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Granda El Shorouk Compound - 25 Properties for sale


Granda El Shorouk Compound

The compound is one of the most prominent real estate projects in El Shorouk City, which is characterized by its privileged location near the most important sites in the heart of the capital and the new surrounding cities. Good division and implementation of infrastructure and services surrounding the population.

The location of Granda El Shorouk Compound

Granda El Shorouk Compound project is at a fantastic location in El Shorouk City, between the Suez City entrance on one side and the Cairo Governorate with all of its key sites on the other. In the event of light traffic, the compound is only seven minutes away from the Fifth Settlement and Al Rehab City, for example. The British University, the Heliopolis Club, and many other prominent sites in the neighborhood are all located within the compound site.

Granda El Shorouk Compound is also close to Cairo International Airport, which can be reached in less than 10 minutes, as well as the Fifth Settlement, New Cairo, New Heliopolis City, Nasr City, and the New Administrative Capital. All of these directions can be reached from the compound site in a matter of minutes via a number of important highways, allowing residents to travel to their various destinations.

The spaces of Granda El Shorouk Compound

The project has a total area of 19 acres, but only 21% of that has been used for the construction of facilities and buildings, which include structures with facades that have very outstanding engineering designs that follow the contemporary European engineering style.

Space of units within Granda El Shorouk Compound

The compound has a variety of residential units in 27 structures, including apartments, duplexes, and high-rise mansions, all with breathtaking views of the scenery that stretches as far as the eye can see.

The residential units of the compound apartments for sale are divided into a different number of rooms depending on the interior space, but they are all distinguished by a smart and sophisticated style that ensures the maximum benefit from the total area of the unit while also providing a breathtaking view and a high degree of privacy for all units.

Apartments for sale in the compound range in size from 150 square meters to 234 square meters.

The size of high-rise houses ranges from 303 to 307 square meters.

The duplex system is available in vast areas ranging from 399 to 410 square meters in size.

Services provided by Granda El Shorouk Compound

The compound was designed to be one of the most important real estate projects in the region, so the developer was eager to include all of the factors that would contribute to the project's excellence, as well as to complete the luxury lifestyle that the developer promises to all residents of the compound, which includes all services and amenities. We also offer the following methods for achieving the inhabitant's comfort and well-being in all aspects: -

  • The roads within the compound have been designed to be broad and allow loads of room for driving quietly without creating inconvenience or disturbance to the residents, as well as a high level of privacy for the inhabitants.
  • The green and beautiful water surfaces that assist to purify the atmosphere and produce a civilized appearance that is comfortable for the soul and the eye occupy the majority of the overall space on which the property is located.
  • Swimming pools of various sizes are scattered throughout the area, serving a dual purpose of offering an appealing view of the residential units while also providing fun for the children and residents.
  • A number of artificial lakes and dancing fountains have been installed, which blend in beautifully with the lush foliage.
  • There's also 835-square-meter sports and social club with a number of spacious playgrounds where you may engage in a variety of sporting activities.
  • There are several gyms with the most up-to-date sporting equipment, as well as a high-end health club, spa, and clubhouse.
  • The compound offers all commercial services for shopaholics and provides the residents' daily and household needs of goods and products, within a mall and The Font Mall, which includes a number of shops and agencies of the most famous brands.
  • There is a medical facility that offers all specialties and emergency medical services, as well as a number of pharmacies that operate continuously throughout the day without interruption.
  • A large mosque with a floor space of 520 square meters is also available for religious rites.
  • There are several recreational and play places for young children, as well as a spacious nursery with a floor area of 295 square meters that provides daycare and educational and recreational services to help children improve their skills.
  • For residents' cars, the compound provides dedicated, covered, and protected parking.
  • The owning company has implemented the highest security measures, including surveillance cameras strategically placed around the compound, electronic gates at all entrances and exits, and security patrols available at all hours of the day and night.
  • The project's management company provides prompt maintenance services for all faults experienced by residents so that the compounds can be addressed as soon as they arise.

Prices and payment methods for Granda El Shorouk Compound

The prices of the compound are characterized by the degree of services supplied to residents, and they are regarded as the best pricing in the region for all those seeking high-end living in some of Al-Shorouk City's most attractive areas.

The first installment system requires an advance payment of 10% of the entire purchase worth of the selected unit, with the remainder of the dues spread out over 4 years, or 16 installments. In this method, the unit is delivered to the owner after all dues have been paid after 4 years.

The second system is paying 15% of the entire unit price in advance, then dividing the other 55% of the unit price into 12 installments, then paying 30% in one payment and the remaining dues over eight payments, with the unit being delivered five years after contracting.

About Granda El Shorouk Compound's executing company

EgyGap, which was founded and launched in the Egyptian real estate market in 1977, is credited with the implementation of Granda El Shorouk project. EgyGap is one of the richest real estate development companies with experience and strategic vision to design and implement projects that meet the aspirations and aspirations of the future.

Many prominent educational establishments, as well as service facilities for diverse reasons, are among the most important projects that EgyGap has undertaken in its execution such as:

  • ELS Egyptian Language School.
  • Egyptian American School.
  • British School EBIS.
  • In addition to the Granda El-Shorouk project, which is considered one of the largest and best residential real estate projects in the region, and there is The Front, the commercial, medical, and administrative mall.
  • As well as the Family City residential project on an area of ​​17 acres.