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Sky Condos Sodic Compound - 89 Properties for sale


Enjoy high-end accommodation at Sky Condos compound

Sky Condos SODIC is one of the highest residential projects implemented by Sodic Real Estate Development Company in New Cairo and specifically in the area of Fifth Settlement, and the company was interested in high-end designs as all the residential units inside it have the distinctive shape of a pyramid.

In addition, all units overlook the picturesque greenery directly, giving life a refined and distinctive character while enjoying a healthy and peaceful life, as well as a variety of units among villas, duplexes, and separated apartments.

Sky Condos location

The compound has a unique geographical location, highlighted by the following points:

  • The compound is located in Fifth Settlement of New Cairo, close to the New Administrative Capital and the lively 90th Street.
  • It is also close to some vital places, most notably Cairo Club, The Future University in Egypt, and the American University living in Cairo.
  • The complex is also very close to some of the other residential compounds in New Cairo, the most important of which is Mivida Emaar compound.
  • The compound is a small distance from some of the entertainment venues in New Cairo, the most prominent of which are The Spot, Concord Plaza, and Point 90 Mall.

Features & services available in Sky Condos New Cairo

SODIC company made sure during the establishment of its project in Fifth Settlement to be with a high level and provided with all the services needed by the population, whether basic service facilities or recreational, where kids can play and have fun inside the compound in complete safety without any dangers due to the spread of surveillance cameras everywhere, which gives parents a sense of reassurance while their young playing in their play areas and surrounded by large green spaces, especially that the place is free of all sources of pollution because of the distance away About factory fumes and car exhausts.

The owner company also provided a number of shopping centers that contain all the items of famous brands such as shoes, clothes, and household items, allowing the ladies of the Compound to enjoy a distinctive shopping experience, and other services, which include the following:

  • There are large areas of beautiful green plants for quiet seating and fresh air recreation.
  • A number of swimming pools are designed in different shapes and spaces suitable for everyone, both adults and kids.
  • The company has been concerned with keeping the security and safety of the population within the Compound, and this is shown in providing a 24/7 security system throughout the week.
  • There is a private parking garage for residents only.
  • There are thriving and picturesque gardens that evoke psychological comfort, relaxation, and inner peace.
  • A range of charming manufactured fountains is also available to add beauty and sophistication to the place.
  • There are also other services, including a high-end clubhouse with all the necessary facilities to provide fun for the residents.
  • A complex with a number of excellent restaurants serving the best dishes, and a range of select cafes serving the best beverages of all kinds.
  • There is a comprehensive commercial area with all the products and supplies needed by the population and their family members, which have internationally renowned brands.
  • There is also a huge social club that offers the possibility to sit with family or friends and have fun in the midst of charming nature.
  • A kids entertainment area, with a large number of different games that are provided with safety methods to keep them safe.
  • There is a gym for sports enthusiasts, equipped with all the world's most modern sports equipment.

Important information about prices and payment systems in New Cairo compounds

Area of Sky Condos Fifth Settlement

Sodic Real Estate Company has allocated an area of 886 acres for the full construction of Sky Condos compound, knowing that this area has been divided into two parts, the first is for a variety of residential units, and the second part is vast areas of plants and green grasses, which increases the chance of its demand.

Sky Condos prices, payment systems, and units' areas

Sky Condos SODIC is basically a residential project for villas only, but the company based on its implementation has been keen to add a new extension containing various residential units within it including separate apartments, Duplexes, and Roof, in order to satisfy customers of different desires and tastes.

It should be noted that the owner company was keen to provide units at reasonable prices for all categories of customers, as the price of a square meter is very competitive starting from 20 thousand Egyptian pounds, and the areas start from 159 square meters up to 315 square meters as maximum, and the spaces are illustrated in detail in the following:

  • The spaces of villas for sale in Sky Condos Sodic start at 387 square meters.
  • Separated apartment areas start at 159 square meters as a minimum up to 184 square meters maximum.
  • The roof spaces are similar to those of detached apartments, ranging from 159 square meters up to 184 square meters.
  • Finally the spaces of the duplex units, which start from 307 square meters up to 315 square meters as a maximum.

As for the payment and installments systems for owning a unit within Sky Condos project, they are as follows:

  • There are payment systems that consist of a 5% or 10% as a reservation and contracting down payment, with the rest of the amount being paid over a full seven years.
  • SODIC group undertakes to deliver all residential units within the project to customers after four years from the date of the signing of the contract.
  • One of the most important features of the compound is that it allows customers to choose the right finishes for their units according to their desires and tastes, as well as the possibility to see the unit before receiving it.
  • The owner company undertakes to deliver all residential units to customers with integrated packaging, all the equipment, and decorations.

The owner company profile

The real estate company that established Sky Condos Compound in 5th Settlement area of New Cairo is Sodic Developments Company, which was established in 1996, which is one of the Egyptian joint-stock companies in the field of real estate development in the Arab Republic of Egypt and has extensive experience which attracts customers, in addition to being very interested in the establishment of advanced residential projects in new cities.

The company has achieved great success through its previous projects, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • Westown in 6 October city.
  • Malaaz North Coast.
  • Caesar Resort North Coast.
  • Allegria Sheikh Zayed.
  • Vye Sodic Compound.
  • The Portal Sheikh Zayed.
  • Westown Medical Center Sheikh Zayed.
  • Westown Hub Mall.
  • The Strip mall.
  • The Polygon Project.
  • Beverly Hills Sheikh Zayed.
  • Forty West Compound.
  • October Plaza.
  • Westown Court Yards.
  • Westown Residence Compound.
  • Eastown Parks 5th Settlement.
  • Sodic West Sheikh Zayed.
  • The Estates Sheikh Zayed.
  • It has also established Westown project at the best level with exquisite designs.
  • Eastown New Cairo Compound.
  • Sodic East New Heliopolis.
  • SPECTRUM Compound.
  • Sodic East El Shorouk.
  • Sky Condos New Cairo.
  • Villette Compound 5th Settlement.
  • Katameya Plaza compound.
  • Sodic Developments has also established Caesar Bay that has beautiful charming designs.