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Orascom Development Company

Orascom is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate, the company has contributed to the establishment of many residential units, hotels and many recreational services that meet the needs of customers and make them feel happy and the company has also developed in the field of tourism, as the companies in the design of infrastructure for many hospitals, schools, and public facilities.

Orascom Company is one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt, and the company has contributed to the development of the Egyptian economy by creating advanced real estate projects that provide all the services and facilities that compete with the largest real estate companies inside and outside Egypt.

About Orascom Company

Orascom Development was established more than 30 years ago and during this period it has achieved many successes within the real estate market.

Orascom has been characterized by credibility and honesty in dealing with all its customers to gain the largest number of investors, as always keen to choose an excellent location inside and outside Egypt, it implemented projects in the UAE and the State of Oman and established an integrated city in Switzerland, and established the city of El Gouna in Hurghada and many of Real estate projects by the most skilled architects and design engineers.

Most Important Projects Of Orascom

  • Various projects in London.
  • Integrated City in Switzerland.
  • Various Projects in UAE.
  • Many projects in Oman.
  • El Gouna City Hurghada.
  • Taba Heights Hurghada.
  • 24 hotels in various areas.
  • Makadi Heights Resort in Hurghada.
  • Penthouses with wonderful architectural designs in Fayoum.
  • It has developed 49.9 million m² land.
  • O West Project in 6 October.

All these projects and more carried out by the company during a variety of years and achieved remarkable success within the real estate market where the company provided the best services, facilities and recreational activities all at the best prices and payment offers up to several years with the possibility of receiving your unit on time for delivery.

Last updated at 2020-03-29

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