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Who is United Arab Development Company?

United Arab Development: Guided by its strategic vision to develop infrastructure and enhance urban development in the region, United Arab Development company actively executes pioneering developmental projects across several Arab countries. The company emphasizes achieving sustainable development, enriching community life, and enhancing the housing experience in the communities where it operates.

United Arab Development is considered an esteemed and experienced company in the real estate development and comprehensive development sector. It provides a wide range of projects characterized by modern designs and integrated facilities to meet the needs of residents and achieve sustainability.

United Arab Development was founded with passion and commitment to actively contribute to community development and improve quality of life for individuals and communities. The company has a professional team of engineers, designers and experts in architecture, with a focus on details and applying the highest standards of quality and innovation across all aspects of its projects.

United Arab Development continues to provide innovative and high-quality projects and works, focusing on meeting the needs of individuals and providing sustainable environments for living, working and recreation. Through its commitment to excellence and quality, the company is dedicated to contributing to sustainable development in the communities it serves and building hope and prosperity for future generations.

Vision and Mission of United Arab Development Company

United Arab Development Company is a leading company in real estate and urban development in the Middle East region. The company is characterized by its vision to achieve excellence in providing distinguished real estate projects and superior services in the urban development sector.

The company was founded with the purpose of improving public life for Arab communities through the implementation of innovative and high-quality urban projects. The company aims to provide unique residential and commercial environments that meet the needs of residents and enhance real estate value in the regions where it operates.

The vision of United Arab Development Company is to be the leader in urban development by providing innovative and sustainable solutions to meet customer needs and improve quality of life in the communities we serve.

The company enhances its vision by adopting innovation and using the latest technologies in project design and implementation. The company also focuses on balancing risk and return, and is committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and excellence across all its operations.

United Arab Development Company relies on core values that enhance the quality of its services and customer satisfaction, including:

  1. Innovation: The company sees innovation as an essential part of its identity, always striving to develop new and sustainable solutions in urban development.
  2. Professionalism: The company ensures providing high-quality services and the highest levels of professionalism in all aspects of its work, from project design to final delivery.
  3. Transparency: The company is committed to full transparency in its relationships with customers and partners, by providing accurate and transparent information about projects and operations.
  4. Diversity and Respect: The company sees diversity and respect as the foundation for building relationships with local communities, government entities and business partners.

United Arab Development Company continues to work towards achieving its vision and mission by providing innovative real estate solutions and high quality, and enhancing life in the communities where it operates.

United Arab Development Company Projects

United Arab Development Company is one of the leading Arab companies in urban development. The company was founded with the mission to develop innovative and investment urban projects that contribute to raising the standard of living in Arab countries.

United Arab Development is distinguished by a portfolio that includes a diverse set of projects across various urban sectors such as real estate, commerce, hospitality and infrastructure. The company collaborates with several prestigious strategic partners, and relies on a team of professional experts in engineering, design and management to execute its projects to the highest quality standards.

Among the company's remarkable projects is the project "The Venue Mall in New Cairo". This mall spans over an area of around 50,000 square meters and contains a diverse set of retail stores, restaurants, cafes, movie theaters and recreational spaces. The mall hosts over 150 stores that display various popular local and international brands.

The shopping experience at The Venue Mall is unique, as it provides the joy of shopping in an elegant and comfortable environment. Thanks to its modern and contemporary design, the mall is characterized by spacious shopping aisles and bright open spaces that provide a relaxing atmosphere.

Regardless of the visitors' needs, they will certainly find something suitable in this mall, from the luxurious specialized retail stores. In addition to the variety of stores, The Venue Mall also provides fun entertainment experiences for visitors. Visitors can enjoy thrilling movies in state-of-the-art movie theaters. There is also a games room for children as well as great dining options and fun entertainment for the whole family.

United Arab Development Company always strives to achieve the highest levels of quality and innovation across all its projects. The company is a pioneer in urban development in the Arab world and works hard to achieve mutual cooperation with local governments and investors to fulfill community aspirations and promote sustainable development in the region.

