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Capital Dream New Capital - 10 Properties for sale


Location of Capital Dream Compound New Administrative Capital

  • The compound is located in area R8, plot H2, in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, adjacent to the diplomatic quarter, making it a central point that allows easy access to key locations and vital areas such as downtown and the Presidential Palace.
  • The residential units in this project enjoy stunning views of the Green River, the largest global garden, which adds an atmosphere of tranquility and beauty, in addition to captivating views of sparkling artificial lakes and vast green spaces.
  • The compound's location is distinguished by its proximity to important facilities such as the Capital Airport, Egypt Mosque, and the Cathedral, which enhances the importance of residing in it for anyone looking for a mix of luxury and excellence in the heart of the New Administrative Capital.

Capital Dream Services

In the heart of the Administrative Capital, Capital Dream Compound rises as a vibrant oasis that combines modern design with integrated services. This complex creates a unique environment that meets the needs of individuals and families, where luxury and safety come together in every corner.

  • The first feature is the children's area, which is filled with recreational games that develop their skills and provide them with enjoyable times in a safe environment.
  • The available nursery cares for young children with an advanced educational style and a qualified educational team.
  • The restaurants and cafes in the compound offer delightful international flavors, run by professional chefs who understand the desires of connoisseurs, providing an exceptional dining experience.
  • Luxury is equally important in the sports complex, which includes advanced equipment and a team of distinguished trainers to help you maintain your physical fitness.
  • Capital Dream Social Club enhances social communication between residents by organizing recreational activities suitable for all ages.
  • In addition to the multiple sports clubs that provide spaces for playing games such as football, tennis, and squash.
  • The compound also includes various swimming pools suitable for all ages and provides an enjoyable and comfortable experience, in addition to spa, sauna, and jacuzzi that offer an opportunity to relax.
  • For outdoor sports enthusiasts, there are special tracks for running and cycling away from car roads to ensure your safety, and there are private garages that provide security for cars.
  • Security is present around the clock with an advanced monitoring system that ensures the safety of residents and provides a sense of reassurance to everyone who lives in this complex.

Unit Prices in Capital Dream Compound

In this residential complex, units are available with areas ranging from 120 square meters to 450 square meters, and prices start from 50 thousand Egyptian pounds per square meter.

Prices and Payment Systems in Capital Dream Administrative Capital

Property prices start from 6 million Egyptian pounds, and customers are welcomed with a comfortable financing opportunity that includes paying only 10% as a down payment with the possibility of installments for the remainder over 6 years.

The units are available semi-finished to allow you the opportunity to add your own touch to the interior decor, while the villas come with comprehensive finishes that combine interior luxury and exterior elegance, and all units will be delivered within four years.

About the developer of Capital Dream Compound New Administrative Capital

Al Tameer Company was established in 1954 and became one of the most prominent pioneers in the field of real estate development in Egypt. This company manages and develops projects with exceptional skill, combining the Dream Association for Housing of Electricity Police General Administration Officers as the owner, and Al Tameer Real Estate Company as a development partner.
Through a track record of achievements, the company has delivered a number of successful integrated residential projects in several Egyptian cities, gaining extensive experience in real estate investment and development.
Capital Dream Compound is Al Tameer Company's first project in the Administrative Capital, and it is considered an architectural masterpiece added to its diverse portfolio. To ensure quality and innovation in all its projects, the company includes a group of distinguished consultants and engineers who work hard to achieve the highest levels of perfection.

The company's most important projects:

  • Le Rois Compound.
  • Oberoi Hotel in Aswan and Palestine Hotel.
  • Azad Views Compound and Azad Compound in Fifth Settlement.
  • Rivan Compound in the Administrative Capital.
  • Le Meridien Hotel in Cairo.

Take Your Step Towards Success: Your Investment in the Administrative Capital is a Steady Step Towards the Future!

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt forms a prominent landmark for renaissance and creativity, as it has been prepared to be a leading center that opens horizons for progress and contemporary civilization. This spot has begun to attract the attention of the world and investors alike, highlighting its potential as a hub for major and rewarding investments.

This capital is characterized by its structure that harmonizes with the spirit of the age, aiming to be a harmonious society that meets the needs of modern life in all its manifestations, from luxurious housing, wide commercial centers, valuable job opportunities, to world-class recreational facilities.

The capital is an exceptional project that opens horizons for a bright future for investors looking for sophistication and intelligence in investment. This area provides high-end residential towers that touch the sky, commercial buildings designed to suit the requirements of advanced businesses, as well as major commercial areas that include centers and hotels that rival their global counterparts in luxury. It also offers educational facilities that elevate the level of education at all stages.

In the heart of Egypt, the New Administrative Capital stands as an attractive oasis for investment and upscale living, carving the features of a brighter future. This area embraces innovation and technological progress, which enhances its position as a point of attraction for business and economic events not only at the local level but also internationally.

With its careful planning and future aspirations, the New Administrative Capital offers opportunities for development and growth, granting everyone who takes advantage of its potential the opportunity to achieve their goals and ambitions.