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El Masyaf North Coast - 26 Properties for sale


Location of El Masyaf Village North Coast

El Masyaf resort on the North Coast enjoys a unique geographical location on Egypt's northern coast, situated near the beautiful Ras El Hikma Bay at kilometer 211 on the Alexandria-Matrouh road.

This location is distinguished by its proximity to several vital points, making it an ideal starting point for easy access to neighboring areas.

  • The resort is only 75 kilometers from Marsa Matrouh city.
  • It is about 60 kilometers from El Alamein International Airport, providing easy access for visitors coming from various places.
  • Also, the location is about 50 kilometers from Dabaa city, enhancing these close distances for a unique experience for anyone seeking relaxation and recreation.
  • Another advantage is the resort's proximity to the new Fouka road, which can be reached within 8 minutes by car, adding more comfort for travelers.
  • Additionally, it takes approximately 8 minutes to reach the nearby Fouka city.
  • The resort also benefits from its proximity to El Alamein towers and Marina area, which is about 90 kilometers away.

Services and Facilities of El Masyaf North Coast Project

The coastal village developed by the company is a unique experience that ensures all your needs are met effortlessly, including essential and recreational facilities that harmonize to create a vibrant and fun environment alongside advanced health services and more, all available within the geographical space of the village.

Among the distinguished services provided:

- A collection of vast green spaces surrounding the entire resort.
- A variety of swimming pools with designs suitable for all ages.
- "Crystal Lagoons," a touch of excellence within this coastal oasis.
- A tight security system operating around the clock with trained teams to ensure safety.
- A spacious social club that hosts family and social events and gatherings.
- A clubhouse that includes entertainment services for all tastes.
- An integrated play area for children ensuring an active and fun time in a safe environment.
- A gym equipped with the latest global equipment.
- A five-star hotel with direct sea views.
- Multiple sports fields covering all the needs of sports enthusiasts.
- Health clubs providing services such as gym, spa, and jacuzzi.
- A comprehensive commercial area including a large shopping center with the finest global brands.
- Restaurants and cafes offering a wide variety of international foods and beverages.
- A comprehensive mall for all favorite products and global brands.
- A downtown with modern and elegant designs.
- An aqua park and a variety of water games for exceptional fun.
- A large hypermarket meeting all your daily requirements.
- Marina facilities equipped for fishing enthusiasts and yacht owners.

Prices at El Masyaf North Coast

The company responsible for developing El Masyaf North Coast resort has worked on setting prices that are commensurate with the high quality of services provided, where these prices have been designed to meet various needs and tastes.

In this resort, a variety of residential units are offered at different prices, each suitable for the type of unit and its location.

  • In the project, the price per square meter starts from 50,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • For chalets, prices start from 65,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter.
  • Regarding apartments, the price per meter starts from 70,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • As for townhouses, the price per meter starts from 80,500 Egyptian pounds, and for twin houses, the price starts from 95,500 Egyptian pounds per square meter, while villas come at a price starting from 115,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter.
  • The price of apartments ranges from 11 million Egyptian pounds, while twin house prices start from about 14.5 million Egyptian pounds, and villas start from about 17.9 million pounds. It's important to note that these prices are subject to change due to market factors.

This pricing approach reflects the company's commitment to providing multiple options that can meet different customer expectations while maintaining a high level of quality and luxury expected by residents of El Masyaf North Coast resort.

Booking and Payment Systems at El Masyaf North Coast Resort

The developing company of El Masyaf beach project offers convenient payment options ensuring you own your residential unit with comfort and ease. The company presents attractive terms for you to become owners in simple steps:

- You can start by paying only 10% of the unit value, with the possibility of installments for the rest over 8 years.
- There is also an option to pay 15% as a down payment and installments for the remainder over 7 years.
The company provides this unique opportunity to achieve your desire to own the ideal getaway place with easy installments, making the purchase process more attractive and easier.

The Developing Company of El Masyaf North Coast Project

M2 Real Estate Company, established in 1980, is distinguished by its extensive experience and diversity of successful projects in various sectors such as real estate, agriculture, industry, food, in addition to natural gas and oil. Its contribution to the development of New Cairo was a starting point for achieving more success and excellence on the Egyptian scene.

The company has notable achievements including:

  • Trio Gardens Compound in New Cairo.
  • M Square Compound in New Cairo.
  • Ashgar Darna Compound in Maadi.

Why Choose the North Coast?

The Egyptian North Coast forms a unique attraction point for tourists, characterized by its breathtaking natural scenery and geographical diversity that targets everyone looking for beauty and comfort. This beautiful area is an important destination for those seeking high relaxation and leisure on its golden beaches that extend far beyond sight.

At the forefront of this area's features, elegant resorts shine as a major attraction for visitors, offering refined hotel services on private beaches with white sand, and providing all aspects of luxury and comfort that visitors might need.

As for the North Coast beaches, they enjoy captivating natural beauty with their silver sands and clear blue waters, making them the ideal place for sun lovers and sailing in enchanting natural sceneries.

Regarding recreational activities, the North Coast offers multiple options that meet different tastes and desires from diving depths to explore underwater life to the pleasure of surfing amidst delightful nature, making it an ideal place for adventure and exploration.

The North Coast is an excellent combination of natural beauty, advanced recreational facilities, and exceptional hotel services, thus becoming an indispensable destination for anyone aspiring to spend an enjoyable time combining relaxation and contemplation of nature's splendor.