Quality Strategy at United Arab Development Company

United Arab Development Company has adopted an advanced strategy for quality, aiming to improve its services and better meet customer needs. This strategy aims to develop the company's processes and achieve high levels of quality across all its products and services.

The quality strategy at United Arab Development Company is based on several core principles. These include the company's commitment to providing high quality products and services that keep pace with the latest standards and practices in the urban development industry.

The company strives to provide a work environment that encourages innovation and employee development, by providing continuous training and appropriate developmental opportunities. The company also focuses on achieving customer satisfaction by meeting their needs and providing excellent customer service.

The quality strategy at United Arab Development Company is enhanced through implementing a set of advanced tools and techniques. For example, advanced quality control methods are used to ensure standards are met and required quality is achieved in production processes and services.

Additionally, the company uses statistical analysis tools to identify any deviations in the production process and take necessary corrective actions. Numerous tests and laboratory examinations are conducted on products and raw materials to ensure their quality and compliance with set standards.

By implementing this robust quality strategy, United Arab Development Company has achieved an excellent reputation in the market, and increased customer satisfaction with its services. The company has also received several awards and certifications reflecting the high level of quality in its products.

The following table illustrates some of the advantages of United Arab Development Company's quality strategy:

- Developing company processes and improving product and service quality
- Higher customer satisfaction
- Providing excellent customer service
- Using advanced quality control tools and techniques
- Using statistical analysis tools to analyze the production process
- Frequent laboratory testing to ensure product quality

The quality strategy at United Arab Development Company is a key pillar for the company's evolution and success, as it aims to achieve high quality and customer satisfaction through advanced practices and tools in the urban development industry.

Services of United Arab Development Company

United Arab Development Company is one of the leading companies in urban development in the region. The company provides a comprehensive set of services in this field, and works hard to achieve sustainable development and meet the needs of communities in the region.

United Arab Development promotes urban growth by providing land development projects and building modern communities. The company is a prominent developer in real estate, aiming to deliver projects that meet the needs of local residents and improve their quality of life.

United Arab Development is characterized by a professional team specialized in urban development. Its urban planners and engineers have extensive experience in urban planning and design. By leveraging advanced technology and modern methodologies, the team works to deliver innovative, high-quality projects.

United Arab Development Company's services include urban planning, land development, building construction, and modern community design. Additionally, the company provides consulting services in urban development such as feasibility studies, environmental assessments, and planning guidelines.

United Arab Development Company enjoys an excellent reputation in the market and has strong relationships with its partners and clients. The company works hard to achieve overall customer satisfaction by providing integrated investment services and creating projects tailored to their needs.

As a leader in urban development, United Arab Development Company promotes sustainable development and contributes to building strong communities. The company aims to continue providing innovation and quality in its services to meet the needs of local and regional markets.

Sustainability Principles at United Arab Development Company

United Arab Development Company, one of the leading companies in real estate and urban development in the region, announced its commitment to sustainability principles across all its activities and projects. This step confirms its vision to achieve environmentally and socially sustainable and responsible growth.

Sustainability principles are fundamental for United Arab Development, as the company strives to contribute to building a sustainable future for both community and environment. These principles include commitment to providing high quality and sustainable urban projects, promoting environmental sustainability and conserving natural resources, as well as caring for community engagement and participation.

The company's sustainability strategy involved implementing best practices and advanced technologies to reduce the environmental impact of its projects, such as optimizing resource consumption, waste management, improving air and water quality. The company also pays special attention to preserving biodiversity, oceans, forests and enhancing their sustainability.

Additionally, United Arab Development opens its doors for community engagement and participation by collaborating with NGOs and stakeholders to implement developmental projects that benefit local communities and help improve quality of life.

United Arab Development takes a leading role in spreading a culture of sustainability and awareness of its importance among different segments of society, by organizing events, awareness campaigns, sharing expertise and knowledge in the real estate and development field.

