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Strip Mall New Cairo - 10 Properties for sale


Enjoy a great shopping experience at Strip Mall, New Cairo's highest malls

If you are a shopping lover or looking for a great investment opportunity, Sarai-Strip Mall in New Cairo should be your first destination, as it offers everyone a pleasant shopping experience for its variety of shops that offer the highest products and brands, as well as a great location that makes it a unique headquarters for various commercial, administrative and medical projects, the mall offers many other benefits for its customers you will know it below.

The Strip Mall location

The Strip Mall has many of the factors that have made it the leading among the best malls, at the top of these factors, its strategic location in New Cairo and its presence within one of its best residential compounds, Sarai New Cairo compound, which is characterized by luxury and creativity in design.

Owning a unit within Sarai mall project as a headquarter of your project increases your chances of success and guarantees you high profit, due to the vitality of its location and on the other hand, it ensures the attraction of residents of the neighboring areas, especially because of its proximity to important roads and landmarks that facilitate the movement to and from it, are:

  • Ring Road 
  • Suez Road
  • Nasr City

The mall still has many other advantages that make it the focus for everyone, whether investors looking for a privileged location for their projects or even people who want to shop in a high place that satisfies their desires, everyone can easily move to it because of its proximity to many vital roads and the availability of transportation in the region.

Areas within Sarai Mall New Cairo

The complex, inside which the mall was established, looks like a huge public park, occupying a vast area of 125 acres with stunning views and cheerful greenery, along with various buildings, including the Strip Mall project, which occupies a large area of 14 acres equal to 5,745 square meters.

Whatever the nature of your project, Mall Strip will still be an ideal choice for you, as it includes different types of units suitable for various business and investment activities, including shops, administrative offices, medical clinics, and each of these types include largely different areas that meet different needs, as follows:

  • The minimum area of shops and commercial units is estimated at 20 square meters.
  • The minimum area of administrative units (offices) and medical units (clinics) is estimated at 120 square meters.

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Services and features of Strip Mall Madinat Nasr

The design of Strip Mall Fifth Settlement is enough to surpass the best malls in and outside New Cairo as it has very beautiful and refined architectural designs.

Considering the other aspects, you will find that the mall is not missing almost anything as it offers integrated security services and various units (administrative, medical, commercial), hypermarket, luxury shops, leisure facilities, food court area, its services and advantages can be explained in more detail as follows:

  • It enjoys a unique location in the Capital, specifically New Cairo, which has made it the focus of attention for all those seeking headquarters for their projects in a vibrant and upscale area that will ensure their success in a short time.

  • It is located within Sarai Compound, its location has given it an added advantage, as it is one of the largest and most luxurious complexes in New Cairo, with its many facilities and services and the spread of the best universities and schools in it.

  • There are commercial units and multiple shops in The Strip Mall for sale and in many areas from which the customer selects as he needs and in accordance with the nature of his project, starting with a minimum of 20 square meters.

  • The owners of the units or even visitors of the mall will not suffer from the problem of crowding or jamming when entering and exiting, because it is equipped with six entrances and exits that have been distributed creatively throughout the units depending on the activity of the units and whether they are commercial or administrative.

  • The existence of clinics and medical units which are designed in different ways to comply with all medical specialties.

  • A great working environment has been provided for the owners of the units or even for visitors who want to shop, thanks to the popularity of the scenery such as the green spaces that reflect a magnificent view of the picturesque nature.

  • An integrated food court area has been designated for cafes and restaurants, designed in line with the nature of their activity, serving delicious dishes and all beverages.

  • The mall building is equipped with modern electric elevators with a large area that allows a large number of people to accommodate more than 8 people, making it easier to move among its different floors, whether for unit owners or visitors.

  • Enjoy a special feature that ensures maximum comfort for everyone in the mall, as it is provided with parking garages.

  • There are stores with global fame that offers internationally renowned brands around the world.

  • Many different units are fully finished and with the latest finishes that mimic modern and international styles.

  • The variety of unit spaces meets different desires and all of them have impressive facades for their sophistication and the magnificence of their design.

  • The project is not only designed as a shopping mall but can also be classified as an entertainment venue, because of its variety of recreational facilities suitable for different ages for young and old alike.

  • The mall's magnificent exterior design which is particularly popular with the spread of manufactured lagoons with stunning views.

  • A covered parking garage designed to ensure complete safety and accommodates a large number of cars.

  • A security service has been provided at the highest level to provide full security for all those in the place, especially with the installation of modern surveillance cameras.

The real estate developer of Sarai-Strip Mall

A project with the size and importance of Strip Mall New Cairo must belong to one of the largest real estate companies that have gained fame over the years since its founding in 1959, Madinet Nasr Housing & Development.

Throughout all these years, the company has proceeded many successes, starting with the development and implementation of projects on a vast area of land of 5.4 million meters in one of the largest and most prestigious cities in Cairo, Nasr city, in addition to many other successes and achievements achieved in the real estate world.

Despite the change in the company's board of directors, its managers were keen to hire highly experienced employees in the real estate sector and the most skilled and competent engineers, so that all of the company's projects remain the most prestigious.

Sarai-Strip Mall was not the first of its outstanding and prestigious projects, but it has previously implemented many previous projects and works that have occupied a prominent position among its competing projects in the market, including the following:

  • Tijan project, located on the northern outskirts of Cairo, has an enormous area of 7.3 million meters.
  • Etlalah El Abaseya Project on Abbasiya Street.
  • Taj City compound is located in the upscale city of Al Mostakbal.
  • Tag Sultan Compound Project in New Cairo.
  • Sarai Compound, located close to the ring road, occupies a vast area of 125 acres.

Strip Mall prices

The prices of the project units will undoubtedly entice you to buy because you will find a variety of the best prices offered on the market, which is considered the most suitable and best ever for a large and full-service project such as Mall Strip, which has a huge amount of unique services and benefits.

Not only will you have the freedom to choose the type of unit, but you can choose the right price for you as well because prices increase and decrease according to the size of the unit and not just its type, so you can choose what matches your budget.

Payment systems

Do not hesitate to reserve a unit within Strip Mall, it is considered a golden opportunity for all investors, especially since the company that owns it is keen to satisfy its customers until the last minute, by offering one of the best and easiest payment systems which are to deal in the installment system as follows:

  • A down payment of 10% of the total price offered for the unit purchased by the customer, with the remaining amount paid in installments over 5 years.