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Mountain View Giza Plateau Compound - 47 Properties for sale


Mountain View Giza Plateau Location

The 6th of October City is situated on the Giza plateau, boasting an unparalleled strategic location due to its proximity to some of the most prominent modern urban projects. Major companies, including Mountain View, carefully select their locations. Mountain View Giza Plateau compound is located at a tactical point that facilitates easy access to main roads and key axes in the area, enhancing its strategic and investment value.

Places Near Mountain View Giza Plateau

  • Mountain View Giza Plateau city is located just 18 kilometers from the heart of Cairo, making it quick and easy to reach.
  • This city enjoys a distinctive strategic location near the Ring Road and Mehwar Road, enhancing ease of travel to and from it.
  • Also, the distance between the compound and the Alexandria Desert Road is estimated at just a few minutes, providing quick access to main roads.
  • Traveling from Mountain View Giza Plateau to Mall of Arabia and Juhayna Square takes no more than 5 minutes, making it a suitable place to purchase your daily needs with ease.
  • The Pyramids can be reached from Mountain View Giza Plateau in about 15 minutes, making it an ideal choice for history and culture enthusiasts.
  • Mall of Egypt and Al-Wahat Road are only 10 minutes away, ensuring easy access to shopping and entertainment areas.
  • From its location in Mountain View Giza Plateau 6th of October, downtown can be reached within 30 minutes, providing an ideal balance between tranquility and vibrancy.
  • For those interested in being close to Mohandessin and Dokki, they can be reached from the Giza Plateau 6 October location in about 15 minutes, allowing access to the services and facilities of both areas.

Services of Mountain View Giza Plateau Compound

Mountain View company ensures an exceptional experience full of luxury and comfort for its customers in the Giza Plateau project, offering a diverse range of facilities and services designed to enrich your daily life and meet all your requirements. These facilities include:

  • The project contains large parking areas, facilitating parking and movement.
  • The place includes a cinema showing a selected variety of Arab and international films.
  • The compound includes a luxury club offering various recreational activities for all ages.
  • Residents have the opportunity to join the sports club equipped with facilities for practicing various sports.
  • There is a dedicated area for restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy the most delicious dishes and drinks.
  • The project offers places prepared for hosting events and conferences, allowing for multiple activities.
  • There is a commercial area that includes a wide range of stores and international brands.
  • Continuous power supply is guaranteed through automatic electric generators in case of power outages.
  • Special tracks are available for walking, running, and cycling enthusiasts, ensuring an enjoyable sports experience.
  • The company is keen to provide comprehensive educational services including schools and nurseries near universities.
  • Advanced medical services and pharmacies stocked with all necessary medicines can be accessed.
  • There is a social club that serves as a place for gathering and engaging in activities in an atmosphere of familiarity and fun.
  • Other features include areas dedicated to picnicking and barbecuing, making every moment special.
  • Mountain View company offers competitive prices that take into account the high value of its services according to the areas and characteristics of residential units, making it the best choice for the elite of society.

Unit Prices Inside Mountain View Giza Plateau October

Mountain View company, known for its excellence in real estate, now offers diverse pricing packages suitable for upscale social classes, standing out with unparalleled competitive prices. These prices provide unique opportunities for residence within the Giza Plateau area of Mountain View, with luxurious services and features for a complete life.

The cost of residential units varies according to their area and the privileges each unit contains, highlighting exclusive opportunities to acquire the best option that aligns with your desires and needs.

  • An i-villa with an area of 260 square meters and a roof of 95 square meters is available starting from 4 million Egyptian pounds.
  • An i-villa with an area of 274 square meters and a roof of 100 square meters starts from 4.5 million Egyptian pounds.
  • As for those with a larger area, 302 square meters plus a private garden extending to 116 square meters, prices start from 5.8 million Egyptian pounds.

Payment and Installment Systems in Mountain View Giza Plateau

Mountain View company has announced the launch of an innovative and flexible payment plan to enable buyers to acquire their residential units comfortably. The first plan requires an initial payment of 30% of the unit's value, and then the remaining value is distributed over five years in equal installments without any added interest. The second plan offers an option that allows for a 15% down payment, followed by a second payment of the same percentage after three months, and then the remaining amount is also divided over five years.

Real Estate Developer for Mountain View Giza Plateau 6 October Compound

Mountain View Real Estate Development Company is a prominent landmark in the construction and development industry in Egypt. This company has a rich record of distinguished residential and tourist projects that stand out on the ground. Mountain View applies international construction standards in its work, giving its projects an indelible European character, ensuring that the company meets all its customers' needs with the highest levels of luxury and comfort.

The company prides itself on offering a group of Mountain View compounds that capture attention and are considered the pinnacle of the company's urban projects.

  • Mountain View North Coast.
  • Mountain View iCity New Cairo.
  • Mountain View Chill Out Park 6 October.
  • Helio Park Mountain View Fifth Settlement.
  • Mountain View Hyde Park Fifth Settlement.
  • Mountain View iCity October.
  • Mountain View Ain Sokhna.

Choose Luxury and Comfort with 6th of October City!

The 6th of October City shines with its modern design that meets the needs of contemporary life with a mix of elegance and multiple functions. This city is classified as a primary destination for those wishing to live within a sophisticated and integrated framework, where charming nature is enhanced by vast green spaces, lush gardens, and clear lakes, opening doors for residents to relax and rejuvenate in the city's embrace.

The city is rich with a wide range of vital facilities that include world-class educational institutions and luxurious residential neighborhoods featuring villas with modern designs, ensuring the provision of all basic and advanced services to its residents. Moreover, the city is bustling with healthcare centers equipped with the best medical equipment and shopping centers that include high-end brands, in addition to diverse entertainment such as sports fields and clubs that offer activities for all categories.

Economically, the 6th of October City is considered an important pole attracting industrial and technological investments, creating diverse job opportunities and supporting the development of the area. This city represents a symbol of luxurious and advanced life in Egypt, where elements of luxury, safety, and tranquility come together, making it the ideal destination for those seeking a unique living experience in a context that combines excellence and comfort.