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Jura El Galala Ain Sokhna - 13 Properties for sale


Enjoy the charming nature at Jura El Galala Ain Sokhna Resort

Jura El Galala is the greatest option for individuals seeking non-traditional tourist destinations that offer high-end services and pleasurable recreational activities. As a result, Jura Ain Sukhna stays on top, even when compared to the most luxurious resorts, because it is integrated with everything. It is also notable for providing a wide range of high-quality services, ensuring that its visitors have the most pleasant stay possible.

Location of Jura El Galala Ain Sokhna Resort

Although Jura sokhna is adjacent to the eastern desert, its position in Ain Sukhna is unique in that it is not isolated from other areas, but rather links its visitors to various axes, critical areas, service, and recreational destinations.

You will enjoy staying in the most beautiful and lovely sceneries since it is located on one of the Red Sea's most stunning beaches, which also promises a very nice atmosphere, and you will be surrounded by many notable sites in the region because it is near to:

  • Movenpick Hotel
  • Il Monte Galala Resort: The distance between them is approximately 550 square meters.
  • Porto Sokhna Resort: the distance between them is approximately 5 km.
  • Emirates Gas Station: The resort is located directly behind it and is very popular in the area.

The resort is easily accessible since it is positioned exactly at the city's entrance, with just 31 kilometers between it and the gates of Ain Sukhna, and it is quite near to the Cairo-Suez Road, making it convenient to go to many other regions.

Jura El Galala Ain Sokhna Resort Spaces 

Although Jura El Galala Project is only 10 acres in size, its units are diverse because they occupy 20% of its total area, and there are many service facilities, views, and beautiful decorations from landscapes and others, as they occupy 80% of the land allocated for the project, which means that the land is divided into two parts, one for service facilities and the other for residential units.

The resort's charming nature dominates because it is located on the sea with an extension of 180 square meters and a depth of 200 square meters, ensuring accommodation within buildings with a wonderful view and attractive designs, knowing that you will never suffer from any inconvenience or crowding because each apartment building is attached. It features two elevators and two entrances.

The resort structures are built up of a ground-level topped by six more repeated stories, with various types of housing units such as independent apartments, duplexes, penthouses, villas, and chalets, and the sizes of these units range from 160 to 220 square meters.

There are many other units within the resort, such as hotel apartments (G + 6) with two bedrooms and a direct view of the sea because they are on the first row, and their areas range from 75 square meters to 115 square meters, and the customer receives them fully equipped, with air conditioners, electrical appliances, and furniture.

All visitors have the opportunity to enjoy sitting in front of the seaside, which has stunning scenery and cottages placed immediately on it. In general, all resort units, including hotel flats, are distinguished by their sea view, the variety of their locations, and their complete equipment (furniture, air conditioning, kitchen appliances, etc.).

Services and amenities of Jura El Galala Ain Sokhna

You should not miss the experience of staying inside Jura Sokhna in order to enjoy every moment of your vacation, because it does not only include basic services and facilities but also has many advantages that guarantee endless luxury for all guests, such as what it provides them in:

