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Menorca New Capital - 60 Properties for sale


Realize your dreams and ambitions by living within Menorca New Capital Compound

Menorca New Capital Compound offers a variety of amenities and benefits, making it a smart and well-integrated residential complex. Mardif Company for real estate has mastered the implementation of this massive project, which has made its star shine brightly in the Egyptian real estate market. The compound is known for its beautiful features and is a one-of-a-kind architectural marvel. All of the amenities they desire, making life inside it comfortable and unique, as it far exceeded their wildest dreams and aspirations.

Menorca New Capital Compound location

The compound's location added to its glamor and luxury, as it is situated in the best location in the New Administrative Capital's eighth district, notably within the L4 plot, putting occupants in close proximity to essential sites such as:-

  • It takes about 10 minutes to go from the compound to the upscale government district.
  • It typically takes a few minutes to get from the compound to the Green River and the embassy district.
  • Because of its proximity to the Capital International Airport, the compound's position has been boosted to a higher level of sophistication and distinction.
  • Residents of the compound may readily reach a location because the compound is adjacent to Mohammed bin Zayed's southern axis.
  • A great number of service institutions, such as parks, clubs, schools, universities, and hospitals, are located adjacent to the compound.

Menorca New Capital Compound space.

Menorca New Capital Compound was developed on a big 17.5-acre plot of land, with a large amount of it dedicated to green spaces and lakes, and only a tiny fraction dedicated to buildings, with a total of 17 buildings, each having a group of units ranging from apartments to duplexes.

The area of the apartments spans from 115 square meters to 272 square meters, and the area of the ground apartments with a garden begins at 266 square meters, in addition to duplexes of varied sizes, which are 230, 250, and 254 square meters.

The company has pledged that all units will be delivered partially finished, giving the customer the freedom to put the finishing touches on their chosen unit.

Menorca New Capital Services

The specialized services available within the walls of this massive structure make it an ideal and appealing location. The following are some of the most well-known services offered:-

  • Green grounds took up a considerable portion of the compound, adding to its beauty and charm.
  • Menorca New Capital Compound features a number of opulent cafés where visitors may get a variety of hot and cold beverages.
  • Artificial lakes may be found throughout the compound, giving the place the appearance of a beautiful painting.
  • The compound has a number of restaurants on its borders that are known for serving great and fantastic food to their customers.
  • To avoid overcrowding and traffic caused by parking in front of buildings, Menorca New Capital Compound features a garage reserved for residents' cars.
  • Roaming around the commercial mall, which is located in a vast area and comprises a group of stores offering the greatest items and international brands, gives the compound's residents a wonderful shopping experience.
  • Within the courtyard, there are beautiful recreational facilities appropriate for people of all ages.
  • Residents will have access to a gym and a spa with international amenities.
  • The project provides complete medical treatment to the people through the establishment of a pharmacy and a clinic, both of which are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Menorca New Capital Compound has a world-class international nursery school and daycare that provides residents with a high-quality education.
  • Security and guarding services are located throughout the compound and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure the inhabitants' safety and security.
  • A social club with a collection of sports fields.
  • The company has installed smart surveillance cameras throughout the compound so that inhabitants can feel safe and secure.
  • Swimming pools could be found in most parts of the compound, and they came in a variety of designs and sizes, making them acceptable for people of all ages.
  • In the compound, there is a grocery that caters to all of the residents' wants and requirements.
  • The estate includes a mosque with a stunning Islamic style that transports worshipers to the spirituality of prayer.
  • The corporation has set aside 3.5 acres for the construction of a health club with foreign equipment.
  • There are running and cycling lanes in the compound.
  • The property has 3 cinemas that display the newest Arab and foreign films.
  • All of the units in the compound have a central shower and free high-speed internet access.
  • A seating and recreation space has been designated on the roof.

Pricing and payment methods

Customers will be able to enjoy all of the aspects of luxury and luxury at unrivaled exclusive pricing, as the price per square meter for units within the compound begins at 10,600 EGP, which is the better deal provided in comparison to other projects and adjacent locations.

The organization offers a variety of payment options, all of which are characterized by greater flexibility, allowing clients to pay comfortably and without suffering. The following are the systems:-

  • A 25% down payment is required, with the remaining balance spread out over two years.
  • A 15% downpayment is required, with the remaining balance spread out over four years.
  • When a customer signs a contract, he or she pays a 10% reservation deposit, with the remainder spread out over 6 to 8 years.
  • A 15% down payment is required, followed by a 5% payment after a year, and the remaining balance is paid over ten years.

Owning company and previous business

Menorca New Capital is one of Mardif Real Estate Company's massive projects, dating back to 1989 AD. It is a collaboration between three massive institutions: Heliopolis for Urban Development and Contracting, Al Marwa Contracting for Real Estate Investment, and Al Marwa Contracting Company for Real Estate Development.

The company has almost thirty years of expertise in the sector of real estate, during which time it has accomplished notable triumphs that have been documented in earlier publications, most notably the following:-

  • It implemented social housing in Badr City, commissioned by the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces.
  • It built 60 public schools in Cairo and Beni Suef governorates, based on instructions from the General Authority for Educational Buildings.
  • The Zefta Courts Complex was constructed in the Gharbia Governorate.
  • It implemented 19 hospitals in many Egyptian governorates, and this was for the benefit of the Nile Valley Company.
  • 3 residential towers were commissioned by the Department of Military Works in Al-Basateen.
  • 10 residential buildings were constructed in Badr City belonging to social housing, commissioned by the New Urban Communities Authority.
  • 7 buildings in the Sakan Misr project.
  • 9 buildings in the Fifth Settlement and the American University housing.
  • 3 residential towers in the Oasis neighborhood in Nasr City.
  • Skylight Mall, the new administrative capital.
  • Mardif Plaza Mall, the new administrative capital.