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Al Maqsad New Capital - 146 Properties for sale


Book the most luxurious units in Al Maqsad New Capital

Within your apartment, Al Maqsad Compound provides you with a sense of ease and integrated elegance. TAl Maqsad, the Administrative Capital is distinguished by the exquisite designs of its units, its strategic position, and a variety of amenities that ensure residents live a contemporary lifestyle comparable to that of residents of large international compounds.

The location of the compound

Al Maqsad Compound residents have the opportunity to live in one of the most important areas in the New Administrative Capital, as it is situated in a very sophisticated neighborhood, which is the third residential neighborhood in plots D4 and D5 and is surrounded by the most important residential areas in the area, such as:

  • Government district
  • Diplomatic Quarter
  • The business and financial district

It will be very easy to go from the compound to any other location because it is adjacent to key axes and highways that serve as the main arteries for traffic and travel to and from the entire new capital, such as:

  • Bin Zayed South Axis
  • Middle Ring Road
  • Regional Ring Road (connecting Suez and Ain Sukhna Road)
  • Southern Future Road, which is very lively

The compound site's vibrancy is not confined to the existence of these high-end communities and key highways around it; there are still large educational entities and service facilities around it, guaranteeing additional safety and sophistication for its residents, including:

  • European University
  • Canadian University
  • Smart Village
  • Olympic Village
  • Presidential Palace
  • Administrative Capital Airport

Al Maqsad compound spaces

Vast lands have been dedicated for the establishment of the administrative capital destination project, which spans 211 acres and has dimensions of 1660 * 660 square meters, and thanks to this large area and good division, its residents will not face the problem of crowding units next to each other, as the width of the main streets ranges from 16 meters to 32 meters, preserving the privacy of the residents.

The units available within the compound are villas, but they are designed in a variety of styles, including townhouses, twin houses, and independent villas so that each customer can select the villa with the design that they prefer as follows:

  • Townhouses units: the minimum space is 357 square meters, while the maximum space is 407 square meters.
  • Twin House units: with a minimum space of 413 square meters and a maximum of 426 square meters.
  • Independent villas: with a minimum space of 380 square meters and a maximum of 537 square meters.

You will not only appreciate living in big units but also in luxury ones, as they have a unique design that mixes traditional and modern styles to create an elegant and beautiful appearance.

It's worth mentioning that the firm that owns the compound follows the (build first) concept, thus it's already done building and finishing all of the villas, both outside and interior, so the client may have his unit as soon as he signs the contract.

Services and advantages of Al Maqsad New Capital

Although there is fierce competition among the largest residential projects in the new capital, the administrative capital's compound remains the best destination because it offers unusual benefits and new equipment that is almost exclusively available there. Its most important services and advantages can be explained as follows:

  • The presence of green areas in practically every meter of the property, ensuring a clear view of the units.
  • Al Maqsad's swimming pools are carefully arranged, ensuring that they are adjacent to all of the building's apartments.
  • Established places in a secure location away from the flow of cars so that you may break the pattern by going for a stroll in the fresh air, cycling, or doing any other easy activity.
  • There are several parking spots located throughout the area.
  • AlMaqsad New Capital has a collection of restaurants as well as a number of cafés in a defined area to make it simpler for its residents to get to them and enjoy the most exquisite foods and drinks.
  • A multi-story retail center with a variety of diverse shops and stores.
  • The presence of a club dedicated to participating in a variety of sports, as well as a group of well-equipped playgrounds.
  • Providing villas for sale in Al-Maqsad Al-Asimah Compound with full super lux finishes, which the purchaser may get immediately, knowing that all finishing materials are of international quality and are already specified in the purchase contract.
  • Providing a unique feature that may be found in each unit of the compound's Home features.
  • The presence of guards and security professionals on a continuous basis to ensure the safety of all inhabitants.
  • Residents have access to a Club House, which serves as a fun entertainment venue.
  • The building of a mosque spans a vast area, ensuring that Al Maqsad New Capital occupants have all they need.
  • Including a gym in the compound's amenities, in addition to the spa, is distinguished by the availability of all equipment.
  • All of the children in the property have access to an amusement area where they may enjoy all of the activities without any worries about them.
  • Offering villas for sale in the new administrative capital with classic design and finishing mixed with modern touches to appear at the pinnacle of luxury in the end, thanks to the engineering firm (CSCEC) or the Chinese General Company for Structural Engineering, which developed the Master Plan for the compound's design.
  • Creating a health club inside the project's other amenities and equipping it with a variety of equipment and capabilities to give superior service to club members.
  • In Al Maqsad City Edge, there are excellent spots to wander in the center and enjoy the charming nature and fresh air.
  • Establishing a service area, or as it is often referred to as (City service center), to make it simpler for people to acquire different domestic products from the nearby supermarket, as well as all medications and medical supplies from the nearby pharmacy.

It's impossible to list all of the specifics of Al-Maqsad project's services and benefits because it's so large and diversified, and since it's an integrated project in every sense of the term, providing its people with all they need and more.

Prices at Al Maqsad City Edge

Al Maqsad New Capital's numerous benefits have not resulted in a rise in unit prices; rather, the customer will discover a bundle of the finest pricing available in the real estate market, which no other compound can match.

The costs of the destination compound vary depending on the kind of unit; for example, a villa can be purchased for a minimum of 8 million and 200 thousand pounds, a townhouse can be purchased for 5.6 million pounds, and twin homes may be purchased for 6.7 million pounds.

Al Maqsad's new capital has a variety of payment options.

In the Maqsad City Edge project, there is no need to spend millions of pounds in one go since it offers a simple payment method for all clients, which allows them to pay a 5% advance of the unit's fixed price and then pay the remainder in installments over 7 years without incurring any interest.

Even if you pay cash for the value of the unit you acquired, you will not be burdened financially since you will receive unique benefits in the form of a reduction of up to 27% off the unit price.

Developing company and previous business

City Edge Real Estate has done everything in its power to implement the destination compound City Edge, in the image drawn by it and inspired by the most luxurious international residential projects, and has succeeded in doing so, especially given that it has been a leading company in the real estate development sector for years, and three major entities participate in it:

  • The New Urban Communities Authority, which controls 60% of the firm, is the main shareholder.
  • Housing and Development Bank holds 38% of the company.
  • The Holding Company for Investment and Development, which controls only 2% of the company, is the smallest shareholder.

Throughout addition to this project, the owning firm has developed a number of additional residential projects in Egypt, the most notable of which are as follows:

It is worth noting that Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly signed an agreement with the company in which the company agreed to develop 7 large housing and real estate projects in Egypt's new cities, as well as supervise the method of establishing and designing each project, as well as the integrated maintenance work for all services provided.