United Arab Development Company aims to be a pioneer in sustainability practices and a leader in developing sustainable future projects, contributing to the creation of a sustainable urban environment that provides a high quality of life. These core values form the basis for the company's sustainable success and achieving comprehensive development in the communities it serves.

Certifications obtained by United Arab Development Company

United Arab Development Company has earned a set of prestigious certifications reflecting the high level of excellence and professionalism in its field of work. The company operates in urban development and aims to provide the best infrastructure solutions and projects to its clients.

One of the most prominent certifications obtained by the company is the Global Quality Certificate. This certificate is awarded to companies that meet global quality standards and have a strong and effective quality management system. United Arab Development takes pride in owning this certificate, as it continually works to achieve the highest quality standards across all its operations, and is committed to efficiently and effectively meeting client needs.

In addition to the Global Quality Certificate, the company has also obtained the Occupational Safety Certificate. This certificate means that the company is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for its employees and individuals engaged with it, and follows best practices in work safety and prevention of occupational hazards. By obtaining this certificate, United Arab Development affirms its strong commitment to the health and safety of its workforce and all individuals associated with its business.

The company also has a Certificate of Excellence in Environmental Sustainability. This certificate reflects the company's commitment to environmental protection and implementing sustainable practices that adhere to preserving natural resources and minimizing the negative environmental impact of its operations. By earning this certificate, the company keeps in sight providing a clean and eco-friendly environment for the communities it serves.

These prestigious certifications are a strong addition to the professional achievement record of United Arab Development Company. They reflect the company's continuous commitment to fulfilling customer expectations and providing the best quality projects and services. They also reflect its dedication to enhancing global standards in the urban development industry.

Professional Engineers and Architects at United Arab Development Company

United Arab Development Company is one of the leading companies in engineering and architecture in the Arab world. The company relies on a group of professional engineers and architects with the necessary experience and high professionalism in designing and executing various urban projects.

United Arab Development Company includes a diverse team of engineers and architects from different specializations and nationalities, giving the company a competitive edge at regional and global levels. These teams work to provide the best innovative and advanced solutions for different urban projects.

The professional engineers and architects at United Arab Development Company are distinguished by their technical and technological skills, combining academic knowledge and practical experience. They keep up with the latest developments and technologies in their fields, allowing them to provide modern, functional designs.

Through close cooperation with clients and understanding their needs, the company's engineers and architects are able to meet client expectations and realize their vision in designs. Additionally, they focus on achieving a balance between aesthetics and function in every design they make.

United Arab Development Company is a leader in engineering and architecture in the Arab world, having delivered many innovative and amazing projects. These projects include residential and commercial buildings, as well as government projects and integrated residential compounds.

The professional engineers and architects at United Arab Development Company are a key pillar for the company's success. They are characterized by expertise and professionalism in designing and executing urban projects, working hard to fulfill customer aspirations and contribute to improving cities and communities in the Arab world.

Feedback from Previous Clients of United Arab Development Company

A survey of feedback was conducted from previous clients of United Arab Development Company, the results of which revealed an overall positive opinion about the company and its services.

The survey showed that the majority of previous clients dealt with the company satisfactorily and saw noticeable improvement in their lives and satisfaction level with the housing provided by the company. A number of previous clients expressed their gratitude for the professionalism in service and cooperation they encountered when dealing with the company's team.

The clients surveyed pointed out the high quality of the housing provided by the company, with all necessary facilities and integrated infrastructure available in the real estate projects implemented. Clients also expressed their high satisfaction with the design of the housing units, where all details of comfort and modern needs were considered in the planning and implementation process.

Through the survey, light was shed on the great attention given by the company to quality and details in every element of the residential projects it provides, which contributed to enhancing the company's reputation and establishing it as one of the prestigious companies in the urban development sector in the region.

To reinforce these positive opinions, previous clients recommended developing some future aspects of the company, such as improving after-sales services and enhancing the company's interaction with buyers and tenants. The company is also advised to keep focusing on providing service offers tailored to market expectations and needs.