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Rivan New Capital Compound - 83 Properties for sale


Elegance, sophistication, and luxury housing within Rivan New Capital Compound

Rivan Compound is an architectural masterpiece whose star shone brightly in the real estate sky and managed to shine brightly among the projects of the New Administrative Capital, as it is the place to realize dreams and hopes. The compound is equipped with all of the essential and entertainment services that customers require, as well as the best price and large payment systems, making it the ideal choice for ambitious families and anyone looking for a decent place to live.

Rivan New Capital Compound location

The compound is at one of the most important sites in the New Administrative Capital since it is situated in a fantastic strategic location in the seventh district, plot F5, close to important routes and landmarks, as follows:-

  • The Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque and the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, two of the capital's most important religious sites, are both relatively close to the compound.
  • The compound is a short distance from Academic City, therefore going there isn't difficult.
  • The proximity of the compound to the capital's international airport and the exhibition city boosted the significance of its location.
  • The occupants of the compound have easy access to the Green River and Al Masa Hotel.
  • All places are easily accessible from the compound, given the close proximity to the Central Ring Road and the Bin Zayed Southern Axis.

The benefits of the location were a direct reason for the attraction of a major segment of customers to this complex rather than others since living inside it promises them a more pleasant and exciting lifestyle.

Rivan New Capital Compound space

Rivan New Capital Compound was built on a large area of 17 acres, with services taking up about 83% of the space and buildings accounting for the remaining 17%, contributing to the completion of the project's services and thus more sophistication and comfort for customers.

The compound contains a variety of unit types, including apartments, duplexes, townhouses, penthouses, and villas, with spaces ranging from 77 square meters to 550 square meters with sizes variable depending on the unit type.

Duplex spaces varied from 300 to 550 square meters, apartments from 75 to 250 square meters, and independent villas from 300 to 560 square meters.

The variety of unit spaces effectively drew buyers' attention to the compound rather than other locations. According to the skills and capacities of the customer, the company also provided several reception systems, whether semi-finished or fully finished.

Rivan New Capital Compound services

The company offered the project with a number of exclusive services that make it easier for clients to find all of their wants and requirements with the least amount of work, and the following are some of the most prominent services given within the compound:-

  • Within Rivan New Capital Compound, there are numerous swimming pools of various sizes and designs that are suited for people of all ages.
  • A commercial center created on a big scale within the compound provides residents with a distinctive collection of products and worldwide companies.
  • Artificial lakes were distributed throughout the majority of the area, providing all apartments with a picturesque perspective of the most stunning scenery.
  • The compound has a number of high-end restaurants operated by a staff of highly educated chefs that serve the most delectable and delectable cuisine to its visitors.
  • The compound has a recreational area with a variety of entertaining games that provide residents with a fun and exciting experience.
  • Customers can order a choice of hot and cold drinks at high-end design cafes.
  • The estate has a lengthy track for walking, jogging, and cycling that was built in the open air among the green spaces.
  • Security and guard services operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on all sides of the compound, making residents feel safe and secure.
  • Rivan Administrative Capital project was secured with a high fence and completely locked gates for the residents' safety and protection.
  • All of the units in the complex have central air conditioning and modern elevators that operate at a high level of quality and efficiency.
  • In addition to the existence of 16 clubs on the upper ceilings of each building, the site has a big area gym with a group of sports fields.
  • For further luxury and distinction, dry-cleaning services are performed on a regular basis for the units inside the compound.
  • A world-class health club and spa that provides the highest level of service to its customers.
  • Solar energy powers the majority of the compound's services, ensuring that residents live in a healthy environment with pure air.
  • A gym with the latest machines and sports equipment is located within the compound.
  • Basement garages that have been designated to protect and preserve the cars of a significant number of people.
  • A beauty facility for hair and skincare, operated by a team of experts in the field, is part of the compound.
  • To ensure the highest level of protection for the occupants, the compound is equipped with modern surveillance cameras.

Prices and payment systems

The prices of the units within Rivan Compound are suitable for many customers who seek distinction and individuality, as it was announced that the price per square meter in the compound begins at 14,500 EGP, which is a low price when compared to the number of services and benefits available to customers living within the confines of this massive structure.

After paying a 10% down payment and a 10% receipt payment, the company has been eager to provide the best possible facilities to customers, including an easy payment system that guarantees the customer will pay the due amount in convenient installments over a long period of time ranging from 8 to 10 years.

Owning company and previous business

The Arab Company, one of the most important real estate businesses in Egypt, implemented Rivan New Capital Compound. Since its establishment in 1995 AD, the company has completed numerous projects both inside and outside Egypt, with tremendous success like the new Narges project in the Fifth Settlement area.