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La Verde New Capital - 84 Properties for sale


An ideal life inside the compound of La Verde New Capital Compound

The beautiful architectural features and attractive views of all of the units make La Verde New Capital Compound a premium residential development, the compound is a fantastic chance for privacy seekers and anybody looking for peace and quiet away from the rush and bustle of the city, therefore deciding to reside the compound is the perfect option and right choice. Don't waste any time and reserve your unit within this massive structure.

La Verde New Capital location

Choosing the right location is crucial to the project's success and appeal. The company was successful in securing the most prestigious location for its residential project in the New Administrative Capital, adjacent to key regions and major routes, including the following:-

  • A prime location in the center of the capital, in the capital's most famous district, the eighth district.
  • The complex is distinguished by its closeness to the most elite residential compounds, including Anakaji Compound in the new capital.
  • The embassy area and the ministries district, two of the most well-known neighborhoods in the city, are both fairly near to the compound.
  • The presidential headquarters added to the compound's sophistication, since the distance between them is relatively short, in addition to its closeness to the well-known conference center.
  • Because of its closeness to the New Administrative Capital Airport, the property has a unique location.
  • The compound has a spectacular view of the beautiful Green River and the Opera House.
  • The towers and skyscrapers region, as well as other prominent sights in the city, are easily accessible from the compound.
  • The property has a unique perspective of the famous Downtown area.
  • The property is only 120 meters from Bin Zayed's southern axis, giving people the freedom to roam around and go wherever they wanted without feeling tired.
  • The property, which overlooks four important roadways, is near to the new Diamond City.

The space of La Verde New Capital Compound

The project's overall area is huge, reaching 35 acres, but despite this, the ratio of buildings was simple compared to the percentage of services: just 20% of the project's land was assigned for construction, leaving the remaining 80% for services.

This provided residents with greater distinction and comfort, as the wide range of services contributed to its variety, covering all of the customers' requirements and wishes.

The property has a variety of residential units, including flats, duplexes, villas, penthouses, and studios, each with its own area.

Due to the fact that the studios ranged in size from 56 square meters to 85 square meters, and the units on the ground floor ranged in size from 145 square meters to 203 square meters, and the repeated floors began with an area of 135 square meters to 355 square meters, in addition to the presence of spaces, the studios were executed with varying areas. Duplexes ranging in size from 270 to 320 square meters are available.

The Spanish style dominated the whole property, which is a distinctive style that mixes modern and traditional features, resulting in refinement and creativity.

La Verde New Capital Compound services

La Verde Compound has an endless number of benefits and services that have given people a comfortable existence and a higher level of living, including the following:-

  • There is a big commercial center within the property that provides inhabitants with a variety of international brands that are known for their elegance and luxury.
  • An administrative facility with international equipment has been built in the compound.
  • There is a commercial area in the property with a big number of stores that meet all of the inhabitants' needs and requirements.
  • There is a social club in the compound that occupies a considerable portion of the property and contains a number of sports fields where people may participate in a variety of sporting activities.
  • The compound has an International Nursery with international equipment that provides a good degree of child protection.
  • The artificial lakes are strewn around the area, giving it a particularly lovely appearance.
  • Walking, running, and cycling trails may be found amid the green spaces.
  • Swimming pools of all forms and sizes are available in the compound, making it suitable for people of all ages.
  • The picturesque, green landscapes and aquatic features are visible from every apartment.
  • All of the structures have double facades made of the finest marble and granite.
  • In addition to completely guarded basement garages, free garages are accessible in the area in front of each building to safeguard cars from any external forces that may negatively impact them.
  • Appropriate areas separate the project's units, providing residents with additional solitude and calm.
  • The compound's interior roadways are 15 meters wide, giving occupants the flexibility and convenience of traveling between them.
  • Green grounds occupied a substantial portion of the estate, giving it a unique beauty.
  • Security and guarding service that operates throughout the day, without interruption, in all areas of the compound, to provide better protection and safety for the citizens.
  • The property has cinemas that play the newest Arab and foreign films for added luxury.
  • A world-class gym with the most up-to-date sporting equipment and equipment.
  • Children's leisure spaces with a collection of the most attractive games allow them to have a particular time full of pleasure and happiness.
  • Restaurants can be found in almost every region of the compound, offering people a diverse assortment of cuisine that is distinguished by its delectable flavour.
  • There are cafés in the compound that provide a high degree of service to consumers by offering a continual selection of drink options.
  • The inhabitants of La Verde Compound have access to a supermarket that meets all of their everyday requirements.
  • Residents may enjoy a spa, sauna, and jacuzzi for added luxury and distinction.
  • The compound includes a pharmacy and a hospital with several specialisations, ensuring that inhabitants receive high-quality health care.

الأسعار وأنظمة السداد

عند النظر إلى تفاصيل الكمبوند المبهرة وما يشتمل عليه من مزايا وخدمات قد يظن البعض أن الأسعار داخله مبالغ بها، ولكن الواقع مختلف تماماً حيث أن سعر الوحدات يعتبر ممتاز مقارنة برقي وفخامة المشروع والمستوى المتميز الذي سوف ينعم به السكان.

وقد اختلفت الأسعار داخل الكمبوند حسب نوعها ومساحتها حيث أن سعر الدوبلكس بالجاردن يتراوح من 3 مليون و105 ألف جنيه مصري إلى 3 مليون و520 ألف جنيه مصري، أما الشقق فإن سعرها يبدأ من 2.02.500 جنيه مصري.

وقد أتاحت الشركة لعملائها إمكانية شراء الوحدات وفق تسهيلات مذهلة تتنوع فيما بينها، مما يمنح الفرصة للعميل باختيار النظام الذي يتوافق مع إمكانياته وقد تمثلت هذه الأنظمة في الآتي:-

  • مقدم قيمته 8% والمبلغ المتبقي يسدد على 6 سنوات.
  • سداد مقدم قيمته 10% والمبلغ الباقي يتم دفعه على 7 سنوات.
  • يقوم العميل بسداد مقدم قيمته 15% وبعد مرور 6 شهور يسدد 5% والمتبقي من المبلغ يتم سداده على 8 سنوات.

الشركة المالكة والأعمال السابقة

كمبوند لافيردي مشروع عملاق ينتمي لإنجازات شركة لافيردي إيجيبت العقارية، وهو أحدث مشروعاتها والثاني المنفذ بالعاصمة الإدارية الجديدة.

وقد حازت الشركة على ثقة عملائها بفضل مصداقيتها في مواعيد التسليم إلى جانب تصميماتها الأنيقة، مما جعلها تنال شهرة طائلة في سوق العقارات المصري ويعد مشروع لافيردي كاست هو أولى مشروعات الشركة، والذي تم تنفيذه بالعاصمة الإدارية الجديدة.