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Ivory Plaza New Capital - 43 Properties for sale


Location of Ivory Plaza Project

The Ivory Plaza commercial complex enjoys an exceptional location within the heart of the New Administrative Capital, specifically in the MU23 area that lies between two main residential areas, R3 and R2. This unique location makes the complex a point of attraction for visitors and residents alike, serving more than 30,000 residential units with a stunning view of the Hope Axis, and easy access to main roads and key landmarks in the capital.

Visitors to the Ivory Plaza complex benefit from its close proximity to several important facilities and landmarks, including the Sports City and the Olympic Village, in addition to the exhibition grounds which are among the attractive points in the area. Also, its prime location near the monorail station facilitates moving around and reaching various parts of the Administrative Capital. Being close to vital attractions such as the Green River and the Iconic Tower, in addition to its proximity to major shopping centers such as ATC Mall and Opal Mall, makes the complex an ideal destination for residents and visitors looking for a unique and enjoyable shopping experience.

Services of Mall Ivory Plaza New Capital

Mall Ivory Plaza is one of the most prominent commercial centers in the New Administrative Capital, extending over an area of 4,000 square meters, which provides a unique and comprehensive experience for visitors and investors alike. This mall specializes in providing a wide range of services and facilities that meet all needs.

One of the most important things the mall provides for its visitors is the gym equipped with the latest sports equipment that helps maintain physical fitness, in addition to the sauna which is a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. For those wishing to hold business meetings and conferences, the mall provides halls equipped with the latest technologies that enhance the productivity and effectiveness of these meetings.

The project is also distinguished by providing an attractive sky lounge and business center, making it an ideal place for work and innovation. Moreover, the management and operation of the mall has been assigned to companies with great experience, to ensure the best services for visitors.

It is also worth mentioning that the mall is equipped with a central air conditioning system and fast Wi-Fi, secured with the latest technologies to ensure safety and security for all visitors. In order to preserve the environment, the mall uses clean solar energy, reflecting the concern for sustainability.

The green spaces and water features add an atmosphere of tranquility and beauty to the place, while the large garage provides ease of movement and parking. For families, there is a dedicated children's area that ensures their entertainment in complete safety. The rooftop pool is an ideal place for rest and relaxation. To ensure organization and order, the mall includes a special storage area that helps make the most of the space.

With all these advantages, Mall Ivory Plaza New Administrative Capital is the ideal place for shopping, working, and entertainment, where it combines the luxury of design and the comprehensiveness of services.

Prices of Ivory Plaza New Administrative Capital

Tamayoz Real Estate Investment Company offers a unique investment opportunity that will not be repeated in the Ivory Plaza project in the New Administrative Capital. The project enjoys a strategic location that serves more than 30,000 residential units, making it a center of attraction for investors and residents alike, and its unique design ensures turnout and success for everyone who wants to invest there. Starting prices in this project come from 1,860,000 Egyptian pounds, and the price details are as follows:

- The commercial units available on the ground floor are offered at a price starting from 155,000 Egyptian pounds per meter.
- For those interested in the first floor, the price per meter starts from 65,650 Egyptian pounds.
- While a commercial unit on the second floor can be obtained at a price ranging between 66,000 and 72,800 Egyptian pounds per meter.
- Administrative and medical units are also available at competitive prices starting from 46,500 Egyptian pounds per meter.
- It is worth noting that all prices include complete finishes and air conditioning.

This opportunity offers you high quality and distinctive design at competitive prices, making Ivory Plaza an ideal investment destination in the heart of the New Administrative Capital.

Available Installment Systems in Ivory Plaza Project

Tamayoz Real Estate Investment launched the "Ivory Plaza" project in the New Capital, showing the start of work on it, and this step is considered a confirmation of the project's peculiarity; because it obtained a building permit that distinguishes it from others in the designated MU23 area. In addition to its competitive prices and the unique advantages it offers, the mall provides affordable payment and installment options that are considered valuable investment opportunities. Those wishing to purchase units can do so with a flexible installment system according to the following options:

- With a down payment estimated at only 10% of the total value, and a delivery payment of 10%, the remaining amount can be paid in installments over a period of up to 6 years.
- For those able to pay a 15% down payment and a 10% delivery payment, they can pay the rest in installments over 7 years in equal installments.
- With the possibility of paying 20% in advance and a 10% delivery payment, it becomes possible to pay the remaining value in installments over 8 years without any interest.
- 8% of the total value of the unit must be paid for maintenance.
- The date of delivery of the units will be in 2024.
- The entire commercial sector will be managed by MRB.

With regard to rental and mandatory leasing options, you can pay 30% as a down payment and pay the rest in installments over 4 years to benefit from:
- A two-year lease contract with a monthly return of 250 pounds per square meter in administrative offices and clinics.
- A mandatory lease contract for a period of 30 months with a monthly return of 300 pounds per square meter for commercial stores on the first floor.
- And also a mandatory lease contract for a period of 30 months with a monthly return that doubles to 600 pounds per square meter for commercial stores on the ground floor.

Explore the experience of a modern, renewable life: Luxury and distinguished services in the New Administrative Capital!

The New Administrative Capital is a living example of progress in creating urbanized environments with integrated services, efficiently combining the latest technologies and elements of modern life to suit the needs of its residents and those coming to it from various places. Its goal is to create a community that guarantees its members a high-end life that achieves luxury and happiness for them.

The capital is characterized by an advanced transportation network, ensuring easy access to various vital areas within it, whether via roads equipped with modern technology or public transportation such as buses and the metro, which provides easy and comfortable mobility for residents.

In addition, the capital pays great attention to promoting the health and fitness of its residents by establishing various sports and recreational facilities such as clubs, swimming pools and playgrounds, in addition to lush gardens and parks that contribute to improving the level of daily life.

In terms of health services, the capital stands out by providing distinguished health care, included in its hospitals equipped with the latest medical equipment and technology, as well as various specialized clinics and pharmacies that are keen to respond to all the therapeutic needs of the population.

The experience within the capital extends to include cultural and entertainment dimensions, as it allows its residents and visitors to enjoy their time in shopping centers, cinemas, museums and art galleries that provide a cultural and social richness that meets everyone's inclinations and interests.

The New Administrative Capital thus formulates a contemporary concept of the ideal city, which is not limited to urbanization and technology only, but includes providing a unique lifestyle that combines originality and the requirements of the times, making it a focus of attention for those wishing for high-end stability or looking for promising investment opportunities.