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Eleven New Capital Mall - 54 Properties for sale


Embark on a Unique Experience at Eleven Mall, which Embodies a Remarkable Blend of Elegance and Luxury, Achieving the Perfect Harmony Between Work Responsibilities and Leisure Moments

  • The strategic location of the mall in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, specifically in the Financial and Business District of Block B1-11, reflects the company's long-standing experience in selecting the optimal location for a project of such importance.

  • Located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, Eleven Mall stands as one of the prominent destinations, thanks to its strategic location that offers easy accessibility and an exceptional surrounding environment. This mall is centered on a wide street, stretching for 90 meters, making it convenient for visitors to enter and exit.

  • Just a few minutes' walk from Eleven Mall, you can reach the main Government District, a significant advantage for those seeking proximity to government agencies. This project is located behind the Diamond Hotel, renowned for its luxurious services provided to guests.
  • In close proximity to this mall, easy access to Mohammed bin Zayed Axis facilitates movement between different parts of the capital. For those interested in culture and arts, the Opera House is one of the important landmarks that can be easily and quickly reached from Eleven Mall.

Additionally, the mall's location is distinguished by its proximity to prominent urban landmarks such as the Central Bank and the Regional Ring Road. Its adjacency to the Presidential Palace, the Egyptian Parliament Building, and the Ministries Complex makes it an ideal starting point for visitors and residents alike seeking a comprehensive experience that combines luxury and easy access to vital facilities.

Enjoy a Life Filled with Comfort and Excellence at Eleven Mall, where Opulence Meets Convenience in the Heart of the New Administrative Capital.

New Plan Real Estate Development Company has excelled in creating this mall to become a prominent landmark that combines modern, elegant design with a diverse range of exceptional services to ensure an unparalleled experience for every visitor. Here's a glimpse of some of these services:

  • Care and Maintenance: Preserving the beauty and cleanliness of the mall is a top priority, utilizing the latest technologies to ensure a clean and attractive environment around the clock.
  • Sports Club: Find the perfect haven for fitness enthusiasts here, with the latest equipment and training programs led by experienced coaches, allowing you to get the most out of your exercise routine.
  • Electronic Games Zone: This area is the perfect place for entertainment and fun, thanks to the variety of games and rooms that provide a high-quality entertainment experience for all visitors.
  • Children's Entertainment Area: Designed specifically for the little ones, this area is equipped with safe and fun games and monitored by surveillance cameras for complete peace of mind for parents.
  • Banking Services: The mall offers easy access to a variety of bank branches, making financial transactions easy and convenient.
  • Eleven Mall is more than just a shopping destination; it is a hub that combines elegance, comfort, and entertainment under one roof, offering an unparalleled experience in the New Administrative Capital.
  • At the heart of the New Administrative Capital, Eleven Mall stands as a modern and comprehensive commercial center. This mall contains multiple facilities that cater to the needs of visitors with diverse interests, including:
  • Designated Areas for Charging Electric Vehicles: To ensure a convenient experience for visitors, the mall provides carefully designed spaces for recharging electric vehicles, reflecting its commitment to supporting eco-friendly technology.
  • Advanced Conference Halls: For hosting important events and meetings, the mall features conference halls equipped with the latest audio and visual technologies, ensuring an effective and professional experience for attendees.
  • Emergency Services: The mall is equipped with ambulances and first aid teams ready to handle any emergency situation promptly and effectively, providing a safe and reassuring environment for all visitors.
  • Facilities for Unit Owners: Unit owners are provided with private storage spaces distributed across various floors, facilitating easy access and organization for their merchandise.
  • Diverse Restaurants and Cafés: The mall offers a variety of restaurants and cafés, ranging from Eastern to Western cuisine, providing a unique culinary experience to suit all tastes.
  • Shopping Stores: For shopping enthusiasts, the mall offers a wide range of retail shops featuring renowned international brands, catering to all the needs of visitors.
  • Pharmacies: To provide healthcare services, the mall houses well-equipped pharmacies with all necessary medical and cosmetic supplies for visitors, available around the clock.
  • Medical Clinics: Prioritizing health, the mall hosts several medical clinics staffed by specialized doctors and a nursing team, ensuring the provision of the best possible care for visitors.
  • Eleven Mall in the New Administrative Capital is a comprehensive destination that combines modernity and luxury, offering a diverse range of services and facilities that cater to all needs and enhance the visitor experience.
  • At Eleven Mall, located within the New Administrative Capital, visitors are treated to an immersive entertainment experience through its movie theaters showcasing the latest films, ensuring unforgettable moments.

