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Kenz Compound 6 October - 49 Properties for sale


Learn about Kenz Compound 6 October, pricing and payment systems, and available spaces.

It's not just another residential property; it's a hidden gem in the heart of October Gardens, delivered by First Group Real Estate and featuring incredible architectural designs and high-end services. Kenz Compound 6 October and Its occupants enjoy luxury, security, and safety since their dreams are realized right in front of their eyes. The compound transports you and your family away from the rush and activity of everyday life to a new existence filled with innovative concepts and luxurious amenities.

Kenz October compound location

Kenz Compound 6 October project's owner has picked a privileged site in the center of 6th of October City, where there is elegance and quiet, and its location has the following advantages:

  • Fayoum Road is only a short distance away.
  • El Remaya Square is approximately a 10-minute away from the property.
  • It is conveniently located near bridges, axes, and major highways, including the Ring Road, the 26th of July Corridor, and Al-Wahat Road.
  • The Media Production City is only a short distance away.
  • A vital location behind Zewail University of Science and Technology.
  • The lively Juhayna Square is about 15 minutes distant from the location.
  • The compound is near other high-end developments such as Dream Land, Ashgar Neighborhood, and Genovia Compound.
  • A unique position near shopping malls and entertainment venues like the Mall of Egypt and the Mall of Arabia.

The spaces of Kenz Compound 6 October

Kenz Gardens October Giza Compound is one of the largest and most important projects on the Sixth of October, having been constructed on a 30-acre area.

This space has been expertly divided between residential units and buildings, which received the smallest share of the space (approximately 25%), and green spaces, landscaping, gardens, and service facilities, which received the largest share (approximately 75%), ensuring that all residents enjoy privacy, luxury, and views of the scenic landscapes.

The project is divided into four sections and comprises 58 residential structures with simple and attractive modern architecture, each having a ground level and five repeating stories.

There are a variety of unit choices inside the compound to fit the desires and interests of all consumers, including apartments with vast areas and duplexes, as well as penthouse flats.

The sizes of the rooms range from 145 square meters to over 291 square meters. In the compound, there are apartments for sale with little spaces starting at around 105 square meters and large spaces up to about 291 square meters.

Features and services of Kenz Compound 6 October

The recreational service facilities and integrated infrastructure of Kenz Compound 6 October provide a stable and comfortable environment for its residents, with the following services being the most important:

  • Wide green areas, relaxing gardens, and unique water fountains provide psychological comfort.
  • Swimming pools for all ages, including covered pools for women.
  • There is a designated parking area.
  • Club House provides a wide range of leisure opportunities.
  • A prestigious group of local and international restaurants and cafés that provide delectable cuisine.
  • A large commercial area with shops and businesses selling the newest worldwide brands of items.
  • A massive commercial center with a floor space of 12,000 square meters.
  • The social club is enormous, covering a whole acre, and provides inhabitants with a variety of sports and entertainment options.
  • A gym and a huge gymnasium with contemporary equipment are available.
  • A separate section dedicated to children's entertainment.
  • Tennis and squash courts are available.
  • Solar energy is used to light the roadways of the property.
  • To offer seclusion and security, Kenz Compound 6 October is surrounded by a huge concrete wall.
  • The residents' entry and leave processes are safe thanks to three automated gates.
  • Elevators in the residential buildings are modern and efficient.
  • There are dedicated walking, exercising, and cycling pathways that are safe and free of traffic.
  • To create an exquisite style, the inside roadways are completed with interlock tiles and asphalt.
  • To avoid overcrowding on the streets, the buildings include safe parking garages.
  • Guarding and security services of the highest level are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Modern security cameras provide the highest level of accuracy at all times of the day and night.
  • With sensitive emergency alarms, an intelligent automated fire extinguishing system is installed.
  • Locations for family social affairs.
  • A huge mosque is located within the compound.
  • The pharmacy, medical center, and treatment services are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • A nursery where children may look after them and learn new skills.

Kenz Compound 6 October prices and payment systems

Kenz Compound 6 October provides a variety of services aimed at providing the greatest levels of comfort and elegance to its inhabitants, while its costs are also unique, starting at 12,000 EGP per square meter.

The pricing of the units varies depending on the size of the units. The following are their indicators:

  • Apartments ranging in size from 110 square meters to 265 square meters are available for sale in the compound, with prices ranging between 1 million 308 and 700 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • Apartments with a garden with a surface size of 147 square meters are available in the compound for between 1 million and 412 and 600,000 EGP.

The firm has revealed the easiest and simplest payment methods, which take into account the variety of options available to satisfy the needs of all clients, as follows:

  • Payment systems for the first, second and third stages

The customer pays a 15% down payment when they sign the contract, then pays another 5% after three months, another 5% after six months, and finally pays 75%, or 32%, in quarterly installments, with the first amount due after eight months and a payment duration of up to eight years.

  • Payment of the prices of the fourth stage

The customer pays a 15% down payment when they sign the contract, then another 10%, and the remaining 75% is paid in installments over the next three months.

Knowing that the compounds units would be delivered according to the following dates:

  • The units of the first stage are delivered immediately.
  • Within a year after contracting, the second phase units will be delivered.
  • Within two years, Phase III units will be supplied.

A 15% downpayment is required for the immediate delivery option offered for units bigger than 200 square meters, with the remainder paid in five-year payments.

It's worth noting that the maintenance fee is 5% of the overall unit price and that the rates include the club's membership fee.

The owner company and its previous work

Kenz Gardens 6th of October Compound is one of the significant projects owned by First Group Development, which places a premium on precision and adhering to international quality standards in all of its operations.

First, they prioritize client pleasure and enjoyment by offering the most luxury apartments with the most stunning architectural designs, as well as all facilities and services on time, instilling trust in its consumers.

In terms of its body of work, it contains a number of highly successful initiatives, the most notable of which are:

  • Lazord Compound in Sheikh Zayed City.
  • New Garden City Compound in Sheikh Zayed City.
  • Gardens project in 6th of October City.
  • It has projects and plans in the works, including a tourist resort in the Ras El Hekma region on the North Coast, as well as another resort in Ain Sukhna.

It is a treasure compound, which is located in the greatest spot on the Sixth of October and includes a lot of basic and recreational services that are incomparable, in addition to its current developments, which are being worked on in full swing to finish all of their phases.