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La Capital East New Capital - 34 Properties for sale


Location of La Capital Compound New Administrative Capital

Pyramids Development and Real Estate Investment Company has launched its new project, La Capital East Compound, in the heart of the Administrative Capital, within sector R7 in area N2, which is considered the intersection of vital roads and activities in the city. This location is distinguished by its proximity to a group of essential facilities and services that ensure the comfort and luxury of residents.

The compound's location has been chosen to facilitate access to key points such as the exhibition grounds and the diplomatic quarter, which enhances its value.

It is also located next to the British University, making it easily accessible. In addition, it is close to the financial and business district and the presidential palace, making it a point of attraction for investors and those seeking luxury and security.

The Almasa Hotel is just steps away, along with its ideal location that provides easy access to the regional ring road and the monorail train station, which contributes to facilitating the movement of residents and visitors.

The compound is also uniquely located on three main streets, each 90 meters wide, and is close to Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque and the Opera House, in addition to its proximity to the southern Mohammed bin Zayed axis.

This distinguished development offers an unparalleled opportunity for residence and investment in one of the most vibrant and prestigious areas in the New Administrative Capital, and a guarantee of an unparalleled lifestyle with its global options and facilities.

Services and Features of La Capital Compound the Administrative Capital

In La Capital residential complex in the New Administrative Capital, Pyramids Real Estate meets the aspirations of residents by providing a sophisticated and integrated living environment that stimulates fruitful investment.

  • The services include a rich set of facilities that enrich residents' lives, eliminating the need to leave the complex for daily or recreational needs, and provide a safe and stimulating environment for all its residents.
  • The extended green spaces and landscapes ensure a calm and healthy atmosphere, while restaurants and cafes offer a diverse menu of luxurious foods and drinks.
  • The compound provides swimming enthusiasts with different designs of pools suitable for all ages and tastes, and artificial lakes and fountains add a magical touch to the place.
  • The infrastructure of La Capital complex is completed with comprehensive sports facilities including playgrounds and gyms equipped with the latest equipment, in addition to a commercial mall that embraces global brands and provides multiple services.
  • For added security, the complex features an intensive security system and surveillance cameras that operate around the clock.
  • The complex is also equipped with electric elevators to ensure easy movement between different floors, and services also include safe areas for children to play and places for relaxation and leisure amidst the beautiful nature.
  • Cleaning and housekeeping services are also available to enhance the comfort of residents and provide a special atmosphere that reflects attention to the finest details.

The sense of exclusivity and luxury is evident in every corner of La Capital complex, making it a unique destination for those looking for an investment with added value or for those who want an unparalleled living experience in the heart of the new capital.

Prices of La Capital East Compound New Administrative Capital

In the heart of the Administrative Capital, La Capital East compound offers an unparalleled opportunity for quiet living in a sophisticated environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Prices within the compound are competitive and suitable for those wishing to own luxurious housing, as the area includes all basic facilities in addition to recreational areas and international clubs.

The cost of units within the compound ranges between 18,000 pounds per square meter and 25,000 pounds. Pyramids, the project developer, has offered several diverse payment options to suit different needs and budgets:

- Possibility of paying a 5% down payment and then another 5% after three months, with the remainder to be paid over 8 years.
- Or pay a 10% down payment and installments for the remainder over 10 years.

There are also multiple payment plans that offer attractive returns:

- By paying a 30% down payment and installments after receiving the unit, with a 12% return on the down payment until the delivery date.
- Option to pay 35% down payment, and start repayment after delivery with a guaranteed 13% return.
- For those who prefer a larger down payment, there is a 40% down payment option with a 14% return until the time of delivery.

The real estate developer confirms its commitment to deliver the units three years after contracting, making the investment opportunity here credible and of high value for the future.

Real Estate Developer of La Capital Project the Administrative Capital

The La Capital East project for the New Administrative Capital stands out as a unique addition in the journey of Pyramids Company, which enjoys a prestigious position in the real estate development market. This company is a leader in creating advanced urban environments and transforming tourist sites and hotels into distinctive landmarks within Egypt.

In addition to its specialization in the medical sector, Pyramids Company has left its mark in residential development in the 6th of October area, where it established 12 villas and 33 residential buildings that combine luxury and contemporary design.

Previous Works of Pyramids Company

Pyramids Real Estate Development Company has implemented a wide range of distinguished projects in France, most notably:

  • Renovating and updating the Holiday Inn hotel chain, which enhances its quality and level of services provided.
  • Carrying out structural updates and improvements in the Louvre Museum, which ensures the continuity of its ancient heritage.
  • Developing and modifying the infrastructure of the French Parliament to keep pace with modernity and contemporary developments.

In Egypt, Pyramids Real Estate Development did not hesitate to make major transformations through:

  • Establishing Paris Mall and Paris East Mall in the Administrative Capital.
  • Developing La Capital Mall and La Capital Compound in the same area.
  • Champs-Élysées Mall and Grand Square Mall.
  • Launching the Lake Studios project in the New Capital.
  • Completing high-end residential projects in the heart of 6th of October, along with expanding the infrastructure of roads and hospitals.

This wide and diverse range of projects confirms Pyramids Real Estate Development Company's commitment to innovation and achieving the highest quality standards around the world.

Place Your Investment in the New Administrative Capital: Your Key to a World of Profits and Development!

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt represents an important and unique axis for investment, combining advanced infrastructure and intensive government support, creating an ideal investment environment that promises a bright future. This city provides investors with an exceptional, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enter a market characterized by rapid growth and stability, while enjoying benefits such as tax exemptions and full logistical support.

The capital is considered an important base for stimulating economic activity by diversifying investment opportunities in the technology industry, advanced infrastructure, finance and education sectors, ensuring profitable returns for investors. The focus on industrial and service sectors also creates a large number of job opportunities, supports incomes and strengthens the country's economy in a sustainable manner.

The capital also provides a gateway to innovation and advanced technology, and enhances opportunities for achieving sustainable development and self-sufficiency. This city is an ideal launching point for major projects and new innovations, and attracts international investments to enhance foreign economic relations and increase Egypt's economic attractiveness globally.

Therefore, investors should seize this golden opportunity to enhance their investment portfolios in an environment that combines continuous growth and strong government support, opening wide horizons for development and profit in this distinguished investment center.