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Haptown Hassan Allam - 56 Properties for sale


Enjoy luxury in Haptown Mostakbal City Compound

Hap Town project is known for its sophistication and unique designs, as it is one of the largest residential investment projects in the country. It offers a wide range of units to suit all customers' needs and desires, all at affordable prices, with payment options and flexible payment systems to ensure that customers are not put under financial strain.

Haptown Project Designs

In addition to the project's distinguished location in Mostakbal City, which is the link between the Administrative Capital, New Cairo, and Madinaty, causing it to relish something of calm and privacy away from the noise and crowding of other cities, the company that owns the project was keen to follow high-end designs comparable to modern designs in Europe, which achieves a kind of luxury for the residents,

Haptown Compound location

The developer of Haptown Mostakbal City project, Hassan Allam Company, was keen to choose a prominent and important location in Mostkbal City, the Fifth Settlement, in order to fully implement it with luxurious designs that match the international architectural style, as it contains independent villas and distinct apartments.

Cooperating with major engineering firms to optimally implement the project's designs, transforming it into a high-end residential complex suitable for the community's elite, as it did with CallisonRTKL to implement the apartments' designs in a distinctive manner, and with Alchemy company to implement the villas' designs.

Haptown Mostkbal City project space

The owner company has set aside a huge area of 243 acres for the construction of the whole Haptown Hassan Allam compound in Mostakbal City, New Cairo, with a variety of housing units of various sizes to accommodate all clients, as well as privacy-enhancing features.

There are 7.5 square kilometers of panels that have been paved and prepared for walking and cycling, as well as 176 square meters of elevation, in addition to the project area.

Hassan Allam compound's wide space in Mostakbal City helped in the development of all service amenities that fulfill the demands of the people, including the following:

  • There is an integrated complex with all services.

  • Stamina, an international club, is located within the compound.

  • There is a large commercial area with a total area of 24 thousand square meters, which offers a variety of retail establishments as well as the option of peaceful eating inside the ground-floor promenade.

  • On the top levels, 49,000 square meters were used to offer commercial and administrative apartments.

  • The lavish project's design is visible in the tracks that have been provided for various types of running, walking, and cycling.

Spaces of the residential units in the compound

The project is distinguished by the existence of several types of housing units in various spaces, as follows:

  • The spaces of the standalone apartments start from 115 square meters.

  • The spaces of the duplexes are 280 square meters

  • The townhouses begin with 234 square meters of living space.

Available services in Haptown Mostakbal City

The new Hassan Allam project offers a wide range of services and integrated advantages, as well as customer support after the sale, to provide comfort and luxury for all family members, including:

  • In the property, there is a large commercial complex that houses all of the items and goods that are associated with well-known international brands.

  • A vast number of supermarkets and businesses operate on retail sales to fulfill the population's everyday requirements.

  • There are a lot of pharmacies that provide health services around the clock in a contemporary system in order to provide a high degree of service to the people.

  • Maintenance of all types is also provided within Haptown Hassan Allam maintenance facility.

  • To ensure the safety of its residents, the firm has been committed to offering a high-level guard system and security staff inside the compound and in the surrounding area throughout the day.

  • Throughout the day, a huge number of security cameras equipped with state-of-the-art technology were distributed to cover all areas of the property, both inside and out.

  • Protection devices are provided, which function with modern technical approaches when necessary.

  • Residents can park their cars in a variety of garages.

  • The company also didn't forget about the residents' leisure needs, which are served by a big sports club with all of the latest sports equipment.

  • There are separate amusement sections for children, which are equipped with a variety of age-appropriate activities and are completely safe and secure.

  • In addition to a number of additional public swimming pools that are ideal for everyone from ladies, men, and even children of all ages, the independent villas include a number of private swimming pools that provide solitude and luxury for the owners.

  • Due to the abundance of huge natural spaces and lovely gardens filled with grass and flowers, there is no pollution inside the property.

  • A large social club has been built that allows people to participate in a variety of activities, both athletic and recreational, as well as sit with family and friends in a comfortable environment.

  • Large water bodies, such as beautiful waterfalls and artificial lakes with breathtaking views, are available.

  • The company was eager to construct a huge mosque where people could pray.

  • A collection of high-end cafés and restaurants that serve a wide range of delectable foods and beverages.

  • In terms of medical services, the project includes a medical facility that will provide high-quality health care in all specialties.

  • There is a luxurious spa with a Jacuzzi, as well as a fully equipped gym.

The prices of the residential units inside of Haptown Hassan Allam compound

Despite the project's many services and benefits, the compound's executing company was very keen to provide the opportunity to obtain a unique housing unit at very reasonable and not at all competitive prices, so that it is suitable for all segments of customers and according to their financial capabilities, whether simple or high.

As the cost per square meter varies depending on the type of housing unit.

Knowing that the company offers a variety of housing units of different kinds and sizes to meet the needs of all clients, as well as the option of finishing the unit from the inside according to the customer's preferences and financial resources.

All of this is on top of the various amenities and convenient payment options that come with owning a luxury apartment in Haptown Mostakbal City. The following are the payment options:

  • The payment system is that the consumer pays a reservation and contract advance of 5% of the total price of the unit to be purchased at the outset.
  • After three months, the second down payment, which is 10% of the unit value, is paid.

  • The remaining balance is paid in monthly payments over a 7 year period.

  • Hassan Allam Mostakbal City project's owner is dedicated to providing all housing units to all clients on the agreed-upon date and in the contract, which requires reception within 4 years of the contract's date.

The company that owns Haptown compound

Hassan Allam Company is one of the major real estate firms in the Arab Republic of Egypt, having developed Haptown project in one of New Cairo's most prominent locations. It has been able to undertake a significant number of successful real estate projects that have gained global acclaim because of its considerable experience and well-organized approach that spans many years.

The company was founded in 1936, and at that time it had several local expansions that helped it achieve great profits and considerably increase its capital in the real estate investment industry.

It also carried out some foreign expansions, which included the majority of Arab nations, establishing it as one of the top businesses in the industry capable of competing fairly with other big corporations.

Hassan Allam's projects are recognized for their quality and innovative designs that draw consumers' confidence, and the business has implemented a lot of prior projects with remarkable success. The following are the most important of these projects:

  • Internally, the firm has completed several projects in the Arab Republic of Egypt, including New Cairo, the New Administrative Capital, and a number of coastal communities, including the Swan Lake project, Little Venice, Park View, and the Seasons project.

  • On a global scale, the business has built a number of successful ventures throughout Africa, including Libya and Sudan.

  • It has also created projects throughout Asia, including Kuwait, Iraq, and the United Arab Emirates.