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Coast 82 North Coast - 12 Properties for sale


Coast 82 North Coast Location

Coast 82 village enjoys a strategic location in the heart of the North Coast, situated next to the charming Ras El Hikma Bay. This unique location makes it a focal point among vital areas and prominent landmarks.

  • The village is located on the desert road connecting Alexandria and Matrouh at kilometer 208, making it easily accessible from various directions.
  • Additionally, it is about 230 kilometers away from the capital Cairo, making it an ideal refuge for those seeking relaxation away from the city's hustle and bustle.
  • Also, the village is about 98 kilometers from the Sidi Abdel Rahman area, and 20 kilometers from the Dabaa Road, giving it the advantage of proximity to important roads and neighboring areas.
  • Coast 82 is adjacent to some of the most prominent projects and tourist villages such as Hacienda and Caesar, making it an ideal destination for tourism and recreation.

This unique location and proximity to infrastructure and tourist areas make it an unmissable opportunity for anyone looking for an exceptional coastal experience in an atmosphere of privacy and tranquility.

Services and Facilities of Coast 82 North Coast Village

In Coast 82 village on the North Coast, you'll find a wide range of facilities that make life more luxurious and you don't need to leave this place; everything is available with high quality. Some of the most prominent facilities include:

- A large shopping center in the heart of the village featuring the most famous global brands to meet the needs of all residents.
- Artificial lakes spread throughout the resort adding a special beauty.
- Green spaces forming 70% of the total area with dedicated cycling paths.
- Quiet corners for meditation and relaxation sessions in the gardens attached to each unit.
- Banking institutions and commercial establishments serving the village.
- Medical centers operating around the clock.
- Equipped parking areas and a maintenance center for cars.
- A water area for entertainment featuring the latest water games.
- A sports club with multiple facilities for tennis, football, handball, and basketball, in addition to squash facilities and Olympic swimming pools.
- A dedicated area for children's games featuring the latest equipment.
- Cinemas showing recent Arabic and international films.
- Restaurants and cafes with diverse cuisines and tastes spread throughout the village.
- Five international hotels known for their excellent services and distinguished reception.
- 24/7 security and protection with modern monitoring technologies.
- Fitness centers equipped with the best machines.
- Open-air theaters for enjoying artistic performances.
- A health resort offering services such as spa, jacuzzi, and sauna.

Prices of Coast 82 North Coast Village

In Coast 82 village on the North Coast, you'll find a wide variety of residential units that meet all needs and tastes, thanks to modern designs and excellent facilities that make life more luxurious.

The available units vary between apartments, chalets, and independent villas with private gardens, each at competitive prices suitable for different categories.

  • Apartment sizes start from 107 square meters, with prices ranging from 1.4 million to 1.9 million Egyptian pounds, providing multiple options for elegant and comfortable living.
  • As for chalets, they are an exceptional opportunity to own a distinctive property on the beach, with prices starting from 2.6 million up to 3.5 million Egyptian pounds.
  • For those seeking privacy and luxury, there are independent villas with private gardens, with prices starting from 3 million Egyptian pounds.

These amazing prices make Coast 82 an ideal destination for those seeking luxury and tranquility in the heart of the North Coast, suitable for your budget and personal preferences.

Payment and Installment Systems in Coast 82 North Coast Village

Book your unit now with a small down payment starting from just 5% of the total value, and benefit from the possibility of distributing the remaining payments over eight years.

The Developer Company of the Project

Hyde Park Real Estate Development Company is known as one of the leading real estate pioneers in the Middle East, and was established in 2007, adding many huge projects to its record. The company specializes in creating integrated residential communities that provide sophisticated and comfortable living experiences, where meeting the special needs of customers is its top priority. This continuous commitment to quality puts it at the forefront of real estate development companies in Egypt.

Some of Hyde Park's most prominent works

  • Tawny Hyde Park project in 6th of October City.
  • Hyde Park project in New Cairo City.
  • Business District project.
  • Hyde Out project.

Your Investment in the North Coast: Your Opportunity for Profit and Growth in the Heart of Modern Egypt!

The Egyptian northern coasts extending along the Mediterranean Sea are an attractive element for investors, thanks to their ideal location and the wide economic options they offer. The current government trend indicates enhancing the potential of this region through improving infrastructure and focusing on sustainable development, which confirms expectations of achieving continuous growth and important development in the coming years.

This coastal stretch, which includes cities, residential areas, and resorts, stands out with its stunning natural scenery and cultural and tourist diversity. The ease of access from the capital makes it an ideal destination for local and foreign investments, especially those close to major economic centers.

The Egyptian government prioritizes the development of this region, with plans to add new facilities such as a port and an international airport, which will enhance the coast's position as a major point for trade and tourism. It is also making efforts to promote this coast as a luxurious and diverse tourist destination, which enhances its investment attractiveness.

As for the available opportunities, they include real estate development thanks to the availability of land at reasonable prices and large areas ideal for establishing various residential and commercial projects. The increasing demand for properties close to beaches and excellent services makes it an attractive investment option, whether for housing or rental.

Therefore, the North Coast attracts investors' attention as a unique and promising investment opportunity in the Egyptian economy, offering them possibilities to achieve good financial returns and enhance the value of their investment portfolio in the long term.