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Town Gate New Capital - 20 Properties for sale


Enjoy the elegance and sophistication inside Town Gate New Capital Compound

Town Gate Compound, the administrative capital, is a role model in the real estate world and an excellent destination for connoisseurs of luxury. It has been able to realize the ambitions and desires of its clients, offering high-end homes and comprehensive services. Gate complex provides its clients with incredible pricing and amenities, making buying a home in this project a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Town Gate New Capital location

One of the most significant things that attract consumers to the compound site is its brilliance and liveliness, as this location has brought many services and key places very close to it, and among its advantages are the following:-

  • The compound is located in the capital's most prestigious and renowned area, the seventh residential district, precisely within the J2 plot.
  • The compound's popularity grew as a result of its closeness to the famous embassy sector.
  •  Al-Massa Hotel, Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque, and the cathedral, among other important sites in the city, are all within walking distance of the property.
  • Because of its proximity to the central axis, residents of the compound have simple access to anyplace.

Town Gate New Capital spaces

The compound is one of the big residential complexes that has been given a proper area of up to 21 acres, of which a substantial portion is dedicated to amenities and green areas, leaving just approximately 20% for construction and structures.

The compound's most significant amenities are that it comprises luxury apartments and villas with sizes ranging from 126 square meters to 360 square meters.

These units will be delivered in 2022 and will be partially finished to allow the purchaser to add the finishing touches to his unit according to his own preferences and tastes.

Town Gate New Capital Servies

The compound's services varied greatly, allowing it to satisfy all of the demands of clients while guaranteeing comfort and quiet without disrupting their lives; the most notable of these services are as follows:-

  • The property features a big commercial center with foreign designs and equipment, providing residents with an excellent shopping experience.
  • Town Gate Compound has clinics and pharmacies that are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide residents with complete medical care.
  • The compound was studded with green fields and sparkling ponds, giving it an enticing appeal and beauty.
  • There are restaurants with international features in the compound that serve a variety of delectable oriental and foreign cuisines.
  • Town Gate, New capital, has swimming pools on its sides that have been distributed harmoniously for the people's betterment.
  • It had a children's amusement section with a range of games that ensured their enjoyment and entertainment.
  • There are nurseries on the property that has international equipment and provide excellent services for children.
  • Cafes with elegant decor serve a variety of hot and cold beverages to their customers.
  • It includes a sports club constructed on a large area with sports grounds where various sports activities can be practiced.
  • The compound's services are powered by a solar energy system, which offers inhabitants a clean atmosphere and pollutant-free air.
  • For tenants' convenience, all existing residential buildings are provided with two high-quality, efficient elevators.
  • For residents' safety and protection, dedicated security staff is stationed throughout the compound, in addition to surveillance cameras strategically placed around the community.
  • To avoid congestion in front of the buildings, all compound buildings have huge underground garages that can accommodate a significant number of cars owned by the residents.

Pricing and payment methods

According to the company, the price per square meter within the project runs from 8800 to 10,000 Egyptian pounds, with unit pricing starting at one million and 320 thousand Egyptian pounds.

When compared to the services and special benefits that the compound gives to its clients, these rates are among the finest that has ever been provided in the Egyptian real estate market.

The compound pricing featured excellent facilities over extended periods, allowing the client to pay the unit's dues in installments for up to 10 years without being obligated to make an advance payment at the time of contracting.

Developing company and previous business

This compound is being executed by Smart View Company, which is one of Egypt's most well-known real estate businesses, having been founded in 1999 AD. Because of its reputation and honesty, the firm has gained the trust of its consumers. It is one of a select set of successful initiatives, the most notable of which include the following:-

  • Tajan Azhari Institute in the first assembly area.
  • Didi Mall, First Settlement.
  • Air Force Project.
  • A group of villas in the Fifth and First Settlement.