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Palm Hills October Compound - 72 Properties for sale


Learn about the details of Palm Hills October Compound

Palm Hills 6 October is a huge and luxurious residential complex whose residents enjoy luxury and seclusion due to its excellent location away from the noise and activity of the city. With its outstanding services and various amenities, the compound offers you a resort life in the heart of the 6th of October. Living in the compound realizes all of your and your family's ambitions for a safe, stable existence full of luxury, where you live in apartments with the most up-to-date international designs at affordable costs.

Location of Palm Hills October Compound

In the heart of the 6th of October City, in an extraordinary and unrivaled position, an integrated project with services and amenities has been created. The following are the most appealing qualities of the lovely location:

  • Palm Hills Compound is conveniently placed on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.
  • It is next to the Al Jazira Sports Club, which is a natural extension of the inhabitants of the property.
  • The compound's address is in front of Sheikh Zayed City.

Palm Hills October Compound space

Palm Hills Compound is one of the largest projects in the area, with a total area of 494 acres, or 2 million square meters. Because of the distance between residential buildings and the boundary between them with green spaces and gardens that create a distinct perspective, there is no place for overpopulation or overcrowding, and all apartments enjoy total solitude.

The project's landscaping, green spaces, and services take up the majority of the space, while the buildings are few in number and comprise a small percentage of the overall surface.

The compound, on October 6, has a collection of residential units that allows everyone to pick according to their preferences, including apartments and duplexes adjacent to a garden, twin houses, and townhouses, as well as private villas.

Many spaces for units starting at 150 square meters and up to roughly 250 square meters, as well as units up to 300 square meters, are also available in the compound.

There are apartments for sale in the compound of all sizes and internal divisions when it comes to residential units and their internal divisions.

There is also a second villa with many floors for sale on October 6th.

In addition to the townhouse villas attached to a small garden, in addition to the twin houses that have been designed in a way that allows it to be divided between more than one client.

Palm Hills 6 October Compound services and features

The services offered by the firm that owns the compound project on October 6th cannot be counted since it was interested in supplying and creating an integrated residential community that exceeded expectations, and the following are the most essential services in the compound:

  • Each unit has a unique view of the gorgeous scenery.
  • There are water fountains and crystal lakes that add to the compound's charm and beauty.
  • There are several swimming pools available in a range of sizes and styles to accommodate both adults and children.
  • Residents may maintain their health by using the spacious gym and spa, both of which are equipped with sophisticated technology.
  • There are several cafés and pubs that provide inhabitants with cool, refreshing, and warm projects as well as unique sessions.
  • There are opulent restaurants that serve oriental and western cuisine with impeccable service.
  • There are several sports fields on the property.
  • An integrated golf resort is located within the compound.
  • Areas dedicated to children's play.
  • A big, high-end clubhouse with a variety of leisure amenities.
  • On October 6th, there is a Palm Hills Club that provides a variety of leisure and sporting activities.
  • A huge garage is included in the compound for secure parking.
  • Barbecue and family party areas are scattered across the gardens.
  • International School is a high-quality educational institution that caters to students of all levels.
  • Outside on the grounds, there are designated areas to sit and relax.
  • Residents may shop in the commercial zones, which feature a variety of shops and stores where they can purchase the most prestigious worldwide brands.
  • All units have elegant and sophisticated architectural designs.
  • Because the property is mainly reliant on solar energy, it is an environmentally beneficial technology.

Palm Hills 6 October Compound prices and payment systems

All of the services available in the compound can be obtained at very reasonable prices when compared to the benefits that the customer receives, as there are apartments for sale in Palm Hills October at discounted prices when compared to the prices available in this area and in competing projects.

The price of a unit varies depending on its size, location, and kind, with the following pricing indicators:

  • Apartments in the compound are on the market for sale in October, with an average price of over 4 million EGP.
  • The compound has villas for sale in October, with prices starting at over 9 million Egyptian pounds.

In terms of compensation and payment methods, the company has proposed a variety of options to allow each customer to select the method that best suits his financial ability and purchasing power, including a deposit of 10% of the total unit price and the remainder paid in equal installments over a period of up to 7 years.

The company also offers Palm Hills 6 October flats for sale with the benefit of delivering housing units within three years of contracting before the customer pays the complete unit price.

The owner company and its previous work

Palm Hills 6th of October Compound is a huge project of Palm Hills Real Estate Development, one of Egypt's leading real estate businesses.

Palm Hills is a well-known brand because of its trustworthiness and devotion to meeting delivery deadlines and keeping all commitments, as well as adhering to all international quality standards in the execution of its projects.

Since 2005, the company has been in operation in collaboration with Al-Mansour and El-Maghraby Investment and Development. It has a lot of experience and has put in a lot of effort. It presented numerous successful initiatives throughout these years, and as a result, it became one of the largest firms in Egypt and the Arab world, with branches in other countries.

The company was listed on both the Egyptian and London stock exchanges, and it grew its business and had a string of triumphs by offering beautiful residential complexes with integrated facilities and services.

As part of its varied portfolio of projects spanning administrative, commercial, residential, and resorts, the business has constructed 26 projects totaling more than 27 million square meters. The most important of these projects are as follows: