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Elegantry Mall New Cairo - 10 Properties for sale


Elegantry Mall provides an unrivaled investment opportunity.

Distinguished investment possibilities are few and far between, and can only be found in a massive project like Elegantry Mall, which combines all of the characteristics of a successful project because it has a great location in New Cairo, is full of integrated services, and offers a variety of unit types, as well as unique advantages not found in any other competing project, to rank first among the other major malls unchallenged.

Elegantry Mall location

Because it is located in the heart of New Cairo, in the Fifth Settlement, in a popular and lively area due to the presence of many residents and the spread of service facilities and residential, the mall must be among the most successful projects that made a real leap in the real estate investment world.

  • Schools complex: such as the British International School is about 5 minutes away from the compound.
  • Mobil Gasoline

  • El Korba Heights Compound and other residential and investment projects.

  • New Cairo Court

The mall's location not only attracts residents of the area in which it is located but also many residents from the surrounding areas and close by, especially because it is located on important roads that facilitate movement from one area to another, increasing the chances of the various projects based inside it succeeding. These cities are the ways in:

  • Maadi: Alejantry Mall is only 30 minutes away.

  • The New Administrative Capital: It is also half an hour away from the mall.

  • Ring road

  • Suez Road

To add to the lengthy list of the mall's geographical benefits, it is just a few minutes from 90th Street, the liveliest street in the Fifth Settlement, as well as its proximity to Al-Baghdadi Square, which is only 10 minutes away.

Elegantry Mall New Cairo Spaces

The mall's large number of services, facilities, and equipment necessitated a large enough space to accommodate them without making the overall view of the place appear crowded or monotonous, so the mall project's owner was not satisfied with just building it on 5335 acres, but also added trees, recreational areas, and beautiful views such as landscapes. Artificial fountains are spread throughout the place, taking up a substantial percentage of the entire surface, while amenities and buildings take up just 47%

The mall meets a variety of needs besides housing not only commercial activities and projects, but also many administrative units that serve as excellent headquarters for exchange offices, insurance companies, bank branches, and other businesses, as well as units designed in such a way that they serve as distinguished headquarters for medical clinics, whatever the stipulations may be. The following are the units:

  • Commercial units: their sizes start at 45 square meters, with some being connected to outdoor spaces to accommodate the nature of various commercial operations like cafés and restaurants.
  • Administrative and medical units (clinics): these two categories of units require a minimum of 45 square meters and a maximum of 2,400 square meters.

Elegantry Mall offers a variety of services and amenities.

If the benefits connected with Elegantry Mall's location are many in the manner described above, imagine the other elements of such a large and distinct undertaking. The people in charge set out with the objective of launching an integrated project that would appeal to anybody searching for golden investment possibilities or a strategic headquarters for their company, commercial, or administrative initiative. They generate revenue at the medical facility. They've already accomplished this by providing the mall a variety of amenities and perks, including:

  • All of the units are completely finished and, more significantly, include appealing designs such as glass facades, which were created by the industry's top engineers and specialists.

  • The mall's garages are also fully completed, equipped with the most up-to-date fire and emergency alarm systems, and have enough room to accommodate about 700 cars.

  • Keeping the owners of the project units peaceful and creating a good working environment by constructing them in such a manner that noise does not penetrate the space because the walls are soundproof.

  • Creating dedicated waiting spaces for mall visitors so that they do not have to stand in front of the units or on the roadways to avoid the problem of overcrowding.

  • To resemble modern features, the mall was equipped with electric gates instead of conventional ones, as well as surveillance cameras.

  • The inclusion of recreational areas, such as social clubs with a jogging area, within the mall, so that it is not just a place for shopping, but also for pleasure and amusement, attracting more consumers to the stores or the headquarters of other projects that are situated there.

  • Shopping involves a lot of walking, so visitors to the mall may get hungry. Fortunately, there are a variety of cafés and restaurants within, so everything is in one location.

  • Do not be concerned about your belongings or any things linked to the nature of your activity, because the mall l is completely protected with the most up-to-date security equipment and a security team that is accessible 24 hours a day and is highly trained in guarding job.

  • Inside the mall, your business will never be disrupted because nearly everything, including electrical, elevators, and lighting equipment, is maintained on a regular basis.

  • The mall has 10 electric elevators with a big capacity to handle a large number of people, avoiding the problem of overcrowding within the elevator and facilitating the transfer to the mall's upper levels.

  • The mall features four entrances, allowing it to be readily reached from several directions while also minimizing crowding among its guests.

  • Customers have received exceptional services such as high-speed internet access, which is a unique characteristic enjoyed by the mall

The company that owns Elegantry Mall, the developers of New Heliopolis

The mall project, as well as other innovative projects it had previously launched, such as Korba Heights project, demonstrated the new Heliopolis developers group's genius. This major real estate development company was eager to launch unconventional projects that changed the usual image of administrative and commercial projects established in Egypt in general, and New Cairo in particular.

The value of the real estate investments made by the project's owners, New Heliopolis developers, topped 600 million pounds, allowing them to launch projects with the greatest services and most luxury engineering designs with a European flavor, such as Elegantry Mall.

Elegantry Mall New Cairo prices

You will not find such units as those offered by the project to its clients, no matter how hard you look in the market or in other projects for an integrated unit with services at a reasonable price, because it is not only distinguished by the abundance of its services, the multiplicity of spaces, and the splendor of its advantages, but it also has the best prices.

The right price will not be the only draws consumers to book units, pricing variety will be one of the most appealing features, as buyers will be able to compare costs for the same type of unit owing to differences in space.

Payment systems in Elegantry Mall New Cairo

With Elegantry Mall, you can get your unit and start your project before paying the full unit price, because you will only have to pay 10% of the total price upfront, and the rest of the amount can be paid over long periods of time, up to 6 years. This system is considered one of the best payment systems available.

There is no need to ponder long in order to avoid losing such a wonderful chance, so reserve your unit inside the mall today and get started on your dream project right away, making a lot of money in the shortest amount of time.