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Scenario New Capital - 52 Properties for sale


Get the best possible deal on a residential property inside Scenario New Capital Compound

One of the major projects in the center of the new integrated administrative capital, achieving self-sufficiency for its people in order to assure a comfortable and luxurious existence. The project was developed in a contemporary manner to appeal to a wide range of tastes, and Akam Company excelled at dividing Scenario Compound by adding more green spaces and recreational areas.

Scenario New Capital Compound's location

For the construction of the massive Scenario New Capital Compound, Akam Company chose a special location in the heart of the New Administrative Capital with great care, as it is located in the seventh district in the area (r7), plot (A2), which is characterized by sophistication and proximity to many service areas and important and vital places in the administrative capital.

We find that the compound is only a short distance from the Green River, as well as the exhibition grounds and the Cathedral Church. The area is close to some of the Administrative Capital's most notable landmarks, including the charming Al-Massa Hotel. The British University is only a few feet away from the compound, which is minutes away from the diplomatic district. It's as simple as that.

Additionally, the compound is only a quarter-drive hour's from the capital's airport and presidential palace,  It is also close to IL Bosco Compound, and the most crucial details about the Administrative Capital Scenario project will be discussed in order to assist people looking for housing or investment in the project.

Scenario New Capital Compound space

The compound was built on 39 acres, but Akam Company, the project's owner, focused on green spaces, landscapes, artificial lakes, and recreational areas, which accounted for the majority of the project's area, while residential units and buildings accounted for only 19% of the project's total area, which is estimated to be 7.5 acres.

Within the compound in the new capital, all residential apartments, especially those overlooking the artificial lakes and swimming pools, offer a pleasant and distinctive view of the gardens and green spaces.

Standard apartments, penthouses, hotel apartments, and duplexes of various sizes have been dispersed among the 2,000 residential units so that customers may easily find something that suits them.

Scenario Compound New Capital units' spaces

As many residential units and flats with diverse areas, ranging from 130 square meters to 370 square meters, the Akam company is still eager on continuing inventiveness within the project. It offered three-room apartments, four-room apartments, and five-room apartments to cater to a wide range of interests and demands.

  • The 136 square meter apartments have three bedrooms and two bathrooms.
  • While apartments with a floor area of 149 square meters have three rooms and two bathrooms, we find that apartments with four rooms and two bathrooms have a floor space of 177 square meters in the compound.
  • The 195-square-meter apartments include five rooms and two bathrooms, while the 273-square-meter homes have five luxurious rooms and three bathrooms.

Scenario New Capital compound's services and features

It has several characteristics that have made it the most well-known compound in the new administrative capital. You can also buy the best apartments in the compound at a bargain price in exchange for the project's benefits and services, which include:-

  • It has completely safe children's entertainment areas.
  • There is a large social club on the property where you may spend quality time with friends and family.
  • It contains artificial lakes and swimming pools that have been meticulously created to accommodate people of all ages, both adults and children.
  • It is home to a prestigious chain of restaurants and cafes.
  • A group of hospitals, equipped with the best equipment and staffed by the top doctors and nurses, is included in the compound in the new capital.
  • Pharmacies are located throughout the compound to serve the people.
  • It has a spa and a health club.
  • The project's design is distinct from the rest of the capital's other compounds.
  • It contains a gym and a jacuzzi to serve all of the compound's occupants and help them become self-sufficient.
  • The compound contains a luxurious theater for all the residents of the compound in order to hold parties.
  • Scenario Compound New Capital Company has an all-view cinema where you can have a nice time and reserve your seat utilizing a mobile phone's App system.
  • 24-hour security and the guarding system are in place at all of the compound's entrances and exits.
  • It has huge maintenance personnel that has been thoroughly trained to monitor all maintenance work inside the compound on a regular basis in order to prevent any faults.
  • Throughout the project, surveillance cameras were installed.
  • The Akam Company's Compound in the capital includes a massive commercial mall called Inava Mall, the new capital, which houses all commodities and products, as well as a vast assortment of clothing from various international brands.
  • It features enormous green spaces, landscapes, and crystal lagoons, giving it a contemporary appeal.
  • Complete and thorough cleaning of swimming pools on a regular basis to avoid disease transmission, preserve cleanliness, and assure the safety of residents.

Prices and methods of payment

  • The prices of apartments consisting of three rooms range from 1 million and 564,000 Egyptian pounds to 1 million and 713 Egyptian pounds.
  • The four-bedroom flats are estimated to cost 2 million and 35,000 Egyptian pounds.
    The price of the five-room apartments in the Akam's Scenario New Capital project is estimated to be 2 million 242 Egyptian pounds. 
  • While apartments consist of three bathrooms and five bedrooms, their prices start from 3 million, 139,000, and 5000 Egyptian pounds, up to 3 million 335,000 Egyptian pounds.

In order to capture the attention of all customers and investors, the Akam company has established many payment and payment options, which include:-

  • Pay a 0% down payment and the remainder of the housing unit's cost over a five-year period.
  • Pay in installments over six years when paying a down payment (5%) and pay off (10%) of the remaining amount at the end of the year.
  • Pay 10% of the initial housing unit price upfront and the balance amount over the course of seven years.
  • The possibility of paying in eight installments after paying 15% in advance of the whole amount.
  • Installment over nine years upon down payment of (20%) of the original price of the housing unit.
  • Pay (25%) in advance of the amount of the housing unit and pay the rest of the amount over ten years.

Owning company and previous works

The Akam Company, which owns Scenario New Capital Compound, is one of the world's largest and most prestigious real estate development companies. It is a joint-stock company owned by four other Egyptian and Saudi companies, and it has numerous branches in various countries around the world.

Akam employs a huge number of highly skilled engineers, laborers, and specialists who use the most advanced gadgets, equipment, and current tools to achieve the best possible outcomes.

The Akam Company is the result of a collaboration between four significant and powerful real estate development enterprises, namely:-

  • The Tivoli Hotel in Hurghada, a mini-compound in El Shorouk, and several medical and administrative buildings in the Fifth Settlement and El Shorouk City were all created by Benayat, an Egyptian business that has been engaged in the sector of real estate development since 1968.
  • Residence Business, a large Egyptian real estate development company with over twenty years of experience, has completed notable developments in the Tulip Resort in Ain Sokhna, as well as outstanding developments in the Aroma Resort.
  • The massive Saudi Al-Mohaid Holding Company, which has 25 offices around the world, has completed numerous projects in Saudi Arabia, including King Saud University, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Housing, the Ministry of Defense, and King Faisal University, as well as an impressive list of projects in other countries.
  • Saudi Arabia's Faisal Islamic Bank
  • To secure unique decorations for the project, the owner firm turned to a number of consulting offices in Dubai, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Spain.
  • Eng. Yasser El-Beltagy is also the engineering consultant for Scenario Compound, and he has worked on a number of other projects, including:

North Edge New Alamein Towers and Mountain View Compound.

Among the most important works of Akam Company in the New Administrative Capital are:-

Scene 7 New Capital Compound