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Zavani New Capital - 50 Properties for sale


Discover the benefits of buying a unit at Zavani New Capital Compound.

Zavani New Capital Compound is a huge residential project that was implemented in the most prestigious residential neighborhoods within the Administrative Capital by Progate Development Company, which made every effort to implement it in the best way, so it made it an integrated project similar to the city that achieves self-sufficiency for its residents, in terms of The availability of services that meet their diverse desires, without forcing them to go elsewhere to search for anything whatsoever, in addition to other services, such as the strategic location, the wonderful design, and the unbeatable prices of the project.

The location of Zavani New Capital Compound

The location is one of the most important factors that the owner company was keen to achieve within the compound, as it is well aware that a prominent geographical location assists in the success of any residential project and attracts the attention of customers and investors, which it has done, as evidenced by the following:

  • Zavani Compound  New Capital is located on plot E1 in the seventh district R7, which is one of the most prestigious residential communities in the Administrative Capital.
  • Next to it, there are a group of distinguished residential projects, including The Loft New Capital, and The Capital Way Compound.
  • The compound is close to many vital places that increase its importance, such as the embassies complex, the land of the sun, and the land of traffic.

Zavani New Capital Compound space

  • It was given a huge area by the executing business, allowing for large areas of landscapes and beautiful gardens, as well as water bodies and comprehensive services.
  • Zavani New Capital Project covers around 33 acres, with 80% of that area dedicated to landscaping and scenic green spaces and the remaining 20% devoted to residential facilities.
  • As a result of the good design that made the distances between the residential buildings large, the project achieves a great deal of privacy for the residents, as the space between each building ranges from a minimum of 30 square meters to a maximum of 80 square meters.
  • The residents are provided with 2 electric elevators in each residential structure within the enclosure. It's worth noting that these structures have three-story buildings with three apartments on each floor, as well as four-story buildings with four units.

Space of Zavani New Capital Compound unit

The project is divided into four phases, with housing units of various kinds and sizes, as well as a variety of places, to allow inhabitants to choose what is suited for their living conditions and the total number of people.

Loft apartments, flats with their own garden, penthouses with roofs, and duplexes are among the options. The following are the available spaces:

  • There are also high-end penthouse condos available, with sizes ranging from 179 square meters to 366 square meters.
  • Zavani Compound New Capital has apartments for sale ranging in size from 106 square meters to 282 square meters.

Zavani New Capital Compound services and amenities

It can be argued that the project is integrated and does not lack any service that inhabitants and their families may require, as all basic and recreational services are also offered within it, resulting in customer well-being and joy, the most notable of which are:

  • There are two entrance gates to the compound, one of which is directly in front of the embassy district.
  • Security services are provided at a high standard, with security officers distributed around the compound and a huge number of modern surveillance cameras.
  • For added security, Zavani New Capital Compound is surrounded by a three-meter-high wall, despite the fact that the closest residential building to the barrier is roughly eighteen square meters distant.
  • There is a spacious clubhouse with a four-acre area that is well-prepared and equipped with all the latest international equipment.
  • The residential units are surrounded by huge areas of landscaping and spacious gardens, giving them a unique and attractive view.
  • Within the project, there are a number of foreign high-end restaurants that serve delectable meals, as well as oriental cafes where customers can relax while listening to calm music and drinking delicious drinks.
  • Varying water bodies, including stunning artificial lakes that can be photographed next to and swimming pools of various sizes to suit everyone inside the compound, whether young or old, are among the leisure amenities accessible within the compound.
  • There are numerous car garages beneath the ground.
  • Wide paths have been designated for cycling, running, and walking.
  • A well-equipped spa and a gym with the greatest and most up-to-date equipment are available.
  • A group of sports-specific playgrounds.
  • Progate Real Estate Company has a sophisticated fitness club within the compound to service the residents.
  • The project contains a big mall with the same name that has a variety of administrative, commercial, and medical units ranging in size from 30 to 50 square meters.
  • The project's owner firm did not overlook the project's health services, and it equipped it with a number of medical clinics that provide top-notch health care to patients of various specializations.

Prices for Zavani New Capital Compound

Progate Real Estate offers fair pricing in return for owning a residential unit within Zavani New Capital Compound, as the price per square meter is highly competitive when compared to other projects' prices, and the price offered is not equivalent to the available services that the client enjoys.

Prices per square meter in apartments for sale in the New Administrative Capital range between 9,000 and 500 EGP up to 12,375 EGP.

The prices of two-bedroom apartments on the ground floor start at 1 million and 100,000 Egyptian pounds, while the prices of two-bedroom apartments on the upper floors start at 1 million and 300,000 Egyptian pounds, with prices varying according to the unit's size, floor, and view.

All residential units are to be provided to consumers in a semi-finished system after four years, calculated from the date of signing the contract with the company so that the buyer can complete the decorations according to their wants and taste.

Payment Methods

And now that we've learned about the costs and spaces available at the compound, it's worth noting that the owner firm offers its customers unrivaled services in the event that they wish to purchase a unique residential unit within the compound, with a range of payment options, including:

  • Non-payment of a reservation deposit if the consumer pays the unit price in four equal installments over a four-year period.
  • When signing a contract, there is no upfront payment, and the entire sum is paid over five years in simple installments.
  • The third system uses the same mechanism as the previous two, namely, no down payment and payment of the unit price in six-year payments.
  • The fourth system entails paying a reservation and contract advance of 10% of the unit price, with the remainder paid in equal payments over a period of up to nine years.
  • The fifth system requires an 8% downpayment and the rest is paid over eight years in payments.
  • The company's sixth and final system requires a down payment of 7% of the total unit price, with the remainder paid in monthly installments over the course of seven years.

Owning company and previous business

Progate for Investment and Real Estate Development is one of Egypt's leading real estate marketing firms, with over ten years of expertise. It is run by Mohab Safwat, who has completed plenty of massive residential projects that have garnered client acclaim.

The corporation collaborated with an in-house engineering consultant unit to develop the project's core implementation strategy.

The company has completed 152 residential buildings in the Fifth Settlement and El Shorouk City, as well as some projects that have yet to be finished, such as in The Key Resort Sahl Hasheesh and Centro Mall in New Cairo, which is located directly in front of the American University in the Fifth Settlement.

Its most recent project, Zavani New Capital Compound is the first work in the New Administrative Capital.