  • The resort has the greatest level of security owing to the continual presence of security men throughout the day, as well as the installation of contemporary surveillance cameras in various sections of the village, and its gates function with an electronic system for enhanced protection.
  • Providing dedicated parking garages within the resort so that guests do not have to park on the resort's streets or in isolated locations.
  • The stunning compound includes extensive expanses of gardens, landscapes, waterfalls, and artificial lakes.
  • The playgrounds span wide areas inside the resort, and there are fully equipped sports clubs where guests may spend quality time.
  • Reading lovers may enjoy reading their favorite books in designated areas, and there are open-air yoga and meditation facilities.
  • A handful of clinics are characterized by the diversity of their specialty and provide the highest degree of medical care.
  • Any of its units overlook the seashore, allowing residents to enjoy the golden sands and gleaming, brilliant waters.
  • The existence of restaurants and cafés with a great view of the sea, so that resort visitors may enjoy a unique ambiance while consuming their food and drinks.
  • The presence of fitness clubs for women alone to enjoy their total independence, as is distinguished by being incorporated in everything.
  • There are several swimming pools inside the resort since they are of various forms and sizes in order to provide a unique perspective of the location as a whole and to accommodate all visitors, and there are covered swimming pools for ladies only.
  • Organizing enjoyable cruises for visitors who choose to participate, where they may spend a lovely leisure time in the middle of the sea and witness dazzlingly colored fish and coral reefs.
  • Providing an amusement and play area for children so that they may spend their time in the compound without having to travel to recreational areas that are far away.
  • An amusement park offers a variety of entertaining activities for all ages so that adults and children alike may play and have a good time.
  • Creating a space within a resort for various gatherings so that visitors do not have to go to other locations while celebrating special occasions.وجود مسرح لمحبي مشاهدة المسرحيات
  • There is a theatre for those who enjoy seeing plays, as well as a cinema hall where the latest cinematic works are shown to guests.
  • Areas designed specifically for walking or other simple activities like running or cycling.
  • A gym with all of the essential equipment and equipment, as well as a 5-star spa due to its high-end integrated services.
  • The presence of a commercial area with a variety of luxury boutiques supplies nearly everything that customers require.
  • Due to the resort's large size, mini-golf carts are available to carry visitors to any region of the property, and these cars may be readily ordered using a mobile application.
  • Distinctive leisure areas with a luxurious clubhouse as well as a boat marina.
  • Providing one-of-a-kind services, such as the availability of a mobile application (Jura application) for the resort exclusively, as well as the presence of a Top Roof restaurant and water pumps spread across the resort.
  • The existence of free parking spots in order to make parking as convenient for all guests as feasible.
  • The hotel located inside Jura ain sokhna is classified as 5-star, which means that it offers high-end and complete services to its customers.

Prices for Jura El Galala Ain Sokhna Resort

You should not skip out on reserving a unit inside Jura Ain Sokhna Project since what you will get is much more than what you will spend because of its different services and reasonable costs that will entice you to buy.

The prices of the units vary, but the minimum is estimated at 2 million and 100,000 EGP, which is a very special price, especially since all units are fully finished, including the presence of furniture and furniture inside them, as well as the installation of air conditioning and kitchen equipment.

Jura El Galala Ain Sokhna Payment Options

You will never be forced to pay the unit price in accordance with a payment system that does not correspond to your financial situation because there are multiple systems to choose from, and all of the offered systems are distinguished by the presence of special facilities that make the payment process easier for you.

The buyer can pay a down payment of no more than 5% to 10% of the unit price, then pay the remainder in payments over a period of 4 to 8 years. The following systems are also available:

  • An advance payment of 30% of the unit's value is made, with an annual interest rate of 12% accumulated over 30 months, and the buyer receives three special checks for the amount of the interest.
  • A down payment of 10% of the unit value upon reception, provided that 10% is given as a second payment for the periodic maintenance of the facilities, and the buyer will pay the remaining percentage over a period of 4 and a half years.
  • After obtaining the apartment, the buyer signs an authorization contract for renting it out and receives an annual return ranging from 10% to 15%.

Owning company and previous business

Jura El Galala project's owner, New Jersey company, was able to confirm its unparalleled creativity in its first launch in Ain Sukhna, especially given its long experience in the real estate investment sector of more than 10 years, during which it was able to gain the confidence and satisfaction of its customers by launching luxurious projects and hiring senior engineers and consultants.

The firm is always looking for unusual and original projects to undertake, and its work is not restricted to Egypt alone but also involves other nations, particularly America, in order to dazzle the entire globe with its massive projects.

Despite the fact that Jura El Galala Ain Sokhna entirely dominates the scene, the corporation has previously developed other massive projects in Egypt, such as:

  • Green Avenue Compound in the Administrative Capital
  • 2 residential compounds in New Cairo and El Shorouk
  • Construction of 60 residential buildings
  • Construction of 25 housing units
  • New Heliopolis project
  • Three malls
  • medical Center
  • Another group of residential, commercial, medical projects