village in Ras Sudr
  • The Paradise village located in Marsa Matruh
  • White Bay village in Ras Sudr, South Sinai
  • Midtown Condo compound in the Capital
  • Aida village in the North Coast
  • Al Masyaf village in the North Coast
  • Aventura Mall in the Administrative Capital
  • The City Valley in the Administrative Capital

Your Investment in the New Administrative Capital: Your Opportunity for Profit and Growth in the Heart of Modern Egypt!

The New Administrative Capital stands out as one of the most important investment centers in Egypt, characterized by its contemporary designs and modern infrastructure that make it a focus of interest for investors. This city is located in the heart of the Greater Cairo area, which increases its importance and makes it an economic and administrative hub.

Real estate projects in this city vary between residential, commercial, and office spaces, meeting the desires of different investors, and enjoy thoughtful planning and unique urban patterns, which stimulates active investment. These real estate activities are witnessing rapid and continuous development, promising attractive financial returns that increase with the growing demand for these properties.

The Egyptian government spares no effort in supporting investment in this city by providing tax facilities and creating a favorable business environment, making your move to invest in the New Administrative Capital a smart step towards participating in building Egypt's economic future. If you are looking for an investment that combines safety and high profitability, this city offers you an opportunity not to be missed.