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Rawdat Zayed
Published at 2019-02-26

What's Rawdat Zayed Compound?

Rawdat Zayed is one of the residential compounds with the special and unique design that suit many youths with limited income opposite to the other elegant residential compounds available in the 6th of October City that suit the elite of the society only and with expensive prices.

Al Offoq that affiliates Al-Moez Group have established an integrated compound that suits many fresh graduated youths or with limited income where it provides various residential units inside a residential compound with full services like markets, schools, and hospitals.

This is in the center of Zayed City and next to Continental Park one of Al-Moez Company's projects too, to provide the best services and utilities and at the same time, it has a special strategic and attractive location.

The location of Rawdat Zayed Compound

Rawdat Zayed Compound has a strategic attractive location that is considered a golden opportunity in front of many youths that want to live in 6th of October city but in residential apartments with suitable prices, as it's located near:

  • Hyper One and the Desert Road.
  • It's 5 minutes away from Mehwar 26 of July, so many different vital areas next to Shiekh Zayed City and whole October can be reached such as Lebanon Square and Shooting Square.
  • It can be reached through Waslet Dahshur Road.
  • It's only 3 minutes away from The International Park, So it has a special strategic location with competitive prices that suit the middle classes.

What's the space of Rawdat Zayed Compound?

The space of the compound is very large compared to the other residential compounds available in Rawdet Zayed of the same category where the project includes 38 residential buildings that include 1512 apartments and their spaces start from 63 meters or more.

The Height of the units doesn't exceed 5 floors and the company worked on designing the units with attractive styles and special elevations that resemble the European countryside where the units were constructed on 83% of total space.

And that's opposite to the popular system in many high residential compounds where the spaces were used in a fair way to provide residential units and complete services, and at the same time, it provides green spaces and parks that surround the units from different angles.

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A brief about the executing company for Rawdat Zayed project

Al Offoq is the executing company that was established since 2003 and it's considered from the companies that affiliate Al-Moez Group that was established since 1975 and it has many branches in Arab countries like Egypt, Syria, Qatar, and Iraq.

  • It has in Egypt many residential, administrating, and commercial projects and its total space in El Shiekh Zayed City reaches 83 acres and it was divided with a developed and precise way where the First and Second Continental Parks Compound were constructed in addition to Rawdat Zayed project.
  • It owns a huge commercial Mall that's called Al-Moez Mall.
  • It also owns many projects in the North Coast on a space that exceeds 30 acres.
  • And the company is still continuing its career on the best way through keeping up with the modern scientific developments and constructing residential units that suit many people with limited incomes and at the same time high and special services are being provided.

What are the available services in Rawdat Zayed Compound?

  • Schools, Medical Clinics, Commercial Malls.
  • Like Al-Moez Mall that's found a huge building shape consisted of 4 parts and the number of the commercial stores available in it reaches 200 stores where only 50 of it are found in the ground floor and the space of the store reaches 35 meters and with competitive prices that suit the middle classes.
  • There are also elegant Resturants, Cafes and Coffeeshops which made it a golden chance in front of the estranged or the students from different governorates where the residential units are being rented and the services are being benefited of.
  • It's close to a parking garage and some commercial malls like Hyper One and The Nile Univesity for Science and Technology and also Dar El Fouad Hospital.

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The units space and the average of the prices in Rawdat Zayed Compound

  • The spaces of the units are various in a large way starting from 63 meters and more as there is Duplex in some units.
  • The units can be delivered instantaneously upon paying a price of 150,000 pounds in cash.
  • You can pay a 10% downpayment and the remaining via a 7 years' installment or you can pay a 15% downpayment and the remaining over a 9 years' installment and the final price is up to 170,000 pounds.



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