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Keeva Sabbour Compound - 33 Properties for sale


Book the finest units in Keeva Sabbour Compound on the 6th of October City at the greatest prices.

Because it is a compound designed in an entirely unconventional way, Keeva Sabbour Compound has achieved a quantum leap in the real estate market, specifically in the residential projects sector, as it provides its customers with a package of the finest and most quality basic services in addition to a group of the most enjoyable entertainment facilities. The project guarantees you the best level of comfort within your apartment, free from everything that may cause you to be disturbed.

Keeva Sabbour Compound location

The main feature that dominates the site where the compound is located is elegance, as the executing company built it in one of the best areas in 6th of October city, which is the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, and more specifically, it is located on Dahshur Road between two of the region's most luxurious malls, namely Mall of Arabia one of Egypt's shopping mall.

Although you will feel quite tranquil in the region where the complex is located, it is not abandoned at all, as it is surrounded by other big residential developments such as Palm Parks Compound, Swan Lake Compound, and Juhayna Square, all of which is only three minutes away.

One of the most important advantages of Keeva Compound is the ease of access to service facilities such as hospitals, colleges, and retail stores, as it is adjacent to several of these facilities, including:

  • Residents can go to Dar Al Fouad Hospital in a matter of minutes.
  • Nile University is approximately a five-minute drive away from the inhabitants of the property.
  • Residents can go to the University on the Sixth of October in less than 10 minutes.
  • Hyper One: It takes no more than five minutes for residents to get there.

The spaces of Keeva Sabbour Compound

If you enjoy living in large residential complexes, don't miss out on reserving a unit at Keeva Compound, which spans 144 acres and is divided between structures that take up just 18% of the land, recreational amenities, and green areas that take up 82% of the land.

The units are differentiated by their spacious areas, which are preferred by the great majority of people, and the spaces accessible for their unit include:

  • Separate villas of 265 and 295 square meters are available, with the largest areas measuring 330, 340, and 360 meters.
  • Twin houses with a total space of 265 square meters are available.
  • The sizes of townhouses range from 225 to 265 square meters.
  • Two-bedroom and three-room apartments with modest areas of 112, 118 square meters and bigger areas of 154, 155, 158, 168, 190 square meters are available.

The owner's desire to supply everything to its client's needs in one location, knowing that the buildings it developed inside the complex consist of a ground floor above two additional stories, led to the diversity of units within the compound between flats, villas, and other units.

To develop these apartments, the company hired a team of creative professionals and competent engineers in real estate design, decorating, and construction, ensuring that they all have the most luxurious modern designs that would impress anybody who sees them.

Keeva Sabbour Compound services and benefits

Any basic service that is naturally present in a residential project must also be found in the compound, but what makes it unique is that it has added many other services and unexpected advantages to these basic services, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious life to a large extent, because it provides its residents with:

  • The executing company considered the necessity to supply numerous sophisticated security equipment and high-definition video cameras to provide security throughout the day, as guards are always present inside Keeva Sabbour Compound.
  • A health club that covers 41 acres of the project's total size and takes up a huge amount of space in order to give residents all of the amenities they expect within the club.
  • The greatest restaurants that serve delectable cuisine, as well as the best cafés that serve a variety of drinks to their clients.
  • Swimming pools and artificial lakes surround several units, making inhabitants feel as luxurious as possible.
  • Green spaces are strewn throughout the project to provide a relaxing and friendly ambiance.
  • The property adheres to the standards of ecologically friendly initiatives, resulting in a clean living environment and fresh air.
  • A complete commercial area with a commercial mall that offers a unique shopping experience, as it houses a variety of businesses and stores that cater to the requirements of the people of the compound.
  • Picnic areas and amusement areas for friends and family, implying that they are acceptable for everyone, as well as the inclusion of a separate recreation area for children only residing in the property.
  • Areas inside Keeva Sabbour Compound that is well-equipped for morning exercise, whether walking, cycling, or jogging.
  • Establishment of underground parking garages for cars within the compound, fully secured to protect all of the cars within.
  • The ClubHouse is meant to match the luxury level of the property as a whole, as well as the various recreational amenities inside it.
  • Construction of a mosque so that locals do not have to waste time looking for a mosque when they want to pray.

Keeva Sabbour Compound price

The prices given in the compound are appealing to all customers, especially when contrasted to the vast number of equipment and services available, which ensures that residents may live in the most magnificent flats at the lowest cost possible.

The prices of the units change in such a way that it sparks a buying and selling frenzy and attracts a huge number of clients. The following is an explanation of the minimum total price of its various units:

  • Apartments cost between 1 million and 800,000 EGP.
  • 4 million and 400,000 EGP for Townhouse Corner.
  • Townhouse with other specifications: 3 million and 900,000 EGP.
  • 5 million and 400,000 pounds for the twin house.
  • Independent villas: 7 million and 500,000 EGP

Payment methods in Keeva Sabbour Compound

When purchasing a unit inside the project, you will not be required to pay millions of pounds in one go, but you will be able to benefit from extensive payback terms of up to ten years, as well as the ability to pick the most acceptable payment method for your financial circumstances.

In Keeva Sabbour Compound, there are three payment ways from which the consumer may pick (depending on their preferences). These methods are:

  • Pay a down payment of no more than 5% of the total cost of the unit being sold, then pay the remainder in 8-year payments with no interest.
  • Pay a down payment of no more than 8% of the total cost of the unit you're purchasing, then pay the remainder in 9-year payments with no interest.
  • Pay a down payment of no more than 10% of the entire assessed cost of the purchased unit, then pay the remainder in 10-year payments with no interest.

Owning company and previous business

Because Al Ahly Sabbour Company for Development, a leader in the real estate development sector, owns Keeva Sabbour Compound Project, it was expected that the compound would dazzle all customers with its sophistication and luxury, as it is a major joint-stock company that has been in operation since 1994, indicating that it has a lot of experience.

The company's name indicates that it is a partnership between two entities: the National Bank, which is one of Egypt's and the Middle East's most well-known banks and owns 40% of the company's share, and Engineer Hussein Sabbour, the company's CEO, who owns 60% of the company's share.

The project is one of the company's most recent, but it has previously completed a number of other projects that are known for their elegance and refinement, including: