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Ainava New Capital - 10 Properties for sale


Location of Ainava Mall New Administrative Capital

The developing company excelled in selecting a strategic location for the Ainava New Capital project within the luxurious Scenario compound, located in the heart of the seventh residential district R7, specifically in the area known as A2, where a diverse range of comprehensive facilities and services are available to cover all the residents' aspirations and needs.

The company carefully chose the location to be central among the most prominent governmental and diplomatic complexes, ensuring easy access through the most important roads and main axes in the capital, which enhances the daily visitor density.

Nearby locations to the mall:

  • The project is located close to the American University in New Cairo.
  • The mall stands out with its proximity to the Green River, one of the most prominent landmarks of the New Administrative Capital, which can be reached within minutes.
  • The mall also neighbors the Exhibition Land and the Governmental District, making it an important hub for visitors from delegations and employees.
  • The mall is a short distance from the Diplomatic Quarter, the luxurious Al Masa Hotel, and the Presidential Palace.
  • The project is only 5 minutes away from the Administrative Capital Airport, as well as the British University, making it easily accessible.

The mall shines with its strategic location close to:

- The Regional Ring Road.
- The Sokhna Road.
- Mohammed bin Zayed Axis.

These intersections ensure smooth movement and attract more visitors without complications.

Facilities and Services of Ainava Mall

In the new Ainava complex in the Administrative Capital, you will experience a unique experience where all your needs will be met under one roof. This mall includes a wide range of facilities that ensure your comfort and entertainment without the need to leave it.

  • The complex features 10 advanced elevators that make it easy for you to move between its multiple floors.
  • The mall includes a wide variety of upscale restaurants offering a range of international and local dishes, along with several cafes that prepare the best beverages.
  • The mall has seven entrances which prevent congestion and facilitate access.
  • Discover the latest brands and enjoy an exceptional shopping experience in the spacious stores spread throughout the mall.
  • The complex also provides a large underground garage that can accommodate a large number of cars for visitors' convenience.
  • Enjoy free high-speed internet connection throughout the mall.
  • There is also a large supermarket that meets all your daily needs.
  • The mall is secured around the clock by trained security personnel and a group of surveillance cameras spread throughout its premises.
  • The mall also contains large green spaces that provide an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation.
  • Maintenance and cleaning services are regularly available to maintain the excellent level of service.
  • There are designated areas for games and recreational activities for children, ensuring them an experience full of fun and happiness.
  • To ensure safety, the mall is equipped with the latest fire extinguishing systems that work automatically in emergency situations.

Prices of Units in Ainava Mall New Capital

The cost of units in Ainava Mall in the Administrative Capital varies according to the type of unit, its location, and its area. This mall is considered an attractive investment opportunity due to the variation in prices that provide multiple options for investors.

  • On the ground floor, prices per square meter range between 60,000 Egyptian pounds and 90,000 Egyptian pounds, making it an ideal option for businesses looking for a prominent location easily accessible to the public.
  • As for the first floor in the mall, prices show greater flexibility, starting from 37,000 Egyptian pounds and reaching 42,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Moving to the second floor, a further decrease in prices is noticed, starting from 29,000 Egyptian pounds to 35,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Finally, pharmacies are considered high-value investment units within the mall, with the price per square meter starting from 120,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment Plans in Ainava Mall Administrative Capital

  • Akam company offers comfortable and diverse payment options to ensure facilitating the process of purchasing your unit with easy terms, and here are the details of the available systems:
  • In the first option: You have the possibility to book by paying only 10% as a contract down payment, with the ability to distribute the remaining value over 6 years, which provides you with great financial flexibility.
  • As for the second option: You can start by paying 10% as a first installment, followed by a second installment of 5% after two years, and then installments of the rest over 7 years, which further enhances your financial capabilities.
  • Regarding the third option: The system offers an opportunity to pay 20% as a contract down payment, and distribute the remaining value of the unit over 5 years, making the purchase process easier.

The Developer Company of Ainava Mall New Administrative Capital

Akam Real Estate Development Company is a leader in the real estate field, not only in Egypt but in the Middle East as a whole, thanks to its extensive experience that you can clearly see in its projects that have reached the pinnacle of success and redefined the residential and commercial environment. The company adopts an innovative vision through its prominent project, Ainava Mall in the Administrative Capital, which reflects the company's commitment to achieving complete customer satisfaction by providing the highest levels of comfort and luxury.

In its quest to build bridges of trust with its customers, Akam is keen on transparency and credibility in all stages of developing its projects, which has qualified it to gain the admiration and trust of customers widely.

Among its other projects:

  • Scene 7 Compound New Administrative Capital.
  • Scenario Compound New Administrative Capital.

The Quality of Life You Deserve in New Administrative Capital Malls!

With their sophisticated and elegant design, shopping centers in the New Administrative Capital are a unique attraction that combines design elegance and service efficiency. These centers provide an exceptional experience, including the finest international brands alongside local shops, making them the ideal place for everyone looking for diversity and luxury in shopping.

Each center contains a large group of shops that offer diverse products to satisfy all tastes and needs, from trendy clothes to electronic devices and home essentials. This type of store ensures a comprehensive shopping experience for all family members.

Not only that, but the malls also provide a variety of dining options and luxurious cafes, where visitors can rest and enjoy the most delicious international and local dishes in a quiet and enjoyable atmosphere.

In addition, the malls form an entertainment center that meets the needs of all family members, by providing cinemas equipped with the latest technologies, play areas for children, and designated places for entertainment and relaxation, to provide an experience full of fun and entertainment.

These malls are also characterized by their smart environmental design that ensures sustainability and environmental care, with gardens and green spaces providing a refreshing and comfortable atmosphere for visitors.

It is worth noting that these malls not only have economic and commercial advantages, but also enjoy being integrated entertainment destinations that enhance the quality of life, making the New Administrative Capital a distinctive destination for families and friends to spend unforgettable times.