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Capital Heights New Capital - 27 Properties for sale


Own your unit in Capital Heights New Capital Compound

Capital Heights compound has all the ingredients for success and excellence, as it is an honorable interface to the extent of urban development and technological progress witnessed in the sky of the new administrative capital, the compound is the best investment with all cash facilities, by the establishment and construction of Al Safwa Real Estate Development Company.

Capital Heights 1 location

It is distinguished by its strategic location and concentration between the Administrative Capital's most well-known areas, about 10 minutes from the Diplomatic Quarter. The Al Masa Hotel and the exhibition district are also about 10 minutes away.

It is, on the other hand, located on one of the most important main roads, the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed axis, which connects the Administrative Capital's south and the Fifth Settlement, as well as its proximity to the Eighth District, which contains many residential compounds such as Anakaji Compound.

Capital Heights New Capital design

The design of the compound is unique and distinctive because the engineer Hussein Sabbour is responsible for its implementation because he serves as a reference and consultant in the wonderful and innovative engineering design works, and he also has overwhelming experience in the field of architectural construction and has implemented the most important infrastructure projects he also worked in the development of gardens and main roads.

Capital Heights 1 New Capital space 

The compound was built on a 50-acre plot of land that was divided between the installation of amenities and the rest of the needed occupation, resulting in an integrated residential complex that provides all of life's essentials in luxury and solitude.

Furthermore, it has a wonderful view of the Green River area, which was designed to simulate the Nile River and to reproduce the green shore of the Nile, where the Green River is classified as one of the world's largest parks, extending for a distance of 8 km / m, and will also be building 56 residential properties, accounting for 20% of the project's total area.

Capital Heights Compound Units Space

The sizes of the units in the compound vary, as do the prototypes offered by each unit, allowing owners and investors to pick and choose between them to suit their preferences, provided that the entire compound is completed by 2024 and the contracted units are completed by late 2023:

Residential apartments

  • Standalone apartments on a single floor range in size from 65 square meters to 595 square meters, with medium areas of 160 square meters and larger areas of 390 square meters.
  • Duplex apartments are two-story residences with areas ranging from 145 to 505 square meters and spaces ranging from 405 to 505 square meters.

Capital Heights New Capital Services

Many services are available to the compounds unit owners and investors in order to boost the additional value of the apartments by increasing the levels of luxury and privacy, including:

  • There are designated areas that were built and furnished as a gym, where players may use a range of sports equipment and machines to improve their health and that of their unit owners and investors.
  • There is a medical facility prepared to provide all services around the clock, with the greatest degree of medical and technological advancement necessary, as well as a level of medical and therapeutic professionalism.
  • In addition to covered swimming pools, a number of swimming pools were created to fit all age groups in order to provide more luxury and enjoyment for family members from the owners of the complex units, and some of them were dedicated just to women for greater privacy.
  • In the vast, fully-equipped grounds, there are dedicated spots for private events and an enclosure for BBQ gatherings.
  • A social club that offers all of the activities that a family needs to have a good time while also providing cultural and social advantages.
  • Shops selling the most important goods and services and merchandise to the consumer, such as food and beverages, and others selling technological and household appliances, as well as shops selling jewelry, clothes, accessories, and luxuries of all kinds, all of which are of the highest quality and carry international brands, have been made available.
  • Children have a lot of opportunities for amusement and like spending time in areas where they may play and have fun.
  • There is a spa with all of the latest conveniences, and it is set up to welcome family members for additional relaxation and amusement.
  • There are the greatest restaurants and cafes that serve a wide range of delicious foods to suit all preferences, as well as the most important special dishes that express the world's most important cuisines.
  • Walking and running tracks, as well as cycling tracks, with guide boards for distances covered and rest areas for people participating in these activities.
  • To organize car parking and provide unit owners with a sense of solitude, the property features a car park that belongs to each unit.
  • The landscape and sceneries vary. When you open the window of your apartment, you'll see artificial fountains in the center of beautiful lakes, with lush greenery covering wide swaths of land, making the environment healthier and pollution-free.
  • All inhabitants of the compound have access to security guards, who deploy security officers and monitor entries and exits using cameras, as well as early warning systems for accidents and fires.

Capital Heights New Capital Compound prices

The selling prices for Capital Heights units in the new capital have been determined by Al Safwa Development Company to ensure that the client is happy with the company's pricing policy:

  • A square meter might cost anything between 10,500 and 16,625 EGP.
  • The price of independent apartments is around 1 million and 520,00 EGP.
  • The duplex residences cost about $3 million and 847,000 EGP.

Capital Heights New Capital payment systems

These prices may be paid simply and easily since Capital Heights 1 provides simple solutions without adding additional obligations or monetary restrictions to owners and investors:

  • The unit price is paid in installments over three years if there is no contract down payment.
  • Pay a 5% contract down payment, and the remainder of the unit price is paid in 7 years in installments.

All units will be delivered after the semi-finishing works are completed, which include the installation of high-quality sewer pipes, the supply of purified drinking water pipes, the installation of electrical and lighting works, which include connecting electrical wires and passing them through plastic connections for electricity, and the installation of wall clamshell works, wood blinds, and glass exterior facades.

Owning company and previous works

Al Safwa Development Company is an architectural entity that is progressing day by day in the field of real estate, as it is building many projects, including Capital Heights compound in the new administrative capital, as it acquires the most important investment opportunities, and as it has all of the ingredients for success.

It is an Egyptian joint-stock company founded in 1996 by a group of prominent businessmen and partners who work tirelessly for optimal planning, rational decision-making, and achieving the company's future vision, resulting in a high sales volume as well as the development of the investment portfolio they have clients from all over the world.

Al Safwa Company has recently become affiliated with the Administrative Capital, where it is executing several projects and has left an honorable stamp in the New Capital's heart.

Their most significant past works

  • Medical projects such as the Elite Center in Mansoura Governorate, and Al Safwa Center in the New Capital.
  • Educational projects such as the construction of the Mavericks International School.
  • Commercial projects where it built many shopping centers (malls) such as Capital Hub Mall 1 and 2, High City Mall, Sunset, and Financial Hub in the new capital.
  • Residential projects, the most important of which are Sunset in Ras El Bar, Sunset in New Damietta in the Damietta Governorate, Capital Heights 2 project in the new administrative capital, High City which is located in Obour City, The Pearl project in Mansoura Governorate, Alola City, Tower Elite in Nasr City.