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Midtown Condo New Capital - 35 Properties for sale


Learn about the benefits of residing in Midtown Condo New Capital Compound.

After the success of its previous projects, Midtown Villa and Midtown Solo, Better Home Company is implementing its third real estate project within the new administrative capital, knowing that it was keen to provide comprehensive services in its Midtown Condo New Capital, in addition to choosing a vital location and competitive prices. And there are additional benefits that make buying a unit within it a reasonable choice for a decent life full of luxury, as well as an unrivaled financial potential. Please read the article to learn more about the project.

Midtown Condo New Capital location

The well-developed company understands that picking the correct location near significant locations is one of the most essential aspects in the success of any residential project, which has already been accomplished for this project, as evidenced by the following:

  • The compound lies in the seventh residential district, one of the finest residential districts in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, which is next to the eighth residential district, which has one of the finest residential compounds in the city, named Anakaji.
  • It is located on the main street with a width of 90 square meters.
  • It is close to some of the administrative capital's most significant districts, including the embassy district, the exhibition city, the inner ring road, and the so-called center axis.
  • The compound is also near to some of the Administrative Capital's high-end residential complexes since it is immediately across the street from IL Bosco Compound.
  • It is convenient to go to and from since it is close to Mohammed bin Zayed's southern axis, the ring road, and the regional ring road.
  • The British University and the Canadian University are both close by.
  • It is located in the Administrative Capital, and across from the renowned Al Masa Hotel.
  • Green River Park, Central Park, the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, and the Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque are all within walking distance.
  • View the photos of the project to discover more about the significance of the project location.

Midtown Condo New Capital Space

  • The entire property has a total area of 252 square kilometers, which is around 60 acres.
  • The company that owns the project was interested in offering recreational amenities to the inhabitants, thus it used 77.5 percent of the entire land to provide green areas, parks, and services.
  • While the remaining area inside the compound was utilized, and it is a small part that does not exceed 22.5% for the residential structures, which were constructed in an innovative way that focuses on the modern European style.
  • Because the project area is huge, it may accommodate a significant number of residential structures, up to 54 in total. Each building has a ground level and seven above stories, with six unique flats on each story.

Midtown Condo New Capital Unit Space

  • Within the property, there are residential units of various sizes, allowing each client to select the unit that best meets their needs, taking into account the number of family members and their purchasing power. There are small flats as well as larger ones.
  • The flats of the compound range in size from 105 square meters to 260 square meters.
  • The customer may observe the scenic natural areas and water bodies represented by the lovely artificial lakes from every unit, which has a distinct and exquisite view.

Compound services

The owner company was keen to give everything that serves its customers and achieves comfort and elegance for them, thus services differ throughout the project. As a result, it has given a wide range of services, including both essential and recreational ones, as illustrated in the following:

  • The residential units have a certain amount of privacy, giving the client the sense of being fully secluded from his neighbors within the property.
  • Security and guarding services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week within Midtown New Capital Compound.
  • There are three large commercial malls, each with a collection of retailers displaying a wide range of goods from well-known companies.
  • Allocating locations for BBQ gatherings in Midtown Condo New Capital.
  • Music Park and Clubhouse are two other leisure service facilities.
  • Each apartment building has 2 elevators. Midtown Condo Mall was built in the compound, and it has commercial units ranging in size from 110 square meters at competitive prices of only 2,850,000 EGP, with payment options including a 10% down payment and the balance paid in payments over seven years, with delivery in July 2023.
  • There are also a variety of cafes, restaurants, and huge supermarkets within the mall.
  • There is a full health club within Midtown Condo New Capital, which contains a professional spa and a gym with all current sports equipment.
  • Gardens are set aside for the enjoyment of children.
  • Each unit has its own parking space within the compound.
  • In Midtown New Capital, there is a parking lot and a parking space.
  • There are several swimming pools of various sizes in Midtown Condo New Capital to suit people of all ages.
  • For solitude, there is an indoor swimming pool for ladies alone.
  • There are a lot of high-end cafes and restaurants.
  • There are large playgrounds in the compound where you may engage in a variety of sporting activities.
  • Surveillance cameras cover the events taking place inside the compound around the clock.

Midtown Condo by Better Home prices

  • When you look at the prices of the housing units available in the compound, you'll notice that they're suitable but not competitive with other units in other residential projects in the Administrative Capital, especially when you consider the available benefits in terms of services, location, and high-end design.
  • Inside the project, the price per square meter begins at 10,000 EGP, which is a very fair price that defies competition.
  • The pricing for the project starts at one million and 191,000 EGP.
  • Knowing that the architectural design of the units combines modernity and technological development, with an oriental character that preserves the privacy of the residents.

Payment Systems

  • It didn't stop with the availability of flats in the project at affordable pricing for customers; Better Home also supplied simple payment solutions.
  • The company offers clients the option of paying a reservation and contract advance of only 10% of the total unit price in order to buy a unit in [Midtown Condo, the new administrative capital].
  • Pay the remainder of the payment in monthly installments over a seven-year period.

Owning company and previous business

Better Home is the company that implemented the project, and it is one of the firms that has completed a number of important projects in Egypt that have been a huge success and have received high customer satisfaction for the units within.

Better Home Company, the developer of Midtown Condo New Capital Project, was founded in 1998 AD and is controlled by businessman Sherif Adly. Its most notable past projects include:

  • Cairo Business Park Compound in the Fifth Settlement.
  • Highland Park Compound in the Fifth Settlement.
  • A number of mega projects in the 6th of October City, including Highland Park 6th of October and Cairo Medical Center 6th of October.
  • It has also implemented Cityscape Mall on the 6th of October, and Mega Mall on the 6th of October.
  • In addition to the establishment of a group of administrative buildings in the Fifth Settlement area in New Cairo, including Cairo Business Plaza building, and the Cairo Business Gate.
  • Midtown Compound Fifth Settlement has also been implemented.
  • Three projects in the Administrative Capital, are Midtown Villa, Midtown Solo, and Midtown Sky.
  • And finally, Midtown Condo New Capital