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Heartwork Mountain View Mall - 40 Properties for sale


Everything you need to know about HeartWork Mall New Cairo.

Have you ever dreamed of implementing your project in the new cities to ensure that you achieve the highest financial return within a short period, Mountain View Real Estate Investment Company gives you this opportunity to own administrative and commercial units with the lowest down payment and an outstanding return within the Heartwork Mountain View Mall New Cairo, this mall is distinguished by its stunning architectural and engineering designs, which made it a crystal that radiates light on everyone around it. In the following lines, we reveal to you the many advantages enjoyed by the project's administrative units.

Heartwork Mall New Cairo location

The real estate developer wanted to give their clients a wonderful lifestyle, so they chose an outstanding location in the Fifth Settlement for Heart Work, which is part of the Mountain View iCity New Cairo Compound, which is one of his most major residential achievements.

Heartwork project includes a group of distinguished units located near many vital sites and famous residential cities, and this is what made this commercial center a fire known to many investors, and here are the most important landmarks surrounding it and located close to it, as follows:

  • Cairo International Airport: It is located 25 minutes from the mall.

  • New Cairo: the finest residential area located near the mall, which is only 10 minutes away.

  • American University: It is about 15 minutes from Heartwork Mountain View.

  • Suez Road: the most important vital road leading to Heart Work Mall, located in the heart of Mountain View iCity Compound, at a distance of 2 minutes.

  • The new administrative capital.

  • Mostakbal City, 2 minutes away.

  • Hyde Park Fifth Settlement.

  • El Patio Oro New Cairo.

Heartwork Mall Mountain View space

The company constructed the project entirely on a 38-acre plot of land. The development of the project's construction structures took up the least portion of the project's land area, while services, facilities, gardens, and green spaces surrounding buildings took up the majority.

 Mountain View real estate development company was eager to meet the needs of all investors by offering units with small areas starting at 55 square meters, as well as units with large areas of 5,000 square meters, which would allow investors to construct their dream projects within Heartwork project.

Features and services offered by Heartwork Mall

This mall provides the residents of Mountain View iCity with all the basic needs, and here, are the most important advantages of this mall, which are:

  • The buildings are surrounded by a large green area, which is ringed by a collection of different gardens.

  • Heartwork Mountain View contains a number of international cafes and restaurants that provide a wide range of high-quality services to ensure that all mall patrons are satisfied.

  • The mall caters to the demands of businessmen and investors by offering a variety of big rooms for conferences and social gatherings, as well as prestigious training facilities.

  • Food and beverage facilities are included in the project, and these units give mall visitors everything they require during their visit.

  • Sports areas at the greatest level, to satisfy the needs of sports enthusiasts, and these areas are provided with the best games and sports equipment, as well as helping to relieve life's stresses.

  • A demo area has been reserved by the project's real estate developer.

  • The project includes a number of international stores that are distinguished by the presence of international products, the top brands, and well-known names, and these stores cater to consumers' diverse demands and interests.

  • The mall houses an international nursery, which is prepared to care for young children and is known for using the most up-to-date scientific-educational methods to provide the best possible service to children.

  •  the project includes a variety of pharmacies and medical clinics of various specialties that would provide comprehensive medical treatment throughout the day.

  • An international library, which houses a diverse selection of books, magazines, and novels in a variety of areas, ensures that readers' needs are met.

  • Laundry is one of the best cleaning services accessible to mall customers, and it is open 24 hours a day.

  • Customers may simply move to the upper floors thanks to electric elevators.

  • the project pioneers can store their cars in the mall's underground garages for the duration of their stay, and these garages give the finest protection for cars.

Heartwork Mall New Cairo Units Prices

Take advantage of the best opportunity to invest in the Fifth Settlement region by purchasing your commercial store and administrative office at current prices. The company announced the debut of its units at affordable pricing that would appeal to a wide range of clients, with the price increasing as the unit's space increased.

Each unit has its own space and pricing, which may cause some clients to become confused. Customers receive units with a semi-finished system and clamshell delivery; this system allows the buyer to finish the unit's decorations to their satisfaction, and the price per square meter in these units ranges from 29,900 Egyptian pounds to 34,500 Egyptian pounds.

Fully finished units are frequently chosen by consumers who want to purchase ready-made units rather than furniture. It's worth mentioning that fully finished units cost more than semi-finished ones, with prices ranging from 32,000 EGP to 35,000 EGP.

In terms of payment methods, the company has introduced two different payment systems from which the consumer can select the most appropriate, and these systems are as follows:

  • The first system requires payment of 5% of the unit worth upfront, with the remainder, spread out over 6 years. During this time, the customer pays the agreed-upon amount to the company on the agreed-upon dates, with no interest.

  • The second system allows customers to choose a payment plan for up to 8 years, allowing them to pay without incurring financial hardships. In exchange, the company requires clients to make a 10% deposit and then pay in monthly payments without interest.

Mountain View real estate developer

Mountain View is a well-known Middle Eastern real estate development and development company. It has a lot of expertise in the world of real estate, which is why it has a lot of successful projects and achievements in the commercial, administrative, and residential areas.

New Cairo, Fifth Settlement, Ras El Hekma, Ain Sukhna, and the North Coast are all full of Mountain View's accomplishments. The company has earned a good reputation thanks to its constant desire to satisfy the customer by providing them with all of the services they require, as evidenced by the following previous works: