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Pearl Des Rois New Cairo - 14 Properties for sale


With the integrated Pearl Des Rois Mall, you may own the most magnificent units.

The luxury that pervades every corner of Pearl Des Rois Mall is not the project's only strength; it also has a number of other advantages that helped it to become the talk of the town when it first opened, such as being an integrated complex with administrative, commercial, and residential units equipped with the latest technology and the most eye-catching finishes. The Housing and Development Company has already succeeded in establishing a project that everyone admires because of its magnificence.

Pearl Des Rois Mall's location

The distinguished location in the Fifth Settlement, which is classified among the most prestigious areas of New Cairo, and what is more distinctive is that it is located only 500 meters from a large educational building and a prominent sign in the assembly are the first strong points that have strengthened the position of the mall in the market and made it the focus of everyone's attention. The intersection of South Teseem Street and the major transverse axis is where it is located.

To boost the relevance and vibrancy of the mall's location, luxury complexes and big projects are being built nearby such as these projects: Les Rois project, Latera Compound, which the mall is located on its western side, Sodic Compound, Palm Hills Resort, Riviera, Damac area, Katameya Dunes.

Pearl Des Rois Fifth Settlement spaces

The second strength that distinguishes the project and solidifies its position as one of the most integrated and creative projects is the diversity of spaces and units within it, as its construction on an appropriate area of 30,000 square meters has positively reflected on the buildings built on its land by achieving diversity in the units within it to include commercial, residential and administrative units 

Pear De Rois project has been professionally developed and divided as follows:

  • There are 2 basements, garages, and stores in the mall.
  • The mall's ground level features stores with scenic views of artificial water bodies, as well as private corridors and outdoor seats.
  • Four levels are hotel apartments, with a magnificent suspended structure in the middle serving as a restaurant.
  • The B1 building of the mall has four floors, each of which has 2 suites, each of which has 6 apartments (for a total of 48 units) ranging in their areas with a minimum of 89 square meters up to a maximum of 232 square meters.

Pearl Des Rois New Cairo services and features

When it comes to services, equipment, and varied capacities, the mall is considered the epitome of real estate projects. The designs are exquisite, the finishes are excellent, and the quality is great, so everything inside it screams elegance, sophistication, and originality.

If intrigue is the emotion that grips you as you read the project's specifics, let alone seeing Pearl Des Rois New Cairo Mall on the ground and witnessing its architectural designs, much less all of its services and amenities, which include:

  • Trees and green plants were used to imitate modern and scenic designs in the mall's external sections.

  • The mall's attractiveness is enhanced by the variety of swimming pools and their presence in many locations.

  • Special areas for children's amusement and play have been developed, demonstrating the project's cohesion and distinction.

  • Inside the mall, creativity in the décor of cafés and restaurants in a way befitting its elegant and premium level.

  • Shopping at the most luxury and high-quality stores and shops, which not only have appealing architectural designs but also supply the most lavish and high-quality items and brands.

  • Inside the compound, a hypermarket with all products and home things was established to meet all needs in one place.

  • The presence of a mosque that has been constructed to resemble rich architectural styles, attracting attention as soon as you pass it owing to its beauty and magnificence.

  • Because the project delivers integrated services in the real meaning of the word, the mall contains a number of medical clinics that are open practically 24 hours a day. As a result, it is possible to receive a variety of services in one location.

  • Due to the availability of a completely protected and covered garage devoted to cars, parking is simple.

  • There is no room for laziness when it comes to protecting the location. Surveillance cameras are placed in many locations, and security officers are stationed at various locations and are available 24 hours a day.

  • The entrances to Pearl Des Rois Mall's residential flats have magnificent decorations and architectural elements. The marble walls and ceilings have been suspended, and two electric elevators have been installed, with a security personnel corner.

  • Customers can choose to use hotel services if they really desire.

  • The building's magnificent facades are enough to draw attention to itself since they are painted with the finest colors and decorated with mica and Hashemi stone.

  • The various levels are connected by dedicated service rooms that include collected power meters and garbage collection areas.

  • The finest types of marble (Buccino marble) were installed for the reception floors to look more luxurious, while the floors of the rooms are of luxurious HDF parquet.

  • Bathrooms and kitchens in the compound are entirely finished with the finest and most luxurious finishes, their walls are jewel ceramic, and the bathrooms and kitchens are equipped with one of the top brands of mixers and other essential equipment, Ideal Standard.

  • The ceilings are gypsum board, while the windows and balconies doors are aluminum, with stainless steel and Sekorite glass in the windows and balconies adding to their beauty.

  • The apartment doors are completed in wood, while the internal doors are finished in oak veneer and ester paints, all of which look wonderful and distinct in the end.

The real estate developer of Pearl Mall

Customers are frequently dazzled by the Housing and Development Company, the mall's owner, with its new initiatives, prompting them to vie to book units inside the mall as quickly as possible before it sells out. It was ranked first among major real estate businesses in 2006, putting it ahead of the competition.

Although Pearl Des Rois Construction and Housing was not the company's first project, it had already completed a number of real estate projects in which it excelled. It is one of Egypt's joint-stock firms, with a capital of 500 million pounds, and has completed the following projects:

  • construction towers

  • 6th of October projects: Tala Compound, Eshraqa project.

  • Le Roy in the Fifth Settlement area.

  • Sheraton project at Sheraton Airport.

  • Vivenda La Mirada in Mostkbal City

Pearl Des Rois Fifth Settlement prices

One of the mall's most important assets is its pricing, which attracts a huge number of investors from many industries as well as consumers wanting to purchase administrative, residential, or commercial apartments for as little as 260 thousand pounds or more.

Pearl Des Rois New Cairo's payment systems

The advantages that distinguish Pearl Des Rois Mall from other projects continue until the final stage, which is the payment stage, because it provides amenities that are rarely found in large projects like it, such as allowing customers to pay the unit's value in installments of 10% to 15% of the unit's value. The remaining balance is then spread out over 60 months.

Only a few lucky people will be able to reserve apartments within the mall before they sell out, so book yours immediately to be one of them.