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Zaha Park New Capital - 65 Properties for sale


Location of Zaha Park Mall at the New Administrative Capital

Zaha Park Mall enjoys a unique location in the heart of the MU-23 commercial district at the New Administrative Capital, adding to its investment value by offering an ideal mix of business, entertainment, and security while ensuring the comfort of its visitors. The mall serves residents of the R2 and R3 areas and is located on plot e15, giving it an additional advantage due to its proximity to several vital points.

Considering its surrounding infrastructure, Zaha Park Mall is close to the Hope Axis, a vital road connecting the area to the Suez Road and Ain Sokhna, making it easily and quickly accessible. The project is also not far from the New Administrative Capital International Airport, which can be reached in approximately half an hour, and is about a quarter of an hour away from the Fifth Settlement, facilitating travel to and from the mall.

Additionally, the location is close to vital centers such as the Government District, the Business and Finance District, the Green River, the Embassies District, and the Sports City, as well as nearby shopping centers like Aurora Mall and Marvel Mall. These nearby facilities make Zaha Park an ideal destination for visitors seeking excellence and comfort.

Facilities and Services of Zaha Park Project

The unique Zaha complex offers a wide range of distinguished services and facilities for its visitors, where excellence and innovation come together in providing services to customers. The facilities in this complex include:

- An upscale bowling center, the first of its kind in the area, designed by the renowned American brand AMF.
- An artificial lake with a sandy beach, the first in the area, lending the place an atmosphere of beauty and tranquility with its vast green spaces spanning up to 1,200 square meters.
- A dancing fountain incorporating the latest technical advancements, presenting captivating water shows that add a special charm to the place.
- Dedicated terraces for residential units, allowing residents to enjoy moments of relaxation and leisure, in addition to their access to a service roof and comfortable lounge areas for employees.
- Underground parking facilities, providing convenience and security for visitors' vehicles.
- A dedicated children's entertainment area, ensuring a fun and safe time for kids.
- A diverse selection of cafes, restaurants, bakeries, as well as a food court and cinemas, providing visitors with a comprehensive entertainment experience.
- Varied commercial facilities, including a gold market, pharmacies, banks, and radiology labs, making everything visitors might need readily available.
- An advanced security system, ensuring the safety and security of visitors around the clock, along with electronic entry gates, alarm systems, and fire-fighting systems.

All of this makes the Zaha complex a unique destination that offers every imaginable luxury and entertainment under one roof, while ensuring the highest levels of safety and comfort for visitors.

Prices at Zaha Park Mall in the New Administrative Capital

At Zaha Park complex, prices are set in a way that suits investment in a diverse range of projects, while ensuring the availability of multiple investment options to meet the needs of different investors. Each type of unit, whether commercial, medical clinics, or administrative offices, has been allocated a price range based on the size and location of the unit.

- Commercial units are distinguished by prices starting from 6,314,000 Egyptian pounds for units with an area of 41 square meters, while prices in the food court section reach 9,086,000 Egyptian pounds for units with an area of 59 square meters.
- Medical clinics are available at competitive prices starting from 2,244,000 Egyptian pounds for units with an area of 34 square meters.
- As for administrative offices, their prices start from 2,904,000 Egyptian pounds for spaces of around 44 square meters.

This variety in prices reflects Zaha Park's efforts to meet the needs and requirements of investors across different types of businesses, ensuring the best possible utilization of their investment units.

Booking Systems at Zaha Park Mall in the New Administrative Capital

Hometown Company has introduced a set of facilitated plans for owning units and commercial shops within the Zaha Park Mall project, aiming to make prices accessible to various investment segments. Through this initiative, the company seeks to open the door for a broader base of investors to join the building and development revolution in the New Administrative Capital by offering the following options:

- The first payment plan: It allows investors to pay 5% of the unit's price as an initial payment, then installment the remaining amount over 8 years.
- The second payment option: The investor pays 10% of the total value of the unit as a down payment and benefits from installments for the remaining amount over 8 years, with a 10% discount.
- The third payment method: The investor is required to pay 15% upfront for the unit, and the remaining amount is installmented over up to 9 years, with a 15% discount applied.
- The fourth and final system: Here, the investor pays 20% as an initial payment of the unit's value, and the remaining amount is distributed over 5 years.

These strategies aim to make investing in Zaha Park Mall accessible and attractive to a wide segment of investors, thereby enhancing opportunities for growth and development in this vital project.

Hometown Company, the Founder of Zaha Park Mall

At the heart of the New Administrative Capital, a new investment initiative called Zaha Park emerges, the fruit of the efforts of Hometown Real Estate Company, one of the most prominent companies in the field of real estate development within Egypt. The company boasts extensive experience, during which it has been able to establish and develop a diverse range of prominent and massive real estate projects scattered across various locations with high investment value.

Hometown has been renowned for its consistent diligence in carefully selecting locations for its projects, enhancing the success opportunities of these projects and ensuring wide appeal from those interested in investing or residing. Within the Zaha Park project, Engineer Hussein Sabour, with his extensive experience and distinguished track record in the world of real estate development, assumed the role of engineering consultant. Zaha Park thus bears the stamp of creativity and excellence, emerging as one of the valuable investment projects in the New Administrative Capital.

Among Hometown Real Estate Company's previous projects, we find a diversity that includes Lafayette Mall and Youdora Mall within the New Administrative Capital, in addition to developing a mini-compound in Bait Al-Watan in the Fifth Settlement, and Narges Residence. The company has also excelled in establishing various residential projects in New Cairo and the heart of the Fifth Settlement, adding a wide range of options to its real estate portfolio that cater to different needs and preferences.

Why Choose Malls in the New Administrative Capital?

The shopping malls located in the New Administrative Capital have become a meeting point for visitors and investors from various regions in Egypt, owing to their unique and modern designs that elevate the shopping experience to new levels of comfort and excellence. They stand out with their prime location at the center of the emerging economic and commercial hub, making them a destination for entertainment and shopping.

These places are teeming with stores offering international and local brands, enriching the visitor experience by providing everything they might need under one roof, from clothing and electronics to jewelry and gifts. The pleasure is not limited to shopping alone; it extends to savoring delicious dishes in restaurants and cafes that cater to the tastes of all visitors.

Moreover, these malls serve as premier entertainment hubs, housing cinemas, gaming centers, and theaters, in addition to hosting diverse events, making them the ideal place to enjoy unforgettable moments with friends and family.

With amenities such as spacious parking lots, children's play areas, and dedicated facilities for people with special needs, these malls emerge as the perfect destination for all family members.

Visiting these commercial centers in the New Administrative Capital offers an exceptional experience characterized by attractive atmospheres, sophisticated design, and high-quality services, making them a symbol of appeal and a driver for economic and commercial growth in Egypt.