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El patio 7 New Cairo - 35 Properties for sale


The most important features of El Patio 7 Compound New Cairo

La Vista Development was eager to implement El Patio 7 compound project with the best architectural design in order to attract all customers from all parts of the country, as well as provide all of the services and features that residents require in their daily lives to feel like they are part of an integrated community in every way.

Location of El Patio 7 compound Fifth Settlement

El Patio 7 New Cairo is distinguished by its strategic location in the heart of New Cairo, as it is located in Fifth Settlement, close to American University, as well as La Mirada Mostakbal City Compound, and overlooks one of the city's most prestigious streets, Southern 90th Street. The project's most important feature is its proximity to New Administrative Capital, which gives it a great deal of prestige, as well as its proximity to the main axes of Regional Ring Road and main Suez Road.

La Vista Development's El Patio 7 compound space

El Patio 7 New Cairo covers around 40 acres, with structures, residential units, recreational amenities, and service spaces accounting for 18% of the total space, while green areas account for the remainder.

Residential units are distinguished by their presence within adjacent buildings, provided that each building has three floors in addition to the ground floor, which contains a variety of apartments and large areas to meet the needs of buyers, such as "residential apartments and duplexes, as well as penthouses and independent villas," which are delivered to the customer with full finishing. Its space range from 110 to 270 square meters and are sophisticated and contemporary.

Features and services of El Patio 7 Compound

 El Patio 7 provides a lot of benefits.

As well as the many services that inhabitants require in order to live a unique and differentiated existence. The following are some of the services and benefits that its residents enjoy:

Green spaces: In addition to the picturesque views that surround all residential units with the presence of distinctive artificial lakes, there are huge expanses of green areas that enable admirers of landscape to contemplate rest, quiet, and read.

Clubs: The project contains a number of clubs with the most up-to-date equipment so that guests may spend quality time in a relaxing and comfortable environment.

Restaurants and cafés: There are several restaurants and cafés within the property that provide well-known foods and beverages made by top chefs.

Medical Facilities: To address the medical component, several medical centers have been created, each with all of the required contemporary technology and capabilities to give the finest possible health treatment.

Security and guarding: Providing security and guarding inside the compound throughout the day, as well as the installation of surveillance cameras, to ensure the inhabitants' safety and security.

Banks: There are several banks within the complex that provide financial services to consumers without requiring them to travel abroad.

Specialized company: There is a specialized firm that provides services, meets client demands, and solves customer problems.

Recreational areas: Designating a distinct place for children to spend quality time while playing games in the safest and most private environment possible.

Gym: A gym has a variety of contemporary equipment that may be used to engage in a variety of sporting activities.

Building a garage devoted to cars, which can hold a large number of them, with the goal of reducing traffic and congestion in front of the residential units and creating a peaceful environment within the complex.

Running lanes: For individuals who enjoy running, walking, or cycling, a dedicated, private, and secure walkway has been created.

Swimming pools: The project includes many swimming pools of various sizes that are ideal for all people, including children while maintaining the greatest levels of safety.

Health club: Providing a fitness center with the most up-to-date and greatest sports equipment, as well as its location in the open air, which sets it apart from other halls.

Barbecues: Set aside distinct spaces for barbecues and other special events like birthday parties or engagement parties.

Prices and payment systems in El Patio 7

La Vista Development has set varying prices to meet the needs of customers with various desires, in order to provide all of the services and features that residents will enjoy during their time in the compound, where the price per square meter is 22,000 pounds, and apartment prices starting at 165 square meters are estimated at 3,135,000 pounds. Apartments with a living space of 148 square meters start at 2,812,000 pounds, while apartments with a living space of 150 square meters cost 3,300,000 pounds, and penthouses with a living space of 247 square meters cost around 1,900,000 pounds. Apartments with a living space of 170 square meters cost around 3,200,000 pounds.

The compound declared the availability of a payment method that caters to clients' requirements and prioritizes their comfort, which is represented by a down payment of 25% of the entire unit price, with the balance of the unit price paid in 3 payments over 3 years.

The company that owns El Patio 7 New Cairo and their previous works

Since its inception in 1991, La Vista Development Company, the executing company of El Patio 7 Compound, has been able to make a name for itself in the real estate field by completing successful projects in various regions, all of which were characterized by stunning and wonderful designs, and all of its efforts drew the attention of investors, requiring them to compete with other businesses.

The company’s previous projects were as follows: “El Patio 5 East Compound El Shorouk City, La Vista City Compound New Administrative Capital, and La Vista Cascada in the North Coast, in addition to La Vista Gardens Resort located in Ain Sokhna, and La Vista Toppers Resort located in Ain Sokhna, La Vista Bay East Resort North Coast, La Vista Ras El Hekma Resort North Coast, La Vista Village in Ain Sokhna, and La Vista Ray in the same area. As for El Shorouk City, it included El Patio Prime Compound, El Patio Casa, El Patio El Zahraa 6 October City, and finally, a compound El Patio Oro in Fifth Settlement.

The benefits of purchasing and residing in Fifth Settlement region are several.

Fifth Settlement area contains many compounds that differ from one another in terms of features, services provided, and strategic location, but they all agree on their presence within the Fifth Settlement, a region with many advantages that have made it an important place for the establishment of various projects, including:

  • It provides all of the services that people require, as well as a large number of governmental and foreign schools.

  • Many banks, including “Al-Ahly Bank and Audi in addition to the National Bank of Qatar,” as well as numerous entertainment venues, such as “Cairo Festival Mall, Meeting Point, Seven Stars Mall, and Downtown Mall,” are present to assist financial transactions.

  • It features numerous mosques, such as "Ebad Al-Rahman Mosque, Khatam Al-Morselin Mosque, and Al-Farouq Mosque," as well as the city's proximity to the Ring Road, Carrefour, Maadi region, and Nasr City, enabling conducting prayers on time.

  • Many entertainment facilities can be found in the Fifth Settlement region, including the Family Park, Magic Planet, Games City, New Cairo Park, and the Magic Stores amusement park. As for the clubs, they include the following: “The Royal Sports Club, Sky Club, in addition to Al-Jazira Club and Wadi Degla Club.”

To take advantage of all the amenities offered by El Patio 7 Compound, do not delay in booking your residential unit in order to receive all of the services offered as well as to take advantage of the reasonable pricing and unique payment system.