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Degla Towers Nasr City - 23 Properties for sale


Enjoy living in the most luxurious condos within Degla Towers Nasr City Compound

Degla Towers is a new masterpiece in the Memaar Al Morshedy company's architectural masterpieces, which fascinates us every time because it is not a standard residential project, but rather a service and entertainment complex. Degla Towers Mimar Al Morshedy has a strategic position and integrated services, and numerous amenities are offered in the compound so that its people can live as comfortably as possible.

The location of Degla Towers Compound

Degla Towers provides you with a fantastic opportunity to live in the heart of a big metropolis such as Nasr City, putting you close to all of the city's service facilities while also making it simple to travel to many of the important cities that surround it, including:

  • New Cairo

Residents of the compound will have an easier time getting the best medical care or shopping in big malls because of their strategic location, which puts them adjacent to major hospitals and luxury malls such as:

  • Ain Shams Hospital
  • Egypt Air Hospital
  • Cairo Festival
  • Downtown
  • City Stars
  • Tiba Mall
  • El Serag Mall
  • Genena Mall
  • City ​​Center

International schools and major universities, such as the American University and the German University, are just a few steps away, and you won't have any trouble getting around because the compound is close to major roads like the Ring Road, Al Nasr Road, and strategic axes like the Moshir Tantawi axis.

There are still many landmarks near the compound, such as the Al-Ahly Club, which is only 5 minutes away, and the Al-Zohour Club, in addition to connecting its residents to major streets in the area and the surrounding areas, such as Ninety Street, which is about four minutes away, and Abbas El-Akkad Street, which is about ten minutes away.

Degla Towers Nasr City Compound's spaces

Despite the fact that the compound only has 6 towers, it is spread out over a considerable area of 5 acres (about 21 thousand square meters)  in order to accommodate the huge number of facilities and equipment in it other than residential units.

The units in the compound towers are spread over a ground floor as well as 11 consecutive stories, and each tower has a car garage and two elevators to make it easier for residents to get to the top floors without having to wait in one elevator.

The sizes of the units vary to meet the needs of all customers, ranging from modest spaces of less than 69 square meters to large spaces of up to 165 square meters.

The towers are distinguished by the fact that they are not stacked next to each other, but instead have charming views and decorations in the middle of them, such as a landscape and a large swimming pool, making the compound appear more elegant, while its units overlook a top of the magnificence view.

Services and features of Degla Towers Nasr City 

Do not miss out on your chance to live in a luxurious unit with integrated services and facilities, and book your residential unit in Degla Towers Nasr City, so that you can live a comfortable life free of disruptions because you will find a large number of services and advantages represented in:

  • The presence of competent staff on duty to protect and safeguard the complex at all times of the day so that its occupants feel safe and secure in their homes.
  • The apartments in the compound are supplied with power and sewage systems, as well as high-quality aluminum windows with sound insulation, and the buyer will only be responsible for a portion of the finishing because their unit is built on red bricks.
  • Because the compound's designers left a huge area in the middle large enough to support 6 more stories in order to provide marine airflow for all units, residents are housed in well-ventilated flats.
  • Many apartments in the property have a lovely view of the green spaces distributed around the courtyard or the swimming pool, while others have a beautiful view of a huge roadway reaching over 30 meters.
  • There are several recreational areas within the courtyard, ensuring that residents are never bored while living in their apartments.
  • Taking use of the compound's home cinema, which gives inhabitants a unique kind of entertainment.
  • The existence of big shopping malls with well-known brands and well-known brands from throughout the world, making it simpler for locals to obtain all of their necessities of the finest quality.
  • In the center of the estate, there is a recreational space where guests may enjoy the swimming pool or other pleasant activities.
  • All of the residential apartments' entrances feature a fairy-tale style that matches the best hotel lobby designs.
  • Taking all precautions, the compound's organizers were eager to give fire alarms to each of its apartments in case of an emergency.
  • Because all of the compound buildings feature soundproof cardboard wall facades, as well as dustproof and reflected sunlight, occupants will not be subjected to any exterior disturbance or noise.
  • The existence of a health club does not take away from the fact that it is equipped with all of the necessary equipment and amenities to offer the best level of comfort for all of its members.
  • Degla Towers Nasr City has been enthusiastic to give current lighting systems in all of its project's buildings, as well as the usage of porcelain in its flooring to make it appear more luxurious.
  • The street that runs through the property is quite wide, around 30 meters wide, and this is a significant element that works to the project's advantage.
  • All of the compound's towers have two entrances to make it simpler for inhabitants to access from many directions, and each tower has two electric elevators that run from the garage to the top floor.
  • The presence of stores on the bottom levels, making it easy for inhabitants of the towers to purchase a wide range of domestic goods.
  • Because the garage is created on a large scale, comparable to two complete levels within the complex, it will be easy to accommodate a significant number of vehicles without congestion.

Prices at Degla Towers Nasr City

Only the lucky will be able to book a unit in the compound, as they will not only benefit from a wide range of services, but also from very competitive prices, as the minimum price per square meter is estimated to be 9,500 EGP, depending on the type of unit, it's finishing, and other specifications, meaning that it can be increased whenever the unit's specifications are higher.

The overall cost of each unit inside the complex varies; for example, a small unit may be purchased for 290,000 EGP, while larger units cost 700,000 EGP and up to 1.5 million EGP for the finest features.

Payment options at Degla Towers Nasr City

If you want to purchase a luxury housing unit but can't afford to pay the whole price at once, Degla Towers Mimar Al Morshedy Nasr City is the ideal alternative for you since it offers outstanding services that allow you to pay the unit price in installments over a 6-year period.

Owning company and previous business

Memaar Al-Morshedy Company, the owner of Degla Towers Nasr City, has always enthralled us with its spectacular megaprojects that show its great distinction and tremendous experience, dating back to 1983 since its establishment by Mohamed Al-Morshedy.

Nasr City's Memaar Al Morshedy was eager to execute the compound in an integrated, unique manner, as it does in all of its projects, and as a result, it was able to carve a reputation for itself in the real estate market among the largest and most prestigious real estate businesses.

Since its start about 30 years ago, the company has been working to produce ideas for the execution and construction of non-traditional projects that the whole real estate market may learn from. Its projects include stunning architecture and a wide range of amenities, making them a true leap forward in the real estate market.

The dream of owning units within the company’s projects is not limited to the elite only, but the vast majority can own units within its integrated services projects because it launches residential complexes in high-end areas such as 6th of October City, Maadi, suitable for average and low-income people.