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El Shorouk Springs Compound - 9 Properties for sale


Own the most luxurious residential units at the best prices in El Shorouk Springs Compound

El Shorouk Springs Compound did not appear out of anywhere among the most luxurious compounds, but thanks to Hassan Allam Company's efforts in its implementation, the compound is integrated in such a way that ensures complete comfort for its residents and allows them to live a very luxurious life. As a result, the compound is the first choice for the elite of the community and those seeking a modern luxury lifestyle.

The location of El Shorouk Springs Compound

During your stay in El Shorouk Springs Compound, you will not experience any rush or disruption because its position on Suez Road in El Shorouk City is defined by tranquility and refinement at the same time, especially because it is regarded as the nicest district in the city.

Despite the overwhelming calm that pervades the compound's surroundings, it is not situated in an abandoned region as some may believe. The area in which it is located, on the other hand, is distinguished by high activity and diversity of service centers, due to the fact that it is bordered by several residential complexes created in El Shorouk City, and it is also near to:

  • New Cairo's Smart Village Institutes and Universities: It's within a few minutes' walk from the complex.
  • Total Station: The compound is located behind it.
  • Gate 2 of Madinaty Residential Project: It is located directly in front of Spring Compound El Shorouk.
  • Heliopolis Club: It is considered the most prestigious club in El Shorouk City.

The spaces of El Shorouk Springs Compound

You will be impressed by the enormity of the area of ​​El Shorouk Springs Hassan Allam Compound, which extends over 150 acres only, but by the luxurious design of everything inside it, starting with the division of the space through the buildings to the different décor and the scenic views inside it.

One type of residential unit does not dominate the buildings built inside the compound, because the executing company was keen to build different types of the most luxurious units to suit all customers, where the buyer can choose between: apartments for sale in the compound, twin houses, townhouses, Villas.

The diversity was not only in the types of units but their areas as well, as there are medium and large areas in each type as follows:

  • Apartments: the minimum size is 173 square meters and the maximum size is 223 square meters.
  • Townhouses: these units have a minimum size of 330 square meters and a maximum size of 420 square meters.
  • Indepant villas: with a minimum space of 447 square meters and a maximum of 586 square meters.

Services & Benefits of El Shorouk Springs Compound

What makes El Shorouk Springs Compound unique is that it not only provides basic services to its residents, but it also provides them with entertainment and a variety of facilities that allow them to enjoy every minute of their time rather than the boredom that most residents of traditional housing units experience, as it supplies them with:

  • Residents will not need to leave the property to find a café or restaurant to eat in because there will be a chain of large restaurants and luxury cafés.
  • A gymnasium is set up in such a manner that residents may perform a variety of activities, thanks to the numerous facilities and equipment available.
  • A commercial mall where you can shop at your leisure or at any other convenient time because it is already inside the compound and close to the various residential units.
  • Multiple playgrounds extend over large areas to accommodate a large number of people at the same time, and on the other hand, there is a great opportunity to play multiple games in them.

El Shorouk Springs Compound prices

There is no point in obtaining many high-end services within your residential unit but in exchange for high prices that only a very few can afford, hence the distinction of El Shorouk Springs Compound because it succeeded in offering reasonable prices within the reach of everyone despite its many services.

The price varies within the compound from one unit to another, but the average prices for some of its units can be clarified as follows:

  • The average price of apartments is about 1 million and 150,000 EGP.
    The average price of a villa for sale in the compound is about 5 million and 150,00 EGP.

El Shorouk Springs Compound has a variety of payment options.

The company that owns the compound did take everything customers need into account when providing services and quoting prices, they also did in the last stage, even the payment stage, as it provided them with a very special system for installments of the unit price in several stages so that they do not feel any pressure during the payment period.

The available payment method is a down payment of 15% of the unit price upon contracting, the second payment of 5% after one year of contracting, the third payment of 5% after two years from the date of the contract, and a fourth payment that must be paid after three years 5% on the contract, after which the rest of the amount is to be paid in quarterly installments over 7 years.

Owning company and previous business

Although the Nasr General Contracting Company, or Hassan Mohamed Allam Company as it is known in Egypt, always makes a big deal out of the major projects it launches, the uproar that erupted after the launch of El Shorouk Springs Compound by Hassan Allam surpassed all previous times because it is the most important and largest project among all of its previous projects.

The company that owns the compound is one of the largest and most important contracting firms in the Middle East, especially since it was founded many years ago, in 1936, and is affiliated with a large entity represented by the Holding Company for Construction and Development, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Public Business Sector.

Because it has succeeded in implementing big projects of national importance in Egypt throughout its existence, as well as launching hundreds of critical and important projects, the business has a prominent and undeniable role in the Egyptian construction sector.

The economic policies that the country went through affected the company greatly, so it became a joint-stock company in the mid-nineties within the framework of the privatization process and the economic reform program adopted by the state during a certain period.

At the end of 1996, new management took over the company and was responsible for it during the new phase, after the company became the sole owner of the company, the National Company for Construction and Development (a government holding company).

The new management focused on charting a new course for the company in order to restructure it in a way that would keep it up to date with market advances while also removing any obstacles and problems so that it could compete with other significant corporations.

The new management has already succeeded in better-utilizing resources and achieving unprecedented success, and as time has passed, the company has expanded further in implementing major notable projects, winning numerous awards, including the Order of Merit of the First Degree and the ISO certificate.

Numerous large projects have been completed by the corporation, not only in Egypt but also in various Arab nations, including Libya, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, and Sudan, where many facilities, buildings, and highways have been constructed.

The company has also made incredible progress in Egypt in recent years, having completed a number of the best and largest projects, particularly bridges, the most important of which is the El Merghany Bridge, which was completed in only three months and includes a lane for the Heliopolis metro, which is located in a very congested area which is the Heliopolis neighborhood.