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Il Mondo New Capital - 102 Properties for sale


Location of Il Mondo Compound in the New Administrative Capital

Rafco company has precisely determined the location of the Il Mondo project, where it occupies a vital location within the boundaries of the R7 area in the new capital G7. This location stands out for being in the heart of vast green areas and enjoys a facade directly overlooking a wide street that reaches a width of 80 meters. Notably, the project is elevated on a hill that rises more than 10 meters, which provides its residents with a distinctive view and unprecedented privacy.

Regarding the locations surrounding the Il Mondo project, residents enjoy easy access to important landmarks and various focal points within the new capital. The compound is located just minutes away from the Green River and the Exhibition City, and it also allows for proximity to the airport and the Presidential Palace. Downtown New Cairo can be reached in just 30 minutes. In addition, the project is distinguished by its location close to the most important and prominent residential complexes such as Elite Park Compound and Golden Yard Compound, making it a focus of attention for those seeking sophistication and privacy.

Services of Il Mondo Compound

Living in Il Mondo residential complex provides a wide range of unique features and facilities that are keen to meet the needs of its residents, and here is a detailed explanation of these advantages:

- The apartments are distinguished by their location amidst vast green areas, which provides a healthy and refreshing environment.
- For lovers of physical activity, the complex provides safe and dedicated paths for running, walking, and cycling.
- The complex includes a sports club equipped with the latest equipment for those who want to maintain their fitness.
- There are also spaces dedicated to sports and recreation suitable for all ages.
- Residents of the complex get rid of the hassle of parking thanks to the available private parking lots and garages.
- The complex provides a shopping area that includes a group of famous brands to meet the needs of the residents.
- To achieve the highest levels of security, the complex includes an area dedicated to children to ensure a safe environment for them.
- Swimming lovers can enjoy several swimming pools distributed throughout the complex.
- The complex is characterized by an integrated security system that works around the clock to ensure the safety of the residents.
- It has equipped mosques for performing daily prayers.
- The complex provides comprehensive maintenance services to maintain the quality and cleanliness of the facilities.
- To facilitate movement inside the buildings, each one has been equipped with two elevators.

These services and facilities make life in Il Mondo complex a comfortable, safe and full of advantages experience for all residents.

Prices of Il Mondo New Administrative Capital

In case you want to invest in a property in Il Mondo with additional features and at competitive prices, the developer company is pleased to announce the availability of residential units for sale on an installment or cash payment system, where prices vary to suit different needs. The initial price per square meter in this unique housing refers to 27,400 and 29,000 Egyptian pounds. In the same compound in the New Administrative Capital, you will find that the price of a unit with an area of 132 square meters starts from 3,850,000 Egyptian pounds, thus providing many opportunities for those wishing to reside or invest in the area.

Reservation Systems for Il Mondo Compound New Administrative Capital

In the heart of the New Administrative Capital, the Il Mondo project comes as one of the prominent options for those looking for housing that combines luxury and comfort, as Rafco Real Estate Company provides a distinguished opportunity to own apartments with an installment payment system to suit your needs. The offering includes a set of payment options that allow buyers flexibility in purchasing:

- The offer begins with the possibility of purchasing an apartment without a down payment, where buyers can enjoy the benefits of installments for a period of five years, and this includes a 15% discount for those who benefit from this offer.
- For those wishing to pay a small down payment, there is an option to pay a 10% down payment and installments for the remainder over seven years, with a benefit of a discount of up to 10%.
- Finally, a third option is available that includes paying a 15% down payment, with the possibility of paying the remaining amount in installments over ten years, and this comes with a 5% discount.

These offers are designed to provide multiple solutions that suit all capabilities and meet the different desires for ownership and investment in one of the most attractive places in the capital.

 About Rafco Real Estate Company Owner of the Compound

In the New Administrative Capital, the Il Mondo project is one of the most important projects of Rafco Real Estate Company, which has developed many successful projects since its establishment in 2015. This company is distinguished by its extensive experience in developing residential complexes that provide the best services and facilities, which made the Il Mondo project the culmination of its achievements and prove its leading position in the world of real estate.

Looking at the previous achievements of Rafco Real Estate Company, we find that it has been able to implement a large group of projects that aim to provide innovative and affordable housing solutions for youth, including the "Build Your Apartment" project, which included more than 17 residential projects designed to meet the needs of youth at competitive prices and affordable payment systems. It also launched the Capital Park Tower Mall, the luxurious commercial mall in the New Administrative Capital, to add more distinguished projects to its real estate portfolio.

The Administrative Capital: A New Vision for the Ideal Urban Life! 

In light of the openness towards new concepts of construction and development, the idea of establishing advanced administrative cities comes as an ambitious step towards a renewed urban future in which the well-being of housing and work is balanced with the aesthetics of the surrounding environment. These cities, which include the Administrative Capital, are considered icons of modern civilization, as they are built on the latest engineering and technological systems with an emphasis on the importance of sustainability and harmony with nature.

These projects aim to achieve environmental and urban integration, as they include modern urban facilities, advanced infrastructure systems that take into account environmental aspects, and effectively contribute to providing ideal living conditions for their residents. The plan includes the establishment of residential units with unique architectural designs, and commercial and service centers that provide all the needs of the residents with ease and convenience.

The Administrative City is considered a vibrant heart for economic activities, as it abounds with diverse investment opportunities, thus attracting major companies and business institutions aspiring to create an advanced work environment. In addition, the city embraces a wide range of recreational, cultural and sports facilities, such as parks, stadiums, theaters and museums, to enhance the quality of life and cultural and social activity among its residents.

Besides these advantages, the design that facilitates movement and access to public transportation services, such as the subway and express road networks, is a key factor in enhancing the living experience in this city, which contributes to reducing travel time and improving traffic flow.

Based on these pillars, the Administrative Capital provides an integrated living experience that combines modernity and sustainability. It is not just a place for housing and work, but a symbol of economic development, and a beacon of culture and entertainment, providing frameworks for a modern life full of vitality and activity.