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Mountain View Chillout Park Compound - 83 Properties for sale


Everything you need to know about Mountain View Chillout Park 6th October Compound

Mountain View Chill Out Park project is one of Mountain View Development Company's real estate achievements in the 6th of October City, and it is the best choice for many customers and investors, due to the availability of various services in it, whether basic or recreational, that bring customers pleasure and joy, in addition to its other advantages, such as location, unique design, varying spaces, reasonable prices, and payment facilities.

The location of Mountain View Chillout Park Compound

Mountain View Development Company is known for securing key locations in order to implement its residential projects, increasing demand for units there, whether by customers seeking a decent life free of the crowd and noise other cities, or by investors seeking material gains, and the location of Mountain View Chillout Compound is characterized by the following:

  • The compound is located in the center of the 6th of October City.
  • It is the link between the Bolivar Axis and Porto October Compound.
  • The property sits in the heart of the city on the 6th of October.
  • It connects the Bolivar Axis to the Porto October Compound.
  • A short distance from Misr University for Science and Technology, as well as Nile University, takes only a few minutes.
  • It is within walking distance of several of the city's most popular nightlife venues on October 6th, including the Shooting Club, the Mall of Egypt, and the Mall of Arabia.
  • It is close to a number of reputable hospitals, including Al Zohour Hospital and Dar Al Fouad Hospital.
  • It takes about ten minutes to walk from the compound to the famous Novotel hotel.
  • It's close to high-end housing developments like Porto Cairo October and Garden Heights.
  • Mountain View Chill Out Park October Compound is close to several large malls and hypermarkets, including Dandy Mall and Carrefour, for shopaholics.
  • It is near some important highways that make getting about it easy and quick since it overlooks the ring road and is only a quarter of an hour away from Fayoum.
  • The client can walk from the compound to the well-known Juhayna Square or the 26th of July Corridor in approximately seven minutes.

Mountain View Chill Out Park 6th of October space

The owner firm has given a significant area of 216 acres to build the compound and provide services in it, as it is well known that the size of any residential project is one of the criteria that determines its success and the reasons for the increasing demand for it by investors and customers.

The majority of the space in Mountain View Chill Out October was used to create green spaces and gardens, as well as various water bodies ranging from swimming pools to artificial lakes, as well as basic and complementary service facilities, all with the goal of satisfying customers and providing comfort and luxury.

While just 1900 units were used to offer residential buildings and diverse units, limited space was used to provide them, Due to the rise in the spaces separating one unit from the other, it is a modest number that contributed to providing privacy for the residents.

Mountain View Chillout Park Units Spaces

One of the project's benefits is that the housing units come in a variety of styles (apartments, villas, palaces, penthouses, and twin houses), allowing customers to choose what suits them best based on their personal preferences, as well as the diversity of spaces, which allows them to select the most appropriate space based on their financial resources and the number of family members. The following are the available spaces:

  • Spaces in penthouses start at 165 square meters.
  • In Mountain View Chill Out Park Compound, there are also villas for sale starting at 279 square meters.
  • The sizes of the villas range from 158 to 280 square meters.
  • The twin houses have a total space of 278 square meters.
  • The townhouse is 200 square meters in size.
  • The sizes of the chillout villas range from 280 square meters to 530 square meters.
  • Finally, there are the palaces, which have huge expanses starting at 627 square meters.

Mountain View Chill Out Park Project Services

Diversified and comprehensive services are also important factors for residential project success, as the customer is always looking to own a housing unit within an integrated project that has a closed city that provides them with their needs so that they do not have to leave the compound to search for the stuff that they want, which is what Mountain View Chill Out Park 6 October achieves, the most notable of which are the following:

  • There is a central garden located on a large area of ​​about 60 acres.
  • The owner company did not forget about the young children inside the property, so it created a wide space designated for recreational sports appropriate for young children, which was protected to assure their safety.
  • A large commercial area with a significant number of stores offering a wide range of items and carrying well-known commercial brands on a local and worldwide scale.
  • There is a big area in Mountain View Chillout Park property dedicated to practicing yoga in a peaceful setting suited for relaxation.
  • A unique jacuzzi area and a modern spa equipped with high quality are among the leisure amenities available inside the complex.
  • There is a huge beautifully built swimming pool where you can swim.
  • Long sports tracks, about 20 km in length, as well as cycling paths away from car tracks
  • There is a huge lake with a picturesque view in the ChillOut Park compound, where memorial photos may be shot, as well as a great spot for meditation and enjoyment.
  • Residents only have access to a large car garage.
  • There are several cafés that provide different types of drinks, as well as restaurants that serve a variety of cuisines.
  • A strong security system is in place, with highly-trained security officers stationed throughout the area and at the compound's entrances and exits, as well as surveillance cameras strategically placed throughout the compound to watch events in real-time.
  • There is a collection of waterfalls where the water flows in a lovely and appealing manner.
  • Covered swimming pools provide ladies with some privacy.
  • Theaters for watching movies.
  • Beauty salons featuring the most up-to-date technology and cosmetics.
  • There are emergency firefighting units within the mall.
  • There are health services, which are medical centers with outstanding medical staff and well-trained nursing staff.

Prices for Mountain View Chillout Park Compound

The pricing of the residential units inside the complex are among the most reasonable in 6th of October City, as the price per square meter is extremely appropriate for the various categories and segments of consumers, and the prices are as follows:

  • The costs of townhouses begin at 3 million and 650,000 EGP, while the prices of twin homes begin at 7 million and 505,000 and 283 EGP, respectively.
  • The prices of villas for sale at Mountain View Chill Out Park begin at 5 million and 500,000 EGP.
  • A Chillout villa costs between 7 million and 200,000 EGP
  • The rates for distinguished penthouses begin at 2,585,271 EGP.
  • Finally, the costs of the palaces within the property total roughly 16 million 648,000 and 456 Egyptian pounds.

Payment Methods

Mountain View Real Estate provides unparalleled facilities for paying the price of residential units within the compound, with payment systems that vary so that each client can choose the appropriate system for them based on their capabilities, so that they are not burdened with additional financial burdens, the systems are as follows:

  • The first system involves paying a reservation and contract provider 5% of the entire price, followed by a second payment of 5% upon receipt, with the remaining amount paid in fixed-value monthly payments over an eight-year period.

  • The second payment system in Mountain View Chillout Park Compound is a 5% reservation advance payment of the entire amount, 5% upon reception of the unit, and 5% after a year has elapsed from the date of payment of the contract, provided that the payment is made. The remaining amount is paid in monthly payments over a nine-year period.

Owning company and previous business

Mountain View Real Estate Development Company, also known as Dar Al Mimar, is the owner of the chillout park project on 6 October City. Dar Al Mimar is a leading company that collaborates with senior engineers and designers of various nationalities, which has contributed to its success on both the local and global levels.

The company has produced enormous accomplishments and large real estate projects, which are summarised in four residential compounds on October 6th, five residential compounds in New Cairo, two tourist villages in Ain Sokhna, and two tourist resorts on the North Coast. These projects' names are as follows: