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Arena City Towers Nasr City - 10 Properties for sale


Enjoy the most luxurious residential units in Arena City Towers Nasr City Compound

Arena City Towers Nasr City is an excellent example of an integrated residential compound in every way since the developer wanted to build a modern compound. The compound is equipped with a variety of services and all of the required amenities to make visitors feel at ease and pampered. The compound is a golden opportunity for those looking for luxury housing units at reasonable prices Convenient payment systems.

The location of Arena City Towers Nasr City Compound

In comparison to other cities, the development of City Towers in Nasr City gave it a unique geographical location that combined sophistication and dynamism, especially because it is located on the highway between the El Mokawloon Club and the Railway Club.

Despite the tranquillity of Arena City Towers Nasr City location, it is close to numerous important places in Greater Cairo, and its inhabitants can travel in a matter of minutes to each of the following:

  • Moshir Tantawy Axis: It is located at a short distance from the compound, its duration does not exceed 7 minutes.
  • Abbasiya Square
  • Teseen Street in the Fifth Settlement: It is located at a short distance from the compound, its duration does not exceed 15 minutes.
  • Downtown: It is located a short distance from the compound, its duration does not exceed a third of an hour.
  • Ring road
  • Cairo International Airport
  • Heliopolis

Spaces in Arena City Towers Nasr City

The compound has a wide area of 14 acres (about 55 thousand square meters), with units ranging from apartments to commercial units that are created in a luxury design to satisfy the consumer.

Due to the project's vast size, it was divided into four stages, each of which is equipped with all of the amenities and services that clients want. The units' sizes range from 115 square meters to 162 square meters, and the compound's four phases are:

  • Kadi Phase: This phase consists of units ranging in size from 115 to 162 square meters.
  • Rose Phase: There are 118 square meter units as well as apartments ranging in size from 132 square meters to 140 square meters in this phase.
  • Tulip stage: there are units with an area of ​​110 square meters and larger areas estimated at 155 square meters.
  • Gardenia phase: This phase includes the largest areas of apartments, estimated at 142 m², 144 m², 152 m², 158 m², and 160 m².

Arena City Towers Nasr City services and amenities

Within Arena City Towers Nasr City Compound, you will find the highest level of comfort because it is equipped with all of the services required of any integrated residential project, as well as additional benefits that ensure a modern and luxurious lifestyle for its residents, and its services and features include:

  • Because the guards are highly trained and completely equipped to deal with any emergency scenarios, there is a constant security presence inside the property throughout the day in order to secure its residents and ensure their safety as much as possible.
  • The presence of medical-related institutions, such as hospitals, specialist medical centers, and outpatient clinics, in order to provide a comprehensive medical service to the general public.
  • There are not only residential units, but commercial units as well, which is in everyone's interest because it guarantees housing unit owners the availability of many of their needs and at the same time guarantees commercial unit owners the presence of a large number of customers.
  • The inclusion of fitness and physical health centers, such as a gym and a spa, means that residents will not need to leave the property in search of such facilities.
  • The existence of fully equipped parking lots in secure locations, as well as its accessibility to all the compound's residential apartments.
  • The presence of a complete health club with all of the essential equipment and capabilities to give the best service in order to satisfy all of the compound's occupants.
  • The availability of educational facilities, such as a nursery school, as well as international schools that give the most up-to-date educational services to their students.
  • The existence of a beautifully designed swimming pool that is covered offers residents more privacy.
  • A particular play area for young children where they may go and play without the worry of being hurt because it is completely safe.
  • Establishing a mosque on the compound's grounds to provide inhabitants easier access to it rather than having to leave to do prayers.
  • From the interior, there are gardens that exude joy and beauty and convey great energy throughout the compound.
  • Green spaces surround the residential apartments, providing a pleasant natural view that reflects a relaxing mood for the nerves.
  • Providing the compound with numerous security features, such as electronic gates and an intercom system, to secure the safety of its residents.

Arena City Towers Nasr City Prices

If you want integrated services in your place of residence without paying outrageous fees, you should book your apartment in Arena City Towers Nasr City, which provides affordable pricing that may be regarded as the finest prices given in the real estate market.

The price per square meter in the compound varies according to the unit area and other specifications, but in general, it ranges from 6,700 pounds to 7,600 EGP.

Arena City Towers Nasr City there are a variety of payment options.

Despite the appealing rates of the compound units, the executing firm was eager to give payment facilities to make the process of paying the unit price easier for clients, and customers may pick from one of three payment methods available inside the compound:

  • A 5% down payment is required, followed by 7 years of interest-free installments on the remainder of the unit's worth.
  • A 10% down payment is required at the time of booking, followed by a second 10% payment after three months, and the balance is to be paid in six equal payments over six years without interest.
  • A 25% down payment is required, with the remaining to be paid in six payments without interest over the next six years.

You will not receive special benefits if you pay in installments only, but you will receive a special discount if you pay in cash, as the company offers a particular discount to customers who desire to deal in this manner, keeping in mind that the final date for receiving units was in 2020.

Owning company and previous business

SLD Structure Line, a collaboration between Egypt and Saudi Arabia that owns a large contracting company, is one of the key real estate development corporations that took on the task of executing Arena City Towers Nasr City Compound.

The company behind Nasr City Towers project wants to make a name for itself in the real estate and investment world by producing luxury housing projects that cater to a wide range of customer demands while also offering unique and original designs.

The company has a one-billion-pound capital and operates as a real estate developer on a variety of projects. Many residential, administrative, and commercial projects have been completed across the Republic. Its investments have risen to 1.5 billion pounds after it was able to complete and execute a number of contractual projects, as well as a number of national cooperative initiatives with the Armed Forces Engineering Authority.