  • The mall also offers diverse amenities to cater to visitors' daily and household needs, including a vast hypermarket stocked with groceries,

  • household items, and fresh food products. Additionally, the mall houses a wellness center offering a comprehensive range of services such as spa, sauna, and skincare treatments, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to indulge in a world of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Eleven Mall Offers You a Unique Opportunity to Step into a World of Brilliance and Ultimate Comfort, with a Diverse Range of Units Designed to Meet All Your Specific Needs in the New Administrative Capital.

The mall spans an area of approximately 9,817 square meters, or around 2.4 acres, with buildings and service facilities occupying about 30% of the total area. This layout provides the units at Eleven Mall with breathtaking panoramic views of the stunning natural scenery and surrounding green spaces.

The developing company offers a wide and diverse range of units with varying sizes, aiming to meet all customers' requirements and preferences, whether they prefer larger or more modest unit sizes.

Additionally, the administrative units have separate entrances from the commercial units, ensuring privacy and tranquility for clients. The units at Eleven Mall in the New Administrative Capital come in the following size variations:

  • At Eleven Mall, located in the New Capital, the commercial unit sizes range from a minimum of 66 square meters to a maximum available area of 364 square meters.

  • As for the administrative units within the same project, they offer multiple options with sizes starting from 43 square meters and reaching up to 139 square meters.

We Offer You Multiple Payment Options and Pricing to Suit All Financial Needs While Maintaining High Quality Standards!

The leading company in developing the Eleven Mall project in the New Administrative Capital has succeeded in offering a unique experience that combines unit diversity and exceptional pricing, which is considered one of the mall's most prominent features, in addition to the ideal location and innovative architectural designs with an international flair.

The prices offered in the project were competitive compared to other similar projects, while providing customers with a wide range of unique services and benefits.

The project's implementing company did not just offer competitive prices exclusively but also designed flexible payment systems to facilitate the purchase of available units. With this approach, buyers can benefit from low down payments and extended installment periods without incurring additional interest. The booking and payment options for the project include:

The First Plan: Provides buyers the opportunity to acquire their units without the need for a down payment, with the unit's value divided into installments over 4 years without interest, and an additional 10% discount. The investment plans vary to suit different needs and desires.

Regarding the Second System, investors are given the opportunity to pay an initial 5% of the property's total value.

This is followed by the distribution of the remaining amount into affordable installments extending up to five years, providing significant financial flexibility.

For the Third System, it emerges as an option that requires the investor to make an initial payment of 10% of the total price.

The excellence of this system lies in allowing the investor to divide the remaining amount into fixed installments over six years. Additionally, investors benefit from a 5% discount, making it a highly attractive option.

The Fourth System stands out by offering an innovative financing method, where the investor is required to make an initial down payment of 10% immediately, followed by an additional payment of the same amount upon receiving the unit. The remaining balance can be paid in installments over seven years, providing an extended and convenient repayment period.

Each of these systems offers a financial model that considers the diversity in investors' abilities and needs, making real estate investment more accessible and attractive.

Discover a New Horizon for Refined Living: Modern Life in the Heart of the New Administrative Capital of Egypt!

The New Administrative Capital is known as a massive project aimed at enhancing Egypt's infrastructure and administrative capabilities.

This project stands out in offering high levels of service to those residing or visiting the area and aims to make the capital a meeting point for modernity and development. The services of the New Administrative Capital cover a rich array of advanced facilities and amenities.

These services include: Modern Infrastructure: The roads and routes in the New Administrative Capital have been designed according to the highest international standards to facilitate the movement of residents and vehicles.

They are equipped with advanced control systems to mitigate traffic problems and increase comfort and safety levels for residents.

Modern Transportation: The modern transportation networks serve as vital links between the New Administrative Capital and its suburbs, ensuring ease and efficiency of mobility for residents. The reliance on advanced transportation technologies such as high-speed trains, metro systems, and modern buses contributes to providing comfortable and safe transportation options for the public.

Recreational and Cultural Facilities: The New Administrative Capital abounds with a multitude of recreational and cultural facilities that offer residents opportunities for entertainment and enjoyment of their leisure time. Among these facilities are museums, theaters, parks, health resorts, and massive shopping centers. These facilities work to enhance the cultural aspect of people's lives and improve their living standards.

At the heart of the New Administrative Capital, world-class healthcare and educational institutions shine, providing residents with exceptional services. These hospitals, schools, and universities work tirelessly to deliver the highest quality standards in their respective fields, contributing to weaving a strong societal fabric that enjoys health and knowledge.

This focus on quality is a testament to the significant strides Egypt is taking towards sustainable development and improving the lives of its citizens.

These outstanding services bear witness to the nation's investment in the well-being of its people, promising a prosperous future as the New Administrative Capital continues its development to become a focal point for those seeking to live and work in Egypt.