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Al Masa Mall New Capital - 13 Properties for sale


Important information and details about Al Masa Mall New Capital

A rebellion from the traditional concept of investment projects, as it was implemented according to a developed thought and a modern vision, which made Al Masa Mall the right place and the best choice for investing money, and to know more details about the mall in new capital, we recommend you to see the following lines.

Al Masa Mall New Capital location

The ideal location chosen for the implementation of almasa capital in the Administrative Capital makes the customer predict the success of their project. The company has succeeded in choosing a vital location for the project within the famous Downtown area, which makes the demand for the mall and the services it provides increase, and the location of the mall is characterized by its proximity to important areas Including the following:-

  • The mall is marked by its location in front of Gates 6 and 3 of the famed Al-Massa Hotel.
  • The mall is close to the capital's most prominent residential neighborhoods, including the seventh and eighth districts, the diplomatic district, and the government district.
  • The proximity of the mall to the central area contributes to the popularity of projects and increased demand for them.
  • The charming green river is close to the mall site, adding to the area's appeal and attractiveness.
  • The capital's distinctive landmarks are very close to the mall, including the electric train, the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque and the central station, and the distance from the mall to the Egyptian Opera House and the capital's airport can be reached in a few minutes with ease.
  • Famous retail complexes such as the design and fashion markets, the gold markets, and the technology and computer markets are all adjacent to the mall.
  • The mall's proximity to the banking district, the People's Assembly, and the Central Bank added to its energy and magnificence.
  • The prominent governmental sectors located in the capital are located near the mall site, which includes the airline and tourism sector, medical sectors, economic real estate companies sector, the petroleum companies sector, and administrative sectors.
  • The location is ideal, as it is close to public parks and well-known shopping malls.

Al Masa Mall New Capital space

The company's big area allocation for the mall resulted in a massive structure with comprehensive services. It was constructed on a 45,000-square-meter site with a massive facade overlooking a 130-meter-wide main axis.

A bottom floor and five additional floors make up the mall. The units were spread across the entire mall floors, ranging in size from 25 square meters to over 100 square meters, and were divided into three categories: commercial, medical, and administrative.

The company declared that all units in the Administrative Capital's Al-Masa Mall will be delivered with partial finishing and marble floors, allowing the customer to finish the unit to his own taste and in compliance with the type of project that will be implemented inside the unit.

Al-Masa Pyramids Mall offers a variety of services.

The company's services to its consumers inside Al-Masa Mall in the administrative capital are distinguished by their diversity and luxury, with the following being the most important and prominent:-

  • The mall is surrounded on all sides by green fields, ensuring that the units have a beautiful view of the scenery.
  • For further luxury and distinction for clients and visitors to the mall, notable entertainment games such as water slides and a large aquarium are offered.
  • There is a cinema complex inside that shows the most recent Arab and international films.
  • The mall in the new administrative capital is equipped with rooms with international designs and equipment that can be used for meetings, celebrations, and other events.
  • There are a number of premium restaurants in Al-Masa Mall that serve the finest cuisine to suit all tastes and wants.
  • Customers can order a choice of hot and cold drinks at upscale cafes.
  • An indoor, as well as an external commercial area, was created for the mall.
  • The mall is well equipped with modern surveillance cameras that operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • The mall and its components were built in the French architectural style, which is known for its elegance and luxury.
  • For further privacy and comfort, each type of unit within Al Masa New Capital has its own entrance.
  • Modern electronic gates have been installed on all sides of the mall, in addition to security and guard services that are working around the clock to keep the area safe.

Pricing and payment methods

Despite the benefits and services that the mall provides to its consumers, Al Masa Mall New Capital with exclusive and unequaled rates. The prices are generally simple and not exaggerated.

The company has introduced a number of payment methods that differ from one another, allowing the consumer to select the most suited option for him. These systems are as follows:-

  • 30% down payment and the first installment after receipt, with an annual return of 12% until the date of receipt.
  • A down payment of 35% with an annual return of 14% will be obtained by the customer until receipt, and the first installment is paid after receipt.
  • A down payment of 40% and an annual return of 16% for the customer, and the first installment after receipt.
  • The customer pays a down payment of 5%, and after 3 months, they pay 5%, and the remaining amount is paid over 8 years, with a commitment to pay maintenance expenses of 10% in installments.
  • A down payment of 10% and the rest of the amount to be paid over 10 years, in addition to maintenance expenses of 10% to be paid in installments.
  • A 25% down payment is to be made and the remainder is paid in installments, and the first installment is after receipt.

The company announced a package of surprises for its customers, the first of which is the immediate return on investment, and a surprise for the first 600 customers who apply to book the unit, a 10% discount that the customer gets once contracting for a commercial unit, and the customer receives a hotel suite as a gift in the La Capitale Suite Lagoons project if he contracts on Two commercial units, and if he contracts for 3 units, the company grants him a hotel suite in the La Capital 1 project.

Owning company and previous business

Al-Masa mall is one of the investment projects of the Pyramids Development Company, which was established in 1999, a company with French origins that started its actual work in the field of real estate investment in 2013.

The company has collaborated with Hussein Sabbour Real Estate Company, and this collaboration has resulted in the completion of numerous successful projects with attractive modern designs, including the following:-