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Sun Capital 6 October Compound - 67 Properties for sale


Sun Capital Compound October Gardens

Sun Capital Compound, often known as the Tourist Capital, is one of the most exclusive closed residential compounds in the Sixth of October City. It offers several features that may make it the first and best choice for a huge proportion of individuals seeking superior homes with a breathtaking view of Egypt's most famous tourist destination, the Giza Pyramids.

The location of Sun Capital 6 October Compound

The compound is located near the entrance of Al-Wahat Road, in the October Gardens region. This region has several appealing characteristics, including the Mall of Egypt, Dream Park, and Magic Land, which are all key entertainment and service destinations.

This region is also noted for having some of the best residential complexes on the 6th of October City level. Just a few minutes from Sun Capital 6 October Compound headquarters, we find the Dreamland Compound, the trees, Palm Hills, Mountain View iCity, and the Spanish and Italian communities.

It is also surrounded by a number of major highways, including the Fayoum Road, the Ring Road, the 26th of July Corridor, and the Cairo/Alexandria Desert Road, which serve as a link between the governorates of the Republic and different directions inside Cairo.

Furthermore, the International School of Choueifat, Zewail University, Misr University, Al Safwa Hospital, Dar Al Fouad Hospital, and Dreamland Hospital are among the many educational and health facilities available in that region, all of which are of the greatest quality and sophistication.

The Grand Egyptian Museum, the Pyramids of Giza, the Shooting Square, Giza City, Sphinx International Airport, and the Zamalek Club are just a few of the prominent tourist attractions on this site.

Sun Capital 6 October Compound space

The compound was executed on a vast region with a huge number of residential units of various sizes and types, with a total area of around 550 acres.

This property has been thoughtfully split into twin homes, freestanding villas, and duplexes, with each unit surrounded by a sufficient amount of greenery and attractive water features, offering a spectacular view and a high level of seclusion.

It's worth mentioning that the great majority of the complex's interior space has been dedicated to implementing service areas, green spaces, gardens, and parks, ensuring that the compound is ecologically friendly, has a healthy atmosphere, and is free of all causes of pollution.

The compound is split into numerous stages, the most current of which is Sun Capital Malkata Residence, which contains a huge number of residential units with various divisions and spaces of apartments, duplexes, villas, and townhouses to meet all requirements and goals.

Sun Capital Compound's Units Space

The residential units for sale inside the property range in size from 144 square meters for ground-floor apartments to 123 square meters for homes with a private garden.

Penthouses or high-rise residences with a wonderful view of enormous green spaces start at 170 square meters in size.

The compound has townhomes starting at 261 square meters.

Sun Capital 6 October Compound services 

Sun Capital 6 October Compound was designed as an integrated service residential complex that offers the finest levels of comfort and luxury to its inhabitants, including the following amenities:-

  • Within the property, there is an integrated commercial area with a number of businesses selling a variety of goods and services.
  • There is also a medical facility that offers all specialties of medical treatment, as well as a network of clinics and pharmacies that are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • There are international and language schools at all levels in the compound, so educational services are not neglected.
  • There's also a sports and social club on a vast property with a variety of playgrounds, as well as a health club and spa, and gyms with cutting-edge sports equipment.
  • The extensive green spaces are strewn around the complex to offer delight and beautiful views, as well as act as a gathering spot for family and friends to picnic and enjoy the natural surroundings.
  • Due to the diversity of their locations, as well as the gorgeous artificial lakes, there are several swimming pools spread around the compound to give additional beauty to the compound space and provide a source of enjoyment for adults and children.
  • There are routes dedicated to walking, cycling, and jogging, as well as extensive open spaces, for outdoor sports enthusiasts.
  • The Fairmont Hotel, the Holiday Inn Hotel, and the Intercontinental Hotel are among the hotels inside the compound that give 5-star service to guests and those desiring to visit the Pyramids of Giza and experience a distinguished tourist trip in Egypt.
  • Within the compound, there is also a service area with a number of cafés and restaurants that offer a range of alternatives to suit all preferences, and this area is distinguished by its view of gardens, water bodies, and extremely attractive visual views within the property.
  • For the cars of the compound's inhabitants and guests, there is also protected, private, and covered parking.
  • The whole compound is protected by cutting-edge security equipment and video cameras that monitor all areas of the compound, as well as the guarding shifts.
  • The owner company also performs periodic maintenance on all of the compound's amenities, as well as providing maintenance for the problems of the owned units through a team of the most competent and efficient craftsmen.

Sun Capital Compound Prices

The compound's prices are in line with the standard of living and services provided, as the compound is the preferred destination for those seeking a luxurious and prestigious lifestyle. However, the price per square meter in the compound is determined by a number of factors, including the unit's location, type of finishes, space, and payment method.

Apartments in the compound start at 2,100,000 EGP for apartments with private gardens.

The cost of a townhouse unit starts at 5,407,000 Egyptian pounds.

Knowing that the apartments are handed to their owners after two years of contracting and that the majority of the flats for sale within the property come with a private garden of varying proportions.

The following systems are used to pay Sun Capital Compound prices:-

Pay 10% of the unit price upfront and the remainder in equal payments over 13 years, interest-free.

Pay 10% of the unit price upfront and the rest in equal payments over 9 years, interest-free.

Information about the owner company and their previous business

The Arabia Holding Company for Investment and Real Estate Development, owned by Eng. Tarek Shoukry implemented Sun Capital Compound October Gardens project. It is one of the companies with weight and stature in the field of architecture in Egypt, having a long history and sales in this field and having completed a number of projects. There has been a slew of successful projects in Egypt that have raised the bar for residential complexes.

For the implementation of its initiatives, the company follows its own vision. It is always on the lookout for the most up-to-date development standards used in the world's most prominent residential cities in order to deliver a reasonable and respectable level of life for its consumers. Other than Sun Capital 6 October Compound, earlier works given by an Arab company to the Egyptian market include:-

Moon Valley Compound New Cairo.

Galleria Moon Valley Compound, Fifth Settlement.

Bengloos Village North Coast