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Celia New Capital - 92 Properties for sale


With Celia New Capital, you can own high-end real estate.

It is a fully-fledged residential project that blends luxury and high-end homes, and it is a name that shines in the administrative capital. Celia New Capital is one of Talaat Mustafa Holding Group's most well-known real estate development projects. This compound is the ideal investment to establish a bright future since its name is connected with any real estate project, making it a quality seal for that project.

Celia Talaat Mostafa's location

The compound is in a unique location in the Administrative Capital, near the government district, which includes government headquarters and ministries, as well as the Egyptian Parliament, as well as the Al-Massa Hotel, the Exhibition District, the Virgin Cathedral, Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque, the Opera House, and the new capital's airport.

It is also notable for its central location between the most prominent main roads, which approach the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed axis, and the Ring Road, which provides easy access to New Cairo City, Fifth Settlement, Badr City and Madinaty, Cairo International Airport, and Mostakbal City, and is 60 kilometres from Ain Sukhna and Suez. NS.

The project location also provides a direct view of the Green River region, which is the world's longest central park at 800 kilometres.

Celia New Capital design

Celia New Capital, Talaat Mostafa, has a wonderful design implemented by the American company HHCP, which has a group of advanced engineering competencies and expertise, so the compound was divided into three parts, with an eastern section dedicated to apartments and a western section for villas.

And there's a central section called (the village) that houses all of the commercial, recreational, and educational amenities. In addition to the installation of five major gates and a number of gates, this division works to impose a condition of quiet for the inhabitants of the units, keeping them away from any sources of noise and noise pollution. Secondary, where the units can be accessed directly.

Celia compound space

The compound was built on a land area of 500 acres to accommodate the construction and establishment of the various stages of the project, with 40 acres set aside for the first phase of the project, provided that this vast area is divided into a land for the establishment of residential real estate, another space for the establishment and development of the green cover, and the remainder of the space is devoted to the construction of various facilities and accessories.

Celia New Capital units space 

The space of the units varies inside the project between apartments and villas, in order to satisfy the different desires of investors and owners, we find the following:

The western side of the project was allocated for the establishment of residential villas, to include villas of all residential systems, from independent villas to those who love privacy, and villas were built with the advanced housing system, Twin Houses (double villas), also villas were implemented in the British housing system known as townhouses (connected villas). The space starts from 190 m2 for small units, a medium space is 259 m2 for a twin house, and large spaces reach 341 m2.

The eastern side of the project was allocated for the construction of residential apartments, as the models of the apartments of Celia Talaat Moustafal vary among themselves, to include different housing systems such as duplex apartments, penthouses, and studios, with an area starting from 77 m2 for small units, and medium apartments consisting of three main rooms with an area of ​​77 m2. 125 m2, and large apartments of 174 m2.

Celia Talaat Mostafa's features

It has a number of qualities that distinguish it from other similar residential projects, and these benefits place it in the forefront:

  • The entire project is powered by solar energy generation, making it ecologically benign, and it is being implemented in accordance with the country's long-term strategy for sustainable development.
  • In the international education system, there are educational schools that provide an advanced curriculum to their students.
  • The Roman Theatre, which was built to host concerts, theatrical plays, and artistic events, was named after them.v
  • The property was constructed using an engineering method known as the multiple scales (height gradient) to ensure that everyone could enjoy the breathtaking vistas.

Services provided by the compound

In order to give the greatest levels of luxury and hospitality assets, all services are supplied to the owners and investors of Celia Talaat Moustafa:

  • Establishment of state-of-the-art sports clubs with the most up-to-date sporting equipment and gadgets.
  • An amusement park with all of the amazing entertainment activities, where you may have a time of adventure and pleasure while playing the most powerful games.
  • Places that are equipped to accommodate children and contain all enjoyable and safe games, allowing them to be entertained while also developing many of their abilities.
  • There is parking, which is structured to accommodate the largest number of cars and is joined by directing signs to help traffic flow.
  • Construction of indoor and outdoor swimming pools for people of various ages, including some specifically for women.
  • Early warning systems for fires, protection and safety through the use of surveillance cameras, and the appointment of trained security personnel for rapid intervention in crises and accidents are all examples of integrated systems.
  • Commercial shopping malls have been built, selling a wide range of high-quality consumer products and commodities from across the world.
  • Stations where passengers can wait for various modes of transportation.
  • Walking and jogging corridors, as well as a cycling corridor, and also signs indicating distances covered and rest stops.
  • There are scenic views everywhere, where artificial lakes have been built and green areas have been developed where beautiful flowers and bushes congregate, helping to purify the air.
  • All of the units' operational systems are controlled by automatic remote control, making this one of the most advanced smart systems in the world. The temperature of the room, as well as the lights, maybe adjusted or turned on using an app that can be downloaded to mobile devices.

Celia Talaat Mostafa project prices

The price per square metre in the compound starts at 18,000 EGP, while the whole unit price starts at 1 million and 400,000 EGP, a tight price plan has been developed to meet the challenges of the real estate market and ease the obstacles for investors and those who wish to own the units.

Celia New Capital payment systems

There are a variety of simple payment options available to help owners and investors of Celia Talaat Moustafa units. These systems are known for their adaptability, and they are an integral element of the project's effective marketing strategy. There are two methods of payment:

For apartments, a reservation down payment of a value ranging from 40,000 to 55,000 EGP is paid.

For residential villas, a reservation down payment of a value ranging from 100,000 to 250,000 EGP is paid.

The remaining amount is to be paid in equal instalments of up to 13 years.

Owning company and previous works

Talaat Moustafa Holding Group is a real estate and construction development company that specializes in the implementation and construction of megaprojects. It competes fiercely with other international companies to be at the forefront of real estate investment, acquiring the most important urban lands in the Arab Republic of Egypt and forming real estate entities. It aspires to include the largest base of the most important clients and investors from all around the world through this massive platform.

Talaat Moustafa Holding Group's development projects all have unique concepts, such as building mini-cities that seem like major cities such as:

Madinaty is a miniature city on the northeastern side of Cairo Governorate, and the Privado project is in the heart of my city.

Al-Rehab City, one of the integrated residential cities in New Cairo.

It also built the Four Seasons Hotel overlooking the Mediterranean, a marina for ships, and San Stefano Mall in Alexandria.