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Baroque New Capital - 14 Properties for sale


Location of Baroque Compound in the New Administrative Capital

City Edge Development Company has chosen a strategic location in the New Administrative Capital to establish the Baroque Residential Compound; where it is located in the Fifth District, enjoying a direct view of the Green River.

This location enjoys an ideal geographical position, close to the main roads and transportation axes that facilitate access to vital areas and new cities, in addition to its proximity to government and public institutions.

The nearby geographical locations to the Baroque Residential Compound are a valuable addition for residents:

  • - The compound directly borders the Ben Zayed axis, making movement and access to various areas smooth.
  • - It is a short drive away from the Commercial District, not exceeding 5 minutes.
  • - In addition to its proximity to the New Capital Airport, with a distance of no more than 10 minutes.
  • - It is distinguished by its overlooking the Central Park, which is the largest in the New Capital, providing a quiet environment and charming natural scenery.
  • - It is located near several important facilities such as the Sports City, the Canadian University, the Presidential Palace, the Embassy District, and the Smart City, making it a gathering point for main services and entertainment.

Your investment in this compound is not just a real estate option, but a strategic decision that ensures you live in an oasis of comfort and luxury, in line with the highest standards of modern living.

Services and Features of Baroque Compound in the New Administrative Capital

The company responsible for the Baroque project in the New Administrative Capital has equipped this project with a complete set of services and facilities that meet the daily needs of residents, while emphasizing the architectural elegance that draws inspiration from the essence of the Khedivial era, thus providing its users with a unique experience that combines authenticity and modernity. Among the prominent services and features within the project, we find:

  • - Allocating large green spaces that extend throughout the project to provide a natural and healthy environment for residents.
  • - In addition to walking trails, dedicated areas for physical activity and sports have been established.
  • - City Edge Company seeks through this project to establish the foundations of an integrated residential community that meets all the needs of residents.
  • - To ensure self-sufficiency, schools, churches, and mosques have been built within the project.
  • - The compound includes a large sports club and a university that provides educational services to residents.
  • - There is a hotel offering luxurious hospitality services for visitors.
  • - Hospitals and clinics have been provided within the project to deliver healthcare.
  • - Each building in the compound contains commercial units that offer various services to residents.
  • - The company pays special attention to providing excellent education for the local community.

This project reflects the company's vision of creating a residential environment that combines luxury and excellence, and providing a quality and authentic lifestyle.

Prices and Payment Systems of Baroque New Administrative Capital

The unit prices in the compound are distinct for being competitive and suitable for different budgets, as they are compatible with the capabilities of many groups wishing to settle within a fully serviced environment. The cost varies depending on the type and area of each unit, with prices starting from 7,000,000 Egyptian pounds, making it an exceptional opportunity compared to other projects surrounding the same area.

As for payment options, the compound offers flexible systems aimed at facilitating the purchase process for those wishing to own a unit within the project. Buyers can start with a down payment of only 5%, while benefiting from a comfortable installment plan that extends up to 10 years, all to ensure fully finished unit deliveries, providing convenience and security for future residents.

Make your investment in the New Administrative Capital your gateway to achieving great profits and a life filled with luxury!

The new area that Egypt is planning as an administrative capital is fertile ground for economic explorations, as this unique initiative offers enormous potential for growth and prosperity. Through this measure, the state aims to reshape the economic and urban landscape, leading to the provision of multiple job opportunities and an improved standard of living for citizens.

This initiative is located in proximity to Cairo, with a strategic location that facilitates access from major ports and airports. It also boasts an advanced infrastructure and modern facilities that support various projects and encourage investment.

Investing in the New Administrative Capital offers a wide range of opportunities in various activities such as housing, commercial establishments, hotels, administrative offices, and entertainment projects. This allows investors the opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio and take full advantage of the available opportunities.

This project is viewed as one of the promising future projects in Egypt, as it is expected to witness continuous growth in the real estate market due to an attractive investment environment supported by laws and regulations that protect the rights of investors.

For those who wish to invest in the New Administrative Capital, multiple options are available, such as buying or renting residential or commercial properties, or entering into partnerships with the government to participate in ongoing or developing projects. Investing here is a strong opportunity to develop the real estate market and significantly enhance the investment portfolio.

This area provides an exceptional opportunity for those seeking to invest in Egypt, offering a wide field to achieve investment success within a project that has a vision aligned with the future.