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Trivium Square New Cairo Mall - 36 Properties for sale


Information about Trivium Square Mall

INMA Company has established the mall in the Fifth Settlement of New Cairo, to be one of the largest administrative projects there, providing an unrivaled investment opportunity for customers and investors who wish to purchase units in it in order to gain global fame or significant financial gains.

Advantages of Trivium Square Mall's location

The project is strategically positioned in the Fifth Settlement neighborhood, notably on northern 90th Street, which is one of New Cairo's most dynamic streets, and sits directly on one of the city's most important primary axes, the Mohamed Naguib axis.

There is a very short distance between Trivium Square and a group of major residential projects in the Fifth Settlement area that has been worked on by a group of senior real estate developers and real estate development companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt, which contributes to the mall's high demand, given that it meets all of the requirements and needs of the residents of these compounds.

Trivium is close to a variety of significant locations, including the following:

  • The distance between the mall and the American University in the Fifth Settlement region of New Cairo is only five minutes.

  • The project is also around a five-minute drive away from Al-Rehab City.

  • The project is only around a quarter of an hour away from the Nasr City area at most.

  • Trivium Mall new Cairo is also close to other important regions, such as Cairo International Airport and the Heliopolis neighborhood, which increases the chance for customers to own units inside, especially because it offers a wide range of units and retail spaces to meet everyone's demands.

Designs for Trivium Square Mall New Cairo

The assembly of the project consists of three commercial administrative buildings, each with four stories, and all buildings are connected to one another with an amazing design, which considerably contributes to the project's individuality and client demand.

The project is distinguished not only by the mall's exterior design and attention to the facades but also by the developer's attention to providing large areas of landscaping in the area surrounding the mall from the outside, which allows the business owners inside to complete their tasks in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Units spaces inside the mall

INMA Real Estate wanted to create an integrated project, so it set aside a vast area for it to be built on, as the land area is about four acres or around 14 thousand square meters, and it is divided between commercial and administrative buildings, as well as green spaces and landscapes. And there are some lovely artificial lakes.

The presence of units of varied sizes is also a feature of Trivium Square, as illustrated by the following:

1- Commercial units (shops)

Knowing that the owner firm was enthusiastic to give an outdoor space for the units that are slated to be restaurants or cafes, the spaces of the units in which a commercial activity can be formed and become stores start at 70 square meters.

2- Administrative and medical unit

Medical clinics have been supplied with distinct and unique designs compatible with the medical specialization to be practiced inside the clinic, and the spaces of the units in which a medical or administrative activity can be held are at a minimum of 50 square meters.

Trivium Mall in New Cairo offers a variety of amenities and services.

Trivium Square Mall has various advantages that set it apart from other commercial ventures in the neighborhood. The following are the most notable of these advantages:

  • The mall contains a variety of units, including administrative, commercial, and medical units, as well as a variety of spaces, allowing each customer to select the unit that best matches his needs.

  • Some business units, such as those that are planned to be banks, cafes, restaurants, or hypermarkets, have had additional outdoor space built to them.

  • The company that owns the mall has taken care of businessmen by providing a business area with meeting rooms and vast halls for hosting conferences.

  • The mall also offers a full-service repair shop.

  • There are nine electrically operated elevators in the project to transport clients or guests from one floor to another, with each elevator holding roughly eight passengers.

  • The mall has four entrance gates and is around 150 square meters in size.

  • There are underground parking garages to prevent crowding in front of the facilities, with each garage having a maximum capacity of 500 cars.

  • All of this is in addition to other benefits, the most important of which is supplying air conditioners to all units, whether administrative, medical, or commercial, in order to avoid suffering from high temperatures during the summer, as well as a free and high-speed internet network.

  • To maintain the environment clean, some units inside Trivium rely exclusively on the energy emitted by the sun.

  • The company that owns the mall provides all types of units to the owners, complete with a finishing system.

  • There are leisure services included in the project, such as a spa area and a well-equipped gym for mall patrons.

Inside the mall, unit costs are as follows:

Despite the services and advantages that the project provides to its valued customers with the highest quality, which increases demand for it, as it is a huge opportunity for customers and investors, the various units within the mall are characterized by very appropriate prices that do not accept competition with others, which suit all customers or a large segment of them

Whereas the costs of commercial and medical units begin at one million and five hundred thousand Egyptian pounds, the prices of administrative units begin at one million and 630 thousand Egyptian pounds, for units with an area of 58 square meters.

Payment systems for purchasing mall units

Payment mechanisms for owning a unit in the mall are quite simple, thanks to the availability of a long-term installment system, as demonstrated by the following:

  • The customer makes a contract advance of 10% of the total unit price.
  • The remaining amount of the unit price is paid by the customer over a period of many years, up to five years, in the form of equal monthly installments with no interest.