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The K Sahl Hasheesh - 10 Properties for sale


Location of The K Resort

  • The K Resort, located in Sahl Hasheesh, boasts a stunning strategic location 18 kilometers south of Hurghada, the enchanting coastal city. This resort is one of the largest full-service resorts on the Red Sea shores, offering an exceptional experience to its visitors.
  • The resort is situated close to vital landmarks such as Aquarium Grand Hurghada, Makadi Bay complex, Premier Le Reve Hotel, and is also easily accessible via Safaga Road.
  • The resort is extremely close to Hurghada International Airport, which can be reached in a short car ride of only about 15 minutes.
  • The resort is situated on a picturesque beach within the Sahl Hasheesh area, famous for its natural beauty and diverse recreational activities, making it an unparalleled destination for those seeking a unique experience amidst captivating nature.

Services at The K Resort Sahl Hasheesh: A Luxurious Masterpiece in the World of Opulence

  • Artificial Lake:
    Explore the beauty of the artificial lake that combines stunning appearance with a serene atmosphere, enhancing the aesthetics of the place.
  • Diverse Swimming Pools:
    Experience the joy of diving in swimming pools designed to suit all tastes and ages, and enjoy ideal conditions for recreation.
  • Children's Private Beach Area:
    Secure a chance for your children to play and have fun in a protected beach area specially designed for them, equipped with all safety measures.
  • Kids Club:
    Let your children enjoy a club of their own, with educational and entertaining activities that contribute to their happy and active upbringing.
  • Modern Residential Units:
    Relax in our residential units equipped with the latest technologies, from air conditioning to advanced security systems for your comfort and protection.
  • Advanced Communication Services:
    Stay constantly connected thanks to the effective communication services we provide during your stay.
  • Designated Parking:
    Benefit from the availability of comfortable and secure parking spaces that facilitate your movement within the resort.
  • Shopping Corridors:
    Take a special shopping tour inside the resort where many options are available to satisfy all your needs.
  • Main Club (Clubhouse):
    Enjoy a unique experience in our main club that provides a sophisticated environment for entertainment and relaxation.

Prices and Payment Methods for The K Resort Sahl Hasheesh by Project

Discover your opportunity to own a unit in The K Resort, where prices range from 5 million to 10 million Egyptian pounds, providing diverse options to suit your needs. The price per square meter has been set at 70,000 Egyptian pounds, confirming the high value and distinction of the property.

In addition, the company offers an easy payment plan that includes the possibility of installments over seven years without the need for a down payment, making this an opportunity not to be missed to be at the forefront of investing in luxury real estate.

About the Developer and Its Previous Progate

Progate for Development is a pioneer in the real estate field, with over a decade of experience, under the leadership of Engineer Mohab Safwat and Deputy Ahmed Abaza. The company excels in executing The K Sahl Hasheesh project, and its prominent projects also extend to multiple areas such as:

  • Zavani in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Centro Egypt Mall in front of the American University.
  • More than 152 buildings in Shorouk and New Cairo.

Progate's ownership of four subsidiary companies specializing in construction and finishing enables it to deliver its projects with high efficiency and ensure quality and commitment to deadlines, which enhances customer confidence and testifies to the company's credibility and excellence in precise execution and unique design.

The most important information about Hurghada Hurghada City

Hurghada forms the pearl of the Red Sea in the land of Egypt, where it shines with its unique splendor and captivating charm. This coastal area, which boasts soft white sand beaches and clear blue waters, targets visitors from all over the world.

The coral reefs in Hurghada are among the most beautiful natural landmarks that the city is famous for, captivating the eyes with their enchanting beauty and amazing biodiversity. These reefs are considered an ideal playground for underwater exploration enthusiasts, who seek to discover the richness and elegance of marine life, which gives Hurghada a distinctive position as a main destination for diving and water sports lovers.

Its features are not limited to its natural beauty alone, but it also embraces historical and cultural sites such as Hurghada Castle and ancient ruins in the Sea City, giving visitors the opportunity to explore and understand the history and culture of the region. Hurghada offers diverse accommodation options ranging from hotels to luxury resorts that blend Arab hospitality with modern designs, with captivating views where the sea meets the sky in all its splendor.

Hurghada is rich in charming natural treasures and deep historical heritage, along with a rich culture that provides visitors with exceptional experiences that appeal to all senses. This unique mixture makes it an essential and indispensable point in the journey of exploring Egyptian wonders.