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Green Square El Mostakbal City - 44 Properties for sale


Discover the features of housing in Green Square Compound

Al Ahly Sabbour Development Company has implemented Green Square Compound in Mostakbal city of New Cairo, where the project enjoys several advantages that make it different from other residential projects, the most prominent of which are the integrated services and strategic location, and all facilities that meet all the needs of customers, as the developer was keen to provide various residential units and different areas also to suit the wishes and circumstances of all customers.

Green Square master plan

Al Ahly Sabbour Development Company has been keen to design the project in a sophisticated way, as this is shown through the luxury residential units that range from duplex apartments to exceptional townhouses.

A vast area has been allocated for the implementation of the complex in the highest places in the Future city by approximately 100 acres, and this space has helped to provide privacy and well-being to the residents, in addition to the interest in providing landscapes and luxurious green spaces everywhere, to provide the happiness and psychological comfort of its residents.

Green Square Sabbour location

It is located in the best areas of Al Mostakbal city, it is very close to some of the major residential compounds in New Cairo, most notably L'avenir project.

The Compound is located next to a number of vital areas that are indispensable to the population, the most important of which include the following:

  • It is separated from the American University with less than 15 minutes away.
  • It is located in the middle of the recreational areas and service facilities in New Cairo.
  • It is located close to commercial and administrative facilities, which increases its importance and high demand.

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The residential units in Green Square Sabbour New Cairo

The compound has a variety of residential units available within it, where there are three types of units, which are as follows:

  • Duplexes units: These are residential units available through two different designs, the first is a ground floor with a private garden, and the second design is an upper floor.
  • Green Square apartments for sale: There are separate apartments, where the customer can choose among apartments on the top floor or on the ground floor.
  • Luxury Townhouses: Finally the townhouses, which consist of a ground floor, upper floor, and a roof.

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Units areas within Green Square Mostakbal City

The residential units within Green Square project vary from townhouses to high-end duplex units, and the size of these units varies among small and large to suit the needs and desires of all customers of different segments and classes, and also suitable for each family according to the number of members, where its area are ranging from 135 square meters as a minimum up to 256 square meters as a maximum.

Services and amenities of Green Square Compound

The most important thing that distinguishes Green Square Al Ahly in Al Mostakbal city is that it is a full-service residential compound, whether these services are basic or recreational so that it provides a kind of self-sufficiency to the people inside it so that they do not need to buy any of the supplies or needs from abroad, and the most important services available within the compound are as follows:

  • There is a good number of swimming pools that are distinguished by their diversity of designs and sizes, making them suitable for all people of all ages, both adult and young, and there are also bathrooms suitable for kids, women, and men, to provide more luxury for all.
  • There are large areas of landscapes, green spaces, and beautiful gardens that have been distributed in an orderly and harmonious manner throughout the Compound, giving it added beauty and giving residents comfort and happiness.

  • There is a dedicated and paved track for sports enthusiasts for outdoor jogging, and there is a track for walking, as well as another paved and equipped track for cycling of all kinds.

  • Al Ahly Development company has been keen to provide places dedicated to the practice of all kinds of activities, this is shown through the allocation of places for the practice of painting, and there are dedicated places for reading, studying, and relaxing in the fresh air.

  • There is a modern clubhouse equipped at the highest level with all modern appliances.

  • For fans of various sports activities, there are a number of different playgrounds that allow sports of all kinds, such as a tennis court, a squash court, as well as open courts with large spaces, all in addition to a number of clubs, whether sports or social entertainment, which allow residents and their families to enjoy sitting in a special atmosphere.

  • The developer has not failed to provide medical services to provide full health care to the population, highlighted by the available medical centers and hospitals that provide treatment services to patients at the highest level.

  • There is a complex with a large chain of famous cafes and exceptional restaurants, serving the best meals and drinks, as well as a range of the world's most famous hotels.

  • There is a comprehensive commercial district, with a number of integrated shopping malls and centers, which provide customers with all the products and supplies that have world-renowned brands.

  • The company is also well aware of the importance of providing security and guarding in the compound, so it has provided a high-level security system and guard crews deployed throughout 24 hours a day without stopping, to maintain the safety of the residents of the compound and to protect their property.

Green Square prices and payment systems

Although the project is integrated with all services and enjoys a privileged location in Mostakbal City Egypt, the owner company made sure to provide residential units inside it at prices suitable for all customers that are not competitive, where the price per square meter starts from only 7 thousand Egyptian pounds, knowing that the prices of residential units vary due to several factors, the most important of which is the area of the unit and the system of finishing and interior decorations followed according to the wishes of the client.

As for the payment systems, Al Ahly company has made great facilities in the payment systems for residential units, where the client pays at the beginning a reservation and contract down payment of 10% of the total price of the unit to be obtained in the compound, and the rest of the price to be paid in monthly installments for six and a half years, and the units are delivered to customers after a maximum of three years from the date of signing the contract with the company.

The developer company and its previous projects

Al Ahly Sabbour Development Company is the executing company of this compound in Al Mostakbal city New Cairo and it is one of the leading real estate developers in Egypt.

Al Ahly has founded in 1994 AD and it is an Egyptian joint-stock company, where Sabbour companies, that are owned by one of the richest families in Egypt and the Middle East, holding 60% of their shares, while The National Bank of Egypt holds the remaining 40% of the shares.

The company has implemented a number of successful projects and has a long honorable history of works include the following: