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Lake View New Cairo Compound - 116 Properties for sale


Features and details of Lake View Residence

Lakeview Residence is one of the most beautiful complexes of Fifth Settlement because it has unique qualities that distinguish it from any other compound because it has a unique strategic location close to important places, in addition to it has the best and most distinct services that make life within it not comparable to another life in terms of comfort, safety, relaxation, and well-being.

It is a giant project featuring many fascinating details that you can know in detail to take note of everything related to the compound through this report.

Lake View location

The most important feature of Lake View Residence New Cairo is its magnificent and middle location, which makes it close to all the main roads and hubs and close to many residential and service projects, and the most important features of its location are the following:

  • A privileged location in a quiet place away from noise and pollution in the heart of the Golden Square, enjoying mild weather and pure nature because the area on which the compound is located is above sea level.
  • 90Th Street, the most important street in 5th Settlement, is located just minutes from the project.
  • It is only a quarter of an hour apart from Cairo International Airport.
  • The American University is just 5 minutes from the Compound.
  • Many projects are close to it including Mall Point 90, Palm Hills New Cairo, Concord Plaza, Mivida, and Sodic.
  • The project is very close to Club Street.

Area of Lake View compound

Lake View Fifth Settlement is a Luxury Five-Star Residential Complex built on a large area of about 77 acres, this space has been cleverly and consciously divided to provide everyone with comfort and privacy, so the facilities and buildings occupy only 22% of the total project area.

Green spaces, manufactured lakes, and recreational services occupy an estimated area of 73% of the total project area, to provide attractive and distinctive views for all units.

The units in the project are diversified in a way that fulfills the desires of all customers, where there are apartments for sale in Lake View, ground floor units attached to a garden, and penthouse units.

Lakeview Residence New Cairo consists of 118 residential buildings, each consisting of ground floors and three upper floors.

As for the areas of the units in the compound, it starts from 142 square meters up to 272 square meters, and there are units with an area of 300 square meters, and the company provides units for sale and other units for rent according to the client's desires.

Services provided by Lake View New Cairo

Magic and beauty you will find in Lakeview New Cairo, a sophisticated place pulsating with all the details of luxury, wherever you look you will find green color enjoys your eyes and feel psychological comfort, as it harmonizes with the color of blue crystal lagoons and the sound of water fountains to find yourself in front of a romantic natural painting and a distinctive view of your apartment not realized except by lovers of excellence and luxury, and in addition to this magic you will find all the services you dream of under your feet and the most important features include:

  • The swimming pools are available with unique geometric designs, sizes, and spaces for the whole family, complementing the exquisite painting and providing entertainment and fun for adults and kids.

  • Shopping lovers and hikers will find everything to achieve their dreams in the commercial district that includes a huge mall and a large number of shops and stores offering all the world's most famous goods and brands.

  • Lake View has the best place to exercise, where there is a sports club with great playgrounds.

  • The project has large sports fields equipped with the highest level of all sports.

  • There is a luxurious health club, gym, jacuzzi, sauna, and spa equipped with the latest modern sports equipment at the highest international level.

  • A selection of the most luxurious cafes and restaurants serving delicious Oriental and Western dishes.

  • Entertainment areas for young kids' games with a variety of games while providing the highest level of security.

  • A large mosque.

  • There are equipped garages with a sophisticated electronic system that ensure no traffic and congestion.

  • Security and guard services will be working around you all day without holidays to protect all units.

  • Distinctive tennis, football and squash courts.

  • Advanced and fast services for communications and the Internet.

  • The units are equipped with modern high-quality air conditioning.

Discover the available services and features of New Cairo compounds

Lake View prices and payment systems

Lake View Residences has many features that make customers want to live in it, especially since it includes wonderful services that facilitate life and add joy and pleasure, all of which you get at a special and affordable price compared to the luxurious services enjoyed by the customers of the place.

As for payment systems, the owner company offers easy payment systems for the convenience of all customers and to ease the burden on them.

The payment systems available where the customer can choose the system that suits his material potential, and the available payment systems are as follows:

  • The customer pays a down payment of 10% of the total unit price in two equal payments, where the second payment is paid within three months of the contract, and the company agrees with the customer to pay the rest of the amount in installments over 5 years.

  • The customer pays a down payment of 5% of the total unit price upon contract, then 10% after three months of the contract, with the rest of the unit price to be paid in installments over 6 years.

  • 30% of the total unit value is paid in three equal payments, paying 10% of the unit value at each time, and then the customer pays the rest of the amount through 7 years installments.

All units are delivered within four years of contracting.

Features of housing within Lake View Compound New Cairo

Life in Lake View Residence New Cairo is a real pleasure, as it is a special place for a new life for many, and the most important of which include the following:

  • Staying away from the sources of noise, pollution, and life in an environmentally friendly compound.
  • Its location is lively and distinctive despite its distance from noise but it is very close to all the roads and axes that lead to it very easily.
  • The complex has a variety of units' spaces to suit the tastes of all customers.
  • It offers beautiful landscapes, and it has also a mild climate all year round due to its high surface.
  • Many and varied payment methods that do not represent any financial burden on the client.

Lake View developer

Lake View is a major project in New Cairo provided by a leading real estate company, Murabahat Real Estate Solutions, which has unique mechanisms that enable it to present outstanding projects that customers can experience with genius, accuracy in performance, credibility in delivery, and commitment to every detail.

Murabahat Real Estate Solutions company is one of the famous companies specialized in the field of sales and real estate marketing and has many branches in Egypt, Kuwait, UAE, Bosnia, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia.

One of its most famous projects is a collection of luxury hotel suites in Hajar Tower, Saudi Arabia, one of  Abraj Al-Bait groups.

It has also introduced Design Residence project in Turkey, its large project, Aqua Marine Resort, in Kuwait, as well as the luxury hotel suites at Sultan Suites in Turkey.

Lake View Residence Egypt is one of the most distinctive projects located in Fifth Settlement in the center of Golden Square, where its wonderful location and mild weather throughout the year, as well as close to all the main roads and luxury projects, and the units of various spaces and services that make you do not have to get out of it, with various spaces at exclusive prices and convenient payment systems, making it an excellent opportunity not to be repeated much to be taken advantage of.