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Vinci New Capital - 38 Properties for sale


Enjoy living in the most luxurious units in Vinci New Capital Compound

Vinci New Capital Compound, a vivid example of modern residential life free of traffic, pollution, and noise, offers luxurious units to its customers and provides them with various services, all facilities, and fun entertainment, making the project one of the most important projects launched in the new capital in particular and Egypt in general.

The location of Vinci New Capital

The projects' construction on plot G4 of the seventh residential district gave it a key site in the first place because it is in the heart of the new administrative capital, that is, it is immediately in the city center, and therefore will be surrounded by many significant places and landmarks, including:

  • Mohamed Bin Zayed South Street: The compound overlooks it with a width of up to 124 meters, and this street connects it to many important axes and roads such as Mohamed Bin Zayed Southern Axis, Central Axis, Ain Sukhna Road, and the Regional Ring Road.
  • Presidential Palace
  • Embassies District
  • fairgrounds
  • British university
  • El Masa Hotel
  • Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque
  • Cathedral Church
  • The Green River, which extends over 35 km
  • Diplomatic area

Despite the peace that prevails in the region where the compound is located, it is near to large residential districts and a number of compounds that give the area a soul, such as:

The spaces of Vinci New Capital Compound

When we look at the area occupied by the compound, we can see that it has two major advantages: first, it has a large amount of land (110 acres, or 462 square kilometers), and second, it has a well-divided area, with buildings occupying only 20% of it and the rest being used for various services and facilities situated within the complex

According to a well-calculated plan, the project organizers allocated the construction portion of the compound's land among its several parts as follows:

  • Villas: occupy 70%
  • Ordinary apartments: acquire 25%
  • Hotel apartments: have only 5%

Despite the compound's enormous size, it has modest units of space (minimum 150 square meters) since those in charge were eager to meet the various demands of clients, but most of its units are distinguished by large expanses, which are estimated to be:

  • 295 square meters minimum space for townhouse units.
  • 309 square meters minimum space for twin houses units.
  • 358 square meters minimum space for luxury standalone villas.

Vinci New Capital design

Misr Italia has gone to great lengths to present the compound in the most extravagant possible light in order to compete with all of the New Administrative Capital's projects on the level of design and decoration, not just the location, so the compound boasts very elegant and beautiful designs, thanks to the company's desire to work with the world's largest design firms.

The company also made sure to beautify the compound with gorgeous green spaces scattered throughout, as well as cutting-edge technology and technical devices.

The secret behind the luxurious finishes and decorations of the compound units is also due to the company's contract with one of the leading companies in the architecture and finishing sector, Hani Saad Company, which has over 15 years of experience in this field, to take over the task of implementing the internal and external decoration of the compound.

Vinci New Administrative Capital's services and amenities

The services provided within the compound are distinguished not only by their diversity, but also by their high quality and great luxury, which is in line with the modern life that it provides to its residents, and it also offers various advantages that provide more luxury to its residents, and what the compound offers to its residents is:

  • The presence of security and guard personnel inside the compound at all times of the day in order to safeguard it and ensure the safety of its residents.
  • Providing the compound with the most up-to-date and sophisticated security cameras to guarantee that all of its corners are covered.
  • Swimming pools of various sizes are available to accommodate the needs of all residents, including young children.
  • Within the compound by Misr Italia, there are playgrounds for numerous sports such as football and basketball.
  • Every compound building has a garage where residents may only store their cars.
  • Internally, the dispersion of green spaces with nice views in all parts of the property creates a psychologically comforting atmosphere.
  • A world-class, well-equipped health club with all of the amenities that its members require, including a spa, gym, and jacuzzi.
  • The distribution of a few of the best restaurants within Vinci Egypt, as well as the major cafés placed throughout it.
  • The distribution of beautifully constructed water features throughout huge portions of the compound's land, such as crystal artificial lakes.
  • There is an amusement park with entertaining games for children within the property so that they may spend their time in a safe and secure environment near their residential units.
  • Construction of the most luxurious malls and commercial centers on the compound's property in order to bring all worldwide brands and products closer to the compound's residents.
  • All of the residential units at the compound in Egypt offer a lovely view that reflects a nice ambiance that provides psychological comfort to its residents.

Vinci New Capital Compound prices

Vinci New Capital shattered the real estate market's residential unit pricing by delivering luxury flats with integrated services at very competitive and appealing rates.

Semi-finished units start at 10,500 EGP per square meter and go up to 14,500 EGP for completely finished units (Extra Super Lux).

The minimum total price varies depending on the unit type:

  • Villas: their financial value ranges from 5 million to 7 million for independent villas, and there are villas with other specifications, the price of which starts from 7 million and 600,000 EGP.
  • Townhouses units: the minimum price starts from 4 million EGP and reaches 5 million and 300,000 EGP for units with higher specifications.
  • Twin house units: the minimum price starts from 4 million EGP and reaches 6 million and 700,000 EGP for units with higher specifications.

Payment methods in Vinci New Capital

Owning an apartment in Egypt's New Administrative Capital, which represents the future of housing, is no longer a pipe dream since flats in the compound may be purchased in installments, which means you won't have to pay the whole unit price upfront.

Vinci Egypt project's simple payment system is paying a 10% down payment on the total unit price, then paying the balance in easy payments over 7 years without interest.

After four years from the date of your contract with the firm, you may obtain your unit inside the complex, with the option of receiving it on red bricks, semi-finished, or fully finished (Super Lux) as desired.

Owning company and previous business

Misr Italia, one of the world's largest real estate firms, implemented Vinci Misr Italia, resulting in this stunning integrated image.

The owner company selects the most prestigious Egyptian cities and regions for the construction of its projects in them, such as the North Coast, Ain Sukhna, New Cairo, 6th of October City, Sunrise, Badr, and the New Administrative Capital, and some of its most notable previous works can be reviewed